Chapter 3

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Gaping, I took the mobile in my hand and blinked my eyes a few times thinking that it might not really be there. But to my dismay, the picture on the screen was just as real as last night's incidents were. Layla's hand was wrapped around Mike's neck. She was basically clinging on to him like a leech. He had his fingers entangled in her blonde hair, making it an intimate pose. After all, that was all they could do, two cheaters trying to look good together, I thought bitterly. But, as much as I hated to admit, I was shocked. I had expected him to at least text me or even consider talking, not to come back but just to end everything in a more proper way but now it seemed as if it was of no use. They both had made it official while I was tiring myself and crying my eyes out over the fact that he cheated on me. Whatever pieces of my heart were intact broke into another million pieces. That picture shattered my heart the moment I looked at it. It was not easy to get over someone let alone see them with someone else. I gulped in a manner to dislodge the lump in my throat.  My eyes were already hurting from all the crying I did last night. Besides how long would it be like that? A week? Or more maybe? All will eventually go back to normal; soon I would forget and get over it. But one thing was for sure, I might never be able to love again. Not that I was willing to anymore if I was going to end up like this every time.  I sighed, putting the phone on the bed. "So this is it. They've made it official. While I'm here crying for that asshole, he's having the time of his life with that b***h. How did I not see it coming?" I said running a hand through my dark brown hair, suddenly frustrated. "Stop blaming yourself. You could've done nothing." Kaylee scolded. "If you want to do something, then not giving a damn about him is the best option right now." She said, suddenly her face lightening up. "Or if it makes you feel any better then, you can also get back at him." She said, her eyes mischievously twinkling. "What do you mean?" Getting back at him? I was all in. That bastard needed to learn a lesson but, how? "You know, do what he's doing. Get a man; show Mike what he's lost!" No. Stupid idea.  "No no. That's not going to happen!" I would move on. I know I could. But whenever I would come across someone else, I would not be able to give them a chance. Or maybe I could, but not anytime soon. "So what? You're letting him go? Just like that?" Kaylee said, moving her hands in the air. "Besides, you don't know that. The one for you is still out there!" I thought about it, for a while. He was the one for whom I let my grades drop, he was the one who was never faithful to me, he was the one who cheated, he was the one who broke my heart. Then why should I just let him go like that? He might not be the one, but he was definitely the one who destroyed my last year of college, so how could he enjoy it? "How about we go out today?" I suggested, looking up at her. "You alright?" She asked a bit shocked, probably wondering that just now I was being a cry baby. "Yeah, you told me to enjoy my life. That's what I plan on doing." I said, shrugging. "Great! And don't worry, I've it all planned!" She winked at me and ran out of the room only to come back after a few seconds. "Get ready, we've got the whole day ahead of us. Get up!" She turned to leave but, turned back around again. "And wear something sexy." She winked again and ran back to her room. What the hell? Isn't she winking a little bit too much? And a sexy dress? Oh God no.   From what I knew about Kaylee, she loved partying, socializing, and everything that I hated. I was naturally an introvert but she always made me go to clubs and parties whenever she got the chance. And I was sure she was talking about clubbing when she said to wear something "sexy". But on second thought, it was 10 in the morning, a very odd time for clubbing.  Just then, I realized something. "f**k," I cursed and jumped off the bed to check my bedside. I remembered throwing my phone in the room somewhere. Don't blame me, but I was out of my mind last night. Searching through the room, I looked in the drawers, under the bed, finally finding it right beside the bedside. Unlocking my phone I scrolled through the conversations to find the one with Ashton's name, my first ever best friend. We became friends in high school and were close ever since. Actually, that was probably not true since we didn't talk much anymore. It was hardly acceptable to call us best friends. After Mike came into my life, my life started revolving around him and him alone. I started neglecting Ashton, and now we barely talked. Perhaps he had gotten busy with his college life too. The last time I saw him was in my first year of college, almost 3 years ago.  He texted me a week ago, and I left it on seen, only realizing it now, that it was way rude of me. Quickly, I typed a message,  "Hey, sorry for replying late. You know, senior year's pretty hectic. Anyways, supp?" I tapped on send.  Putting my phone on charge, I went towards the closet to find something to wear and came across a pair of tight jeans, with a deep red shirt which was not exactly sexy, but perfect for day wear. Also, Kaylee would never take me to the club wearing this. I let a smile slip.  I took a bath and then changed. Walking over to the full-length mirror in my room, I applied some lip-gloss and mascara. Later, I blow-dried my dark brown hair and let them fall loosely on my shoulders.  I looked good overall. Putting on a pair of black heels, I finished my look. Kaylee might hate me for doing this.
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