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Chapter 1:They Meet
"Miss Estella, over here ma'am" said the driver who had been assigned to pick Estella from the airport. He had been waiting at the airport for nearly four hours to pick her up. As soon as he saw, he heaved a euphoric sigh of relief as he would live to see another day in his job owing to the fact that Mrs Sofia Jenner, Estella's mother wouldn't spare him if he didn't bring Estella home. "Tony!!! " exclaimed Estella. "How have you been?" "I have been fine madam" answered Tony. "I have missed you. Did you miss me? " Asked Estella. "Of course I did" lied Tony. The truth was that he hardly missed Estella. Estella could be reckless at times and Tony would be the one in trouble because of her reckless behavior and was a life he was not ready for again. Being the heir of Jenner cosmetics company, which was the leading cosmetics company in Asteria, Estella had been spoilt from an early age as she always got what she wanted no matter what it was. "Alright Miss Estella, let's go" said Tony as he opened the door for her after putting her luggage in the trunk of the car. "Tony, I just returned to Asteria after five years, let's have some fun" grinned Estella and Tony gulped in fear knowing that she was about to do something reckless and he would get in trouble. **** "Sir, you have a meeting with the clients from Shell in an hour"Freddie, Xander's secretary told him as the car moved on the highway. "Your mother also called to remind you about the lunch meeting today. She said you should be there or else, she'd be upset with you. Andrew, Xander's friend and brother grinned seeing the sudden distressed look on Xander face and said "Looks like my aunt wants to have a grandchild soon" Andrew whimpered as Xander gave him a stern look "Hey, don't look at me like that. We both know that's what she wants to discuss with you. " Andrew and Xander were born on the same day and practically grew up together. He grew up at the Gallgher household due to the benevolence of Senior Xander Gallgher and Samantha Gallgher; Xander's grandfather and Xander's mother. He was Xander's best friend and much like his brother and was one of the only people who could handle Xander's arrogant nature. "Call my my mother and inform her that I'll be at the lunch meeting". Xander frowned and let out a frustrated sigh as he looked out the window. His mother has been pestering him to settle down and get married and she had been setting him up on dates. He hated it;going on blind dates and meeting women who used too much makeup and tried to impress him. "Irritating". He mused to himself. He looked down to study the business files to get his mind off his meeting with his mom. He turned his head and asked Andrew who was seating beside him in the back of the car and asked him about the job applications for the post of his personal assistant. Andrew turned back and said "We are still receiving applications for the post, we will screen the applicants and invite them for the assistant. " "Whatever you do, I do not want a woman as my assistant. " said Xander coldly. Andrew shook his head and then commented "Jeez Xander, how are ever going to settle down if you don't make contact with women? I mean... " Xander turned a gave Andrew a glare; a sign for him to stop talking. Andrew stopped talking and just heaved a sigh of frustration. He would soon go crazy because of Xander's cold attitude to women and his aunt's Sammy constant nagging for him to convince Xander to get married. **** "Woooah" screamed Estella as the car sped along the highway. M-miss Estella" stuttered Tony, "please slow down or you're going to get us killed. "Madam Sofia won't spare me if anything happen to you ma'am. " "Chill Tony, you should learn to have fun sometimes" said Estella as she stepped on the accelerator. "Please focus on the road ma'am. " "I'm doing just that" said Estella as she turned to look at Tony. "Watch out!!! " Screamed Tony "Ahhh" Estella screamed and quickly applied the brakes but it wasn't enough to stop the Black Audi she drove from crashing into the car in front of her. Fortunately for her, she wasn't hurt and neither was Tony and it seemed the cars weren't badly damaged.

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