Queen Gangster


Mal had to grow up with an abusive parent that kicks her out and she has to fend for herself.In that time she meets a gangster who she runs into at a bar she went to and they learn to love each other for who they change each other.

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The return
I sat on the subway looking at the time on my phone hoping even praying that  I will not return late. Because after my father turned to drink he also started to be abusive to me when I hopped off the train I ran home. I never ran away because I would be leaving him all alone and I care for him to the point that I stay. When I walked into the house that looked like a broken down meth lab I thought to myself that I will be nineteen in four months. I tried to think of the positive as the bad things happened. The leather hit my pale white skin that it started to burn with the contact of air. My father appears from the shadows in his beer stain undershirt tank top and some ripped shorts. His cut hair stayed growing short until he had enough money to cut it his brown  'Mal I'm doing this because you a hard head f**k' He shouted  He whipped me again and I jump why do I deal with this if he not going to change what the point of staying. I decided to stand up for myself because if I didn't I could die in this house I shoved him and that only made him angrier he looked like a mad red emoji. 'I'm a hard head f**k come on dad you're the drunk I'm going somewhere and you're the drunk that staying in the meth house so f**k you' I shouted   'MAL GET OUT YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE'He screamed  I ran up to what is now my old room and start to grab what I can carry off my stuff and packed it in my bookbag and my duffle bag. I never thought about what would happen but I guess working for a few months now was good for me. I have money to take care of myself for the time being until I figure something out but I need to build a plan. The only way I still have money is because I had to lie to my father about getting paid. I guess the first step is to go to the bar and then plan from there I got back on the train while I was on the train I was texting my friend Kylie back in forth. Kylie: he kicked you out what the hell  Me: Yeah but I would die there if I stay there so I left he needed me  Kylie: Do you want to come over Me: No it fine  laid my head on my duffle bag and crazy ride on the train there was this guy that came up to me thinking he was going to score tonight. He was tan and had that f**k boy look and I glance up from my phone at him. 'Hey what a girl like you doing alone' He said  'it none of your f*****g business now f**k off' I said  'You don't have to b***h and maybe you should smile'He mumbled  I got off the train and started to walk to the bar it was cold and I forgot to pull my sweater out of the duffle bag. The cold icy wind hit my skin and it made me jump out of my skin. I put my black hair in a pigtail so it won't get in my face. Tears started to rush down my face and I can't believe that at this current moment I'm homeless. When I finally got to the bar I place my bag on the ground and placed the hoop of my duffle bag in my under the leg of the stool. I held my bookbag on my lap and then the bartender came over to me he could tell my day was s**t. 'Are you okay' He asked 'Also what can I get you' He added 'Can I get two s*x in the driveway' I said  The person next to me was a person he had green eyes and his hair was short was wavy in the front. He was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and I could see his black lion tattoo on his arm his white skin. His eyes were lasered on to my face he was going to say something but I rolled my eyes. The bartender came back with my drink it was light ocean blue and dark blue on the bottom with a lemon on the side. 'Hello what your name? 'He asked "Listen I'm don't want to f**k you and you seem like that type of guy who doesn't take no for answer' "What the hell is your issue, I don't want to have s*x with," he said with a smart remark,  I know guys like him they always think the girls going to have s*x with them if they're nice to them like come on why can't men just be nice without trying to get something. "It Mal by the way and I know your type," I said  "My type, I want to hear this," he said smart 'You come in here and play it off  like some mysterious bad boy I'm not a one night stand and I will never be a one-night stand thanks for the offer but no" I said The rest of the night went by fasts like shot in old movies one-shot I'm doing a body shot off of someone. Another take I was dancing on the bar, then there was a  fight and I don't remember anything from that. When I woke up I have blood on my outfit and I had no idea who blood it is I was then it hit me who bed am I in. Then the guy from last night Noah came in the room what the f**k I wrapped the blanket around my body. 'Care to explain how I ended up here in your bed with blood on my clothing'I said  'Chill Mal I saved your life yesterday you could have died' He said  'Explain yourself then' I said  'There was a gang fight there was a gun around people got shot that how you got blood on your clothing. Also, I did undress you I didn't have s*x with you because you were drunk and you didn't give consent. I'm not a rapist but a gang leader those are two different things I try to stay away from that. What the f**k I'm half-naked in a room with a gang leader I need to leave now before getting drunk. I'm set out to go find my birth parents and get to know them until I go to college that planned the but now I may go to jail cause I was a part of a gang fight. 'Thank you for saving me, but I need to leave also where did you sleep at? 'I asked   'I slept in the bed, but wait' He said  I walked towards the door and Noah walked over to stop me from our meet but he didn't sayanytijHe walk towards me our eyes meet. I didn't want to look away because for me that is a sign of weakness if you turn away. I looked at his green eyes his hand touch mine he flipped me over to where my back was on him and he pushes his finger down to my leg. We went over to the bed and started to remove our clothes in a dash we living in the moment. 'We don't need this now' He said He thrust his fingers into my panties, he stuck them in me and started out slow I let out a moan the pace started to pick it up oh my god. I moaned louder along with his name when I said his name it was like a forbidden word rolling out of my mouth. Then he removed his finger out of me he pulled down my panties he went down on me gently. His lips touch my body and I gasp this was giving me a warm feeling to my body. I could feel his member was growing  'What do you want me to do?'I asked  "Do whatever makes you feel alright' He replied  I went down and his v-line is amazing  I grabbed his d**k and moved my mouth over to it and began to suck. He started to gasp and I started to speed up the pace of sucking him off and jerking him off. Then when I stop he started to c*m because I didn't know what to do after that after that was done pulled me up and put his d**k inside me. He started to rock his body which is relaxing along with the pace with the s*x was smooth. He got out of bed and put on a shirt and underwear and pants and we went downstairs wow this s**t  just got crazier Noah: well maybe after we find your bag we can go back to my place and finished what we start He does not understand that I don’t want to be with him or hook up but like this will not stop me from me for going to my birth parents and if my plan doesn’t work I will a go back to my job and stay in high school and get a roommate  but I will be f****d up if I go back to father house after what he did to me he should truly pay. Me: can you kill my father he needs to die and burn into the fire of hell for all marks he left on me and how he damage me Noah: you should not say that out loud we will talk when we get to the car So when we walked what seen like 40 mins walk we finally get to the car  simple lift so I walked in the black BMW with the leather seats Noah: Are your shoes  clean cause I don’t want you messing my car I laughed at him with at what he just say and then sat in the car I put on my seat belt as did we drove off  Me: if you don’t mind me asking how many girls have you f****d with Noah: well that none of your business how many have you sleep with Me: nobody just you, I had a boyfriend but we didn’t have s*x we broke up when he knew that I wouldn't intro him to my dad Noah: why didn’t you intro him to your old man Me: because the abuse and all he did was want to hurt me I want him to die Noah: wow you hate your dad why So I  told him how my dad was not always was not mean but a nice guy but then he lost his job and then turn to drink and abuse there were so many things that he did that I could never forget  but he never became that same fun-loving dad that I grown to love and grew up with he became a monster that I feared and that wanted everyone to fear him to. Noah: wow that messed up should never hurt a hot girl like you if you want him died all you have to do is say the words and I will have people  come for his ass Wow It amazing how he has my back after me f*****g him and tells him what we did was a mistake but he was cool about everything and I been kinda a b***h to him and he drove me to his bar to get my bag so when we finally get to The bar I grab my bag and start walking the opposite way to the train because I have to find my birth parent now this is something good for me and it may be my one chance to be happy. Noah: where are you going now? Me: have a plan to look for my birth parent I’ll be back if they don’t want me Noah: I know it selfish to ask for one more night with you but I can’t help it Me: I’m sorry but I can’t I have to be there at a time that is close to 7 and 10 early Noah: if I drive you will be there early we can have breakfast and see your folks but you have to say you will stay with me tonight Before I said anything there was this guy who was trying to get Noah and me attention Random guy (RG): give me the girl and I won't have to kill you or we can start up over fight some people want to see the same girl you have here and are paying me to bring them to her Noah: I will give you Mal over my dead body RG: I guess we can give you your gift and then after I kill you and then take the girl Me: Noah there is no need to fight I will go with the guy  Noah you don’t know even know me to get killed over me so just go before they kill you Noah: I’m not leaving you as I told you I’m selfish His ego going to be the death of him in many many ways but I'm letting him do his job and the guy had friends  and he took out the top of them and  then walked near him and then the guy and Noah were fighting then Noah punched him his right eye then a few secs later he eye turn purple then he took the Boning knife then he stab him over and over there was blood was rushing out of his body as he silently with the word Mal parents want to see you I walked away from him as fast as I can but he tries to come after me I didn't want him to and I haven't said anything to him cause I don't think he understands the hint  Noah: come on Mal talk to me Me: what do you want  me to say, you killed the one guy who may have me about my parent if you could have waited I’m done with you Noah I want you to leave me alone now I’m  going to train and don’t follow me Noah pov’s So she seems mad, wow but I had to kill him there was just something about her that made me go after her so I walk over to her. Mal: what do you want now  you killed a guy that could help me find my parents Me: well I’m sorry but that guy Is bad new Mal: so he likes you because I don’t see anybody stabbing  you yet goodbye Noah I grab her hand and pulled her close to me she put her head down I picked it up and look in eyes her with her amazing ocean blue eyes. I don't' know what she doing to me but  I pull her  to me I and began kissing her she began to pull back Mal: I can't Noah, NOAH STOP She cried stop I stopped as she wished and I started to walk away I only knew her for a day now for that day she changed me but it okay Then I got a call from snake Me: what the f**k do you want Snake: well you know that girl from the bar yesterday well I got info on her and her parents they also showed  up at the bar and I give you the info So then I began to run after Mal to tell her the news  Mal: what do you want Me: well one of my guys found your parents and if you want to know then you will have to come with me She followed me over to my car and we drove to the bar but in the middle of the ride we stop Mal: hey let me drive your car come on it like a few mins away 5 the least come on Me: no cause if you break my car you will have to pay me { i said with a smile} Mal: stop trying to c*m in your seat Wow, I like that spark she holds it just something that I like about her and her smart mouth. after she knows that I will not let her drive my car we continue driving. Mal: are we there yet come on I want to just get the info so that we can just go our different ways Me: oh you think I'm going to let you go after you get your info I'm not going to let you off I'm going with you, after all, I will help you Mal: no your not your only helping me with this part but I’m sorry you can’t come along with me Does she think I’m going to listen to her when have I ever in the small time that we knew each other there is one thing I learned that I should not mess with her cause she one badass b***h? Me: you know I’m not going to listen and I will go with you So when we get to the bar I go to snake to get the files on Mal’s parents I look thought it's her parents are gangster and that they were throw in jail when her mother was only 7 months pregnant with her and she gave birth in jail and gave her up to the man who almost killed her was with the abuse he holds  he was the guy that she grow up to call dad but why now why after all these years they could have claimed there’s daughter when she was 5 was it because they knew she would not  want them or they didn’t want her I hand the file over to Mal Mal POV Wow, what he showed me was crazy my parents could have had me almost all this time but they didn’t want me so why should I want them now when they were the reason I stayed in hell for a couple of years now. but I want to know them so when I have kids of my own they will know that  I try to make it work with their grandparent Me: I still want to see them question them for leaving me and get to know them if they let me Noah: okay I will take you to go see your parents There was a phone call from my “dad” { my adopted  father } Me: hello dad what do I ask this call is for “Dad”: you need to come home because your parents are here and if you don’t show up they will have someone kill me Me: why should I come I should let you die cause of all abuse and pain you cause me … no you can die okay and then you will go to hell where you belong but I want to say thank for taking care of me all these years when they couldn’t or when they didn't “Dad”: no you can’t let them kill me Me: you know I don’t know my parents but I’m like them as I read about them...bye dad I hung up the phone cause I’m going to let them kill him even tho I want to meet them but on my terms so I went outside Noah: what happened Me: that was my “dad” he called to say his last goodbye before my parents kill him Noah: okay but why didn’t you ask to go they are there you want to go see them Me: yeah but there only one thing I want to spend my time on you let me drive the car and I’ll drive it back to your house or we can f**k in the car  just tell your gang friends a little excuse So as Noah was telling his little bitchy excuse  so that he can get down and dirty with me but I starting to feel this gangster life but I have to make Noah promise that over thing is just hook-up nothing real I don’t want to be real with him I just want plan and  normal hook-up with him so he came back Noah: do not break my car or I will break you He said as he handed me the key  For this, I waited for his choice for car s*x or room s*x but then I got a call from “dad” phone I think why is he calling me I thought they killed him. Me: what do you want ‘Dad’: a good child that is no way to talk to your mother like that Me: I have no mother Dad: wow that hurts you know because I carry you for 9 months and then the day I want to see you I hear you're hoeing it up with a gang leader Me: I guess like mother like daughter but I’m not a d**k-sucking hoe like you who leave their child and  so what do you want Mom: okay well I want to see you Me: you will but on my own time when I’m ready to see you will me Then I think where the f**k is Noah Mom: no my time cause I have your little friend I Really would love to hurt him but I don’t want my only child mad at me Me: okay where are you Mom: where at bob the dad house you know the guy who had the gift of raising my daughter Me: that your fault that you didn’t raise me because you truly didn’t want me So I drove to bob’s house parked the car near in parking spot near my childhood park where i would play most of my days and sit why Bob was drinking and he was abusive So I walked to broken house i stayed in most of the night and open the door with the bullet holes in it everyone hated Bob or maybe it was my parents but i guess I will know in a few so I walked in there was a black-haired lady with blue eyes and white snowy skin and she was wearing a red and black shirt with the words daddy on it and then ripped black pants and she had a golden wrist cuffs on her arm and for the guy his hair was a dark brown and his eyes were brown and he had on black shirt with red lining  and blue-washed pants Me: so what do you want from me I’m here now let him go Mom: okay let him go I want us to be a family I hope they know that the family ship left a because I don’t need or want to be In it now they had so many years to make it up to me why now after so many years my life was okay before them in it I have so much to deal with now. Me: I don’t Mom: come on don’t be like that you act like your father a lot Me: I don’t want to be your daughter okay get it in your head that your child doesn't want you how does it feel it must hurt right well now you know how I feel after all these years to be unloved by your parents Mom: what we did love you we even wanted  you back but bob didn’t want to hand you over he loved you he said if we come back for you he would call the cops and this is when you were 5 I remember that bob keeps tell me to go upstairs and set up the tea party but I wanted to stay and see what going on I was only 5 when bob told me that was my mom and he told me that i could not see her cause she did bad things. Me: I remember that i was 5 and me and bob were playing tea party and you look at me and smiled and ask for just 5 mins with her and then you left a gift for my birthday that was the next day it was a locket and I never took it off I would hold it when bob was abusive  and drunk I would think that my mom would come for me one day I would have never thought that was the day you came for me Me: I have school now so I will see all you later okay Mom: okay met us at this address I will send it over to your phone When they all leave it was just me and Noah Me: Noah I don’t have to be at school for an hour now you want to see my room Then I grab Noah by his arm and we went up to my room he opens my door then he knocks down most of my stuff and then he threw me on the bed Me: so Noah on 1 to 10 how bad am I I looked at him and he looked back at me  a smile on his so I’m waiting for his answer Noah: you are a 20 you need to be punished Me: what do you have in mind   

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