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Natalia Vasquez hasn't lived an easy life, she's been bullied, tortured and abused ever since she was six years old by the very people who were supposed to love, cherish and protect her and it's all thanks to a lie that was created by someone who she thought was her best friend.

At the age of six, Natalia shifted which is taboo even for alpha wolves, all wolves shift at eighteen so for Natalia to shift this early is bizarre, one day Natalia was running in her wolf form when she found her best friend Aubrey being attacked by a rogue, she saved her friend but when they got back to the packhouse, Aubrey lied to their elders and said that Natalia was the one who attacked her because she was trying to run away and when she tried to stop her, she went crazy and attacked her.

Ever since that day, Natalias life has been a living hell and she's literally endured every single thing thrown at her including plates, chairs and insults with hopes of meeting her mate and him saving her like Prince Charming saved Cinderella but all her hopes and dreams are thrown down the toilet when she finds her mate and he instantly rejects her.

Natalia thought her life would end after being rejected but shockingly it didn't, it was only the beginning of a brand new life for her, will her mate be joining her for the ride? or will she leave him in the dust? only time will tell.

*******This is NOT an incest story*******

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"Natalia" "Go away" "Natalia stop!!" "How about you stop following me and leave me the f**k alone?" "Don't f*****g curse at me Natalia and remember who I am" I scoff at his stupidity. "How could I forget who you are Cole? you remind me near enough every f*****g day who you are" I picked up my pace hoping the asshole would get the hint and leave me alone but no, I forgot this is Cole Vasquez I'm talking too, he's not only a moron but he's also a stubborn bastard. I was startled when Cole grabbed me and forced me up against the school lockers hurting my back in the process. "AAHHH!!, Cole let me go you asshole" He pinned his body against mine and held my wrists on either side of my head as he nuzzled his face into my neck sniffing my scent. "Oh goddess I've missed you, Nat" What?. "You've missed me? how the f**k can you miss me, i***t when we live in the same house?" He growled but I wasn't sure what at exactly, was he growling at my question? was he growling because I called him an i***t? is he growling because I'm questioning what he means?....what?. "NO!!, I missed you, Natalia" Still, I had no clue what he was talking about? because we literally live in the same house and have done for eighteen years, he sees me every day sometimes more than I want him too. I tried to get out of Coles hold but to no avail, if anything the more I tried to free myself, the tighter his grip got. "Stop struggling, mate" "Mate?....are you on f*****g crack, Cole?" He pulls away and looks into my eyes. "Of course I'm not, Nat, why would you ask that?" "Because you must be on something, fool, if you think we're still mates" "We are" He whispers sounding sad and looking deflated, I roll my eyes feeling fed up, Moon Goddess please in my next life, can you please not pair me up with a complete nincompoop. "But we're not, you rejected me, remember, we're no longer mates" Coles grip loosens and I use this opportunity to free myself and put some distance between us. "Even if you didn't reject me Cole, I still wouldn't want to be with you" "Why?" He asks sounding hurt and I mentally roll my eyes. "Well since you've gone all Five Seconds Of Summer on me all of a sudden and got amnesia, let me fill you in, you've beaten me, you've tortured me, you've pulled so many nasty pranks on me, you helped turn this entire pack against me, you've called me some of the worst things going, words that I wouldn't even use on a rogue and for what? a lie, a lie that was created by your nasty, evil, vindictive, manipulative girlfriend" Yes, if you haven't clicked on already, Cole is dating my schools version of Regina George who is also my ex-best friend, cliche I know but that's the story of my life. "She's not my girlfriend" He growls. "Yer and I'm GiGi Hadid with millions of dollars in my bank account and a super famous baby daddy" I roll my eyes for like the umpteenth time today, actually, ever since I found out Cole was my mate, rolling my eyes has become the new norm for me, kinda like showering or brushing my teeth or changing my knickers. "She's not she's just a..a..a" "A what? a b***h? a w***e? a snake? or are those words just limited to me?" Cole visibly flinches from my words but I don't care, he deserves it. "I'm sorry Nat, I really am, I shouldn't have rejected you the way that I did" "Ok, apology accepted, bye" I attempt to walk away again but the asshat stopped me. "Natalia please don't leave me, I'll do anything just please don't leave me, please" He begs sounding broken. "You're begging me" He nods his head. "I'll do anything for you to stay with me and accept our bond Nat, even if I have to get down on my knees in front of our whole pack and beg for your forgiveness, I will" "Kinda like how your parents made me get down on my knees in front of the whole pack at six years old and beg for their forgiveness over something I didn't even do" Cole looks down at me looking conflicted he's got so many emotions running through his eyes which hurts me because it shows that he'd still prefer to believe all of the lies Aubrey cooked up over his own mate telling him the truth. "Bye Cole" "No wait, Nat, please" "No Cole, I'm done, I'm sick of you and this whole pack, you all believed Aubrey and her lies like it was the word of the bible but not once did any of you stop and ask me for my side of the story and now you want me to forgive you and sweep everything under the rug like it never happened, screw you" "I can't let you leave me, Nat, I just can't" "Excuse me, who died and made you the leader of my life, I'm in charge of my life, Cole not you so why don't you just go back to your little slutty girlfriend and your group of asshole friends and stay the hell out of my life" I walk away hoping that was the end off it but nope, the asshole did something that I never thought he'd do in a million f*****g years. "Then you leave me no other choice, Nat" Whatever. "I Cole Demetrius Vasquez accept you Natalia Isabella Vasquez as my mate and future Luna of The Dark Shadows pack" "What the f**k?" I start to feel light headed and dizzy as a surge of power shoots through me, I turn to look at Cole and through my blurry vision I could see the bastard smirking at me with pride in his eyes, that was the last thing I saw before everything went black.

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