Chapter 2

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I felt numb. I couldn't feel any part of my body. It felt good. As if someone took away all the pain except as soon as my senses kicked in, every memory started flooding back in. I groaned as a sharp pain shot through my head, only to find Kaylee rushing into my room gesturing for me to wait a few minutes. It will take more than just a few minutes for me to even stabilize, I thought bitterly wandering off to yesterday night. FLASHBACK STARTS I held the blade against my wrists thinking of ending all the pain, thinking of giving up. Suddenly a wave of rage built up inside me, I tossed the blade on the washroom floor getting furious.  Every promise that Mike had made me, everything he had told me, was that all lies?  If he had the slightest amount of guilt in his heart of what he had done then I would have seen it in his eyes! If he was remorseful then he would have not brought her to his side deliberately. Guess what? He was not ashamed at all. Maybe he was planning this all along. But he couldn't do that. We were together for 3 years! My mind was screaming at me that in reality he was what I saw of him today but my heart said there must be something else, a reason or an explanation for this. I met him at the beginning of my freshman year. It was my birthday. Kaylee had thrown a party, considering that I used to be a nerd back then, she wanted me to socialize and make friends. At least that was what she had said before making me regret allowing her to drag me into the mess that was until I met Mike. I was lost the moment I saw him. His strawberry blonde hair was combed neatly except for one strand hanging loosely on his forehead, while his shirt was half tucked in, making him look kind of sexy and attractive at the same time. A few days later I was begging for his attention. After the party I was unable to get him out of my head. He lingered in my thoughts days and nights. Maybe I had luck back then when he had approached and asked me out. I was the happiest girl that day. And now ...  I was in ruins. He broke me beyond repair. He showed me all the good things only to shatter them heartlessly. He made me feel love, only to leave me longing for him in the end. If only he could feel how I felt when I saw him and Layla in each other’s arms. This was it. If he thought he was getting away with it then he was delusional. Oh, I was not that stupid. I might have been weak for a moment but not again. I was about to commit suicide because of him! Because of one man who couldn't love me enough to stay faithful, while I still had plenty of people in my life who would die for me. But no way in hell was I going to die because of that cheater. He might use to be the love of my life, but not anymore. And he would have to pay the price of what he had done. I was known as one of the kindest girls, but when it came to anger. Well, let me just say, it was a side reserved for people like Mike now. FLASHBACK ENDS ---- ----- --- Kaylee had come back with a whole tray of breakfast, while I was busy remembering the events of last night. She set the tray down onto the bed in front of me and pulled the curtains aside to let the warm rays of sunlight fill my lilac themed room, lighting it up. My room did not contain much stuff just a few pieces of furniture which included a bed, a dressing table small enough for me, and a side table by the other side of the bed as one side was attached to the lower side of the large white window. The window next to my bed was the most attractive thing in my room making everything stand out in the morning because of the sunshine and at night because of the moon's light. It was just perfect. Exactly how I imagined when I first moved in Kaylee.  Kaylee was my first friend in college, we immediately became the best of friends. Soon, she had asked if I wanted to move in with her since my roommate was a pain in the ass, one of the many reasons as to why I had agreed the moment she had offered. This house belonged to her parents. They used to live here until they had moved to Italy for the expansion of their business, while their house here in California belonged to Kaylee now. Kaylee sat on the bed in front of me, pushing the tray forward. "How do you feel?" Her expression reflected her concern for me. "I don't know… still recovering," I said while looking outside the window. "Eat, you'll feel better." I looked down at the tray, seeing scrambled eggs, a glass of juice with some bread and jam. It did look appetizing and as if on cue my stomach rumbled loudly. "Thanks, Kay," I said picking up the bread. "I don't want to bring this up now but, Layla.. I never expected her to do such a thing." Kaylee's face fell. "Same, but it did happen… all of that. They were up to it behind my back while I was too busy thinking he was loyal this time." I snorted. "Yeah, we should literally kick his ass," Kaylee said. "He broke your heart Cel. Get back at him. I don't know how but show him you don't need him! You can do better without him. Smile, be happy and enjoy your life. Do anything, but don't give him the satisfaction of breaking your heart." She said taking my hand in hers. I looked up into her eyes. "I can't. It's too much." I mumbled with tears in my eyes, threatening to spill. "Oh, you can! You're one of the strongest girls I've known. Even if you think you're not strong enough then now's the time, show him that you're strong!" At that moment, her mobile rang, signaling that she got a notification. Picking up her phone, she checked and a few moments later her mouth fell open, making me confused and curious at the same time. "What is it?" I asked. "Oh... It's...” She said while looking at her mobile and back at me, then turned her mobile around for me to see. Seeing what was on the screen, my jaw dropped open. I couldn't believe my eyes.
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