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Celine Diaz, a tan-skinned, 5'5 brunette, whose life turns upside down after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her with the blond beauty of her college, Layla Martinez also her former close friend-turned-enemy, making a horrible end to her 3-year-old relationship.

What happens when she also meets her best friend after 3 years? Ashton Reines, who over time has turned from a geeky nerd boy to an extremely hot gentleman.

Follow Celine, as she starts to see Ashton as more than just a friend.

But things take a darastic turn, when she's dragged into Ashton's dark world. Will she be able to love again? Or will her broken heart never find love?

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1   Furious.   Heartbroken.   And a crying mess.   Three words were enough to describe me right now. It was a miracle how I was even managing to drive without killing anyone. Heck, I was outraged! How could he do that to me? I loved him with all my heart!   Somehow I picked my phone from the dashboard as I drove my car into the driveway and switched off the engine. My hands were shaking as I held my phone, still not being able to register what I had seen moments ago. I blinked away the tears that were threatening to escape my eyes and wiped that had already stained my cheeks. Tapping the first number in my call log, I waited until...   "Hey, Celine! Where've you been? You told me you'd call me when you'll be home." My best friend's soothing voice made me relax a little but not enough to make me forget about everything.   "Celine?" Her voice turned worried as she realized that I was sniffling. "Hey, what's wrong?" Still, I couldn't bring myself to tell her no matter how hard I try.   "M-Mike."   "Mike what? What happened to him?" I could feel the panic in her voice as she waited eagerly for me to reply.   "H-He cheated on me." That's all I could manage to utter before my sniffle turned into a full-blown sob.   "Meet me at home in 5."   - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   "I swear to God! I'll murder that son of a b**!"   Well, that didn't help me feel any better, but I was too shocked and busy sobbing to even hear clearly what she was mumbling about. Not mumbling exactly. I bet the whole neighborhood knew by now that Kaylee, my best friend was going to murder my boyfriend. As from now ex-boyfriend. The sick reality of how he cheated on me was enough to make my heart ache but now having him as my ex-boyfriend.. That was a whole new level of hurt.   "Waaitttt..." Kaylee came to a halt all of a sudden. She had been throwing a tantrum for the past half an hour, cursing Mike with God knows what kind of curses. I bet I heard an "I wish he was made to drink his pee and.." You know what, never mind. If you ever want a collection of curses except for the curses, but still strong enough to make a person choke, you can always count on Kaylee.   "Who was the girl?" Ouch. Couldn’t she ask anything but that?   I gulped, looking away.   "Tell me!" she urged.   "Layla," I muttered finally after a long pause.   I hate her. Hate is a weak word, I loathe her now.   She gaped as she took in the name I had just said. My reaction was almost the same, except that I was heartbroken and a crying mess as well. I would have expected anyone but Layla to be in that place, in his arms, kissing him passionately. Heck, I would have never allowed and expected anyone but me to be in that place! That was a place reserved for me only for the past 3 years. But, what had changed?   "Oh, Celine. I'm so sorry. H-how can she do that?" Her expression softened, and she struggled to console me, showing she was just as hurt as I was after hearing Layla's name.   "I don't know Kay. I thought everything was fine! What happened? Did I do something wrong? Was I not good enough?"   I couldn't stop these thoughts from crossing my mind as much as I tried to! I was his world, his everything. He loved me, held me close to him, it was a happily ever after. How did it end so messed up?   The worst thing was the fact that it was Layla, one of my closest friends! He chose her over me, even when I loved him the most, even after I sacrificed my college life just to keep him happy, even when I had promised to be his forever.   I was broken. I remember it all, how I had walked into the washroom. How they both were tangled together and were devouring each other's mouths. How her leg was hanging low on his waist. The sight was horrific. I could tell by their actions that this was nothing new to them. Layla's body language was enough to tell that she knew all the spots that turned him on. Only I was supposed to know that! How could he replace me?   Kaylee, by now had engulfed me in a hug, letting her hand move up and down my back in a soothing manner. My face was expressionless now, tears were streaming down relentlessly.   "Did he ask for another chance?" I knew why she was asking me this. If he had or ever wanted another chance, I would have given him one blindly. I knew that was not fair but I was in love with him. I had imagined our lives together, I had everything planned. How could I let anything destroy that?   "No." They saw me witnessing their deception. I had my eyes glued to him, pleading with him to let his eyes show that he was ashamed of what he had done. Much to my dismay he put a hand around Layla's waist and pulled her closer to his side, muttering "I am sorry," while looking straight into my eyes, clearly indicating that he was not ashamed at all and wanted everything to end. He was not sorry. This was what destroyed everything and shattered my heart into a million pieces. The fact he was not ashamed of what he did, not even the slightest bit. Was it so easy to hurt me? "He did what he wanted to do like always." With that, I wiped my tears, got up from the sofa, and went to my bedroom locking the door behind me. I was aching. My heart ached. My whole body was in pain. Getting cheated on might not be that much of a fuss, but it's the worst when you love that person, left everything good for them to make them happy and, even thought of spending the rest of your life with that person only for you to get cheated on. Opening the bathroom door, I went towards the cabinet beside the mirror. Slowly opening the cabinet, I picked out a shiny metal object. Somehow tears welled up in my eyes again as I looked at the object in my right hand and then to my left wrist. This was what I needed. A swipe of that blade over my wrist and my misery would end. It would take all the pain away and my life as well.

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