Horror University


Yin Kuang is admitted to the University of Jing Xia, the most prestigious college in the country. As a person who grew up in a poor family, Yin Kuang is honest and kind. To live up to his parents' expectations, Yin Kuang is set to study hard in college. However, on the first day of college, Yin Kuang falls, hits the ground hard, and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he sees many people his age lying unconscious next to him. As people start to wake up and try to figure out what is going on, they all receive a college acceptance letter from the same school, Horror University.

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Chapter 001 Admitted to … University! ? (1)
Yin Kuang got admitted to the university and the famous "University of Beijing and Xia"! ! Even in the mountains, where the communication ability was extremely backward, this news was spread by word of mouth. In a very short period of time, it crossed the mountain's barrier and spread to every corner of the Liulong Village. From the old man on crutches to the toothless child, they all knew the joyful news. It was truly a blessing to the ancestors! The divine dragon had truly appeared! Our Liulong Village actually produced a real top scholar! ! Suddenly, something called "joy" hovered above the village-as the rumor had it, a divine dragon hovered above the mountain, enveloping the people who protected it. Not long after, a bright red EMS courier full of joy, with the athletic figure of the hurdle champion printed on the front, was delivered to Yin Kuang, the number one scholar of Liu Long Village. The gongs and drums in Liulong Village shook the heavens, causing an extraordinary commotion. "Pa-pa-pa-pa-" Two 5,000-shot guns exploded in the courtyard in front of Yin Kuang's house. Red rain danced all over the sky, and white energy curled up, enveloping Yin Kuang's tender and stunned affection. His thin and weak body was faintly visible in the smoke. "He really descended from the mortal world!" The Yin Clan's oldest and oldest Second Granduncle stroked his sparse white goatee. The smile on his face was like a blooming spring jasmine. "That little fish doll from back then, he has a future today." "Who said no?" "That's right, that's right …" The happiest, most excited, and most excited person was none other than Yin Kuang's parents. When Father Yin learned about his son's high school, he didn't even care about the hoe for dinner. He threw it directly and pulled Mother Yin, who was covered in dirt on the ridge of the field. The wind blew beneath his feet and he returned home from the Dragon Ridge Mountain. It was called a heaven-shaking, crazy, screaming, and messing around. It didn't have the image of a strict father in the slightest. At this moment, he was even more spirited. Not only did he change into clothes that he only wore for the New Year, he also stole the wax from his neighbor's Yin Fatai for the first time and combed his chicken-nest-like hair shiny. Father Yin, who was shuttling back and forth with his friends and relatives, responded to the crowd's congratulations with a smile on his face. In a trance, he suddenly felt that he was twenty years younger! As for the number one scholar, Yin Kuang, he was instead forgotten by those people who were either excited or jealous, holding the bright red "EMS" delivery in their daze, but their bright eyes were not filled with excitement or joy at all. It was as if the top student who was admitted to one of the best universities in the country was not him at all. In his eyes, the brilliant smile of the hurdler and the bright red "EMS" packaging made him hate it! Everyone was silent amidst the joy brought by the top student in the college entrance examination. They set off firecrackers indulgently. After setting off the firecrackers at the village chief's house, they went to the ancestral ancestral hall, and then to Yin Kuang's dead grandparents' tomb … The crackling sound of the firecrackers continued from noon until eight o'clock in the evening. Then, it was the banquet. Father Yin laughed heartily and proudly. He enveloped the Liulong Village, which was located around the basin, until late at night. After the banquet ended, Yin Kuang came to Mother Yin's side and said, "Mom …" Yin Kuang seemed to have mustered up a lot of courage, but he didn't dare to look at Mother Yin's wrinkled face. Mother Yin, who was only in her early forties, was already like an old woman. Her slightly arched waist was now carrying not only her drunken father Yin, but also the entire family. "Achievements! Achievements! Top scholar! Hahaha!!" Father Yin shouted madly. Mother Yin struggled to gently put the drunken Father Yin on the bed and covered him for the rest of his life. Then, she stroked Yin Kuang's cheek and said, "Son, good, good …" Just by saying "good", Mother Yin's dim yellow eyes became somewhat wet. Without a lot of culture, she seems to be unable to say anything but "good". As she spoke, Mother Yin wiped her face with an apron, as if she didn't want her son to see her crying. "Actually …" "Actually, I don't want to go to college!" Yin Kuang really wanted to say this. However, when he saw his mother's face full of tears of gratification, his open mouth was unable to make a sound. He really didn't want to go to any university, not even the top university in the country, Beijing Xia University. The reason was simple, but it was also very realistic. There was no money! For a family of five, their parents worked in agriculture, and their three siblings studied, such expenses were already too heavy for them to stand up straight. But now, the university tuition fees had increased the weight on the shoulders of their parents, and it was also a very heavy burden. Yin Kuang hated the school. He wished he could destroy every school! Because in his opinion, school was like "pickpocketing the skin of Zhou", peeling off their family's skin layer by layer! For Yin Kuang, every sum of money, school fees, school uniform fees, food fees, and accommodation fees was for him to draw his parents' blood and skin them! That's why he hates school! However, he was a filial son. Even though he hated every school, in order to prevent his parents from being sad and disappointed, and for every sum of hard-earned money he handed over, he had no choice but to study hard, study hard, and study even harder. It wasn't until he saw his parents smiling at the bright red "100" on his report card that he truly felt that he was worthy of being ashamed. But this time, Yin Kuang really had enough! A huge sum of money from that university was enough to crush this fragile family to the point that they would never be able to catch their breath! He wanted to say, "I don't want to go to college. I'm going to work. I'm going to pay for my sister's tuition." However … when facing his mother's wrinkled face, Yin Kuang was unable to say anything. Yin Kuang didn't dare to imagine what his mother would do if he really said this. Whether it was anger, indifference, disappointment, or heartache, none of them was what Yin Kuang wanted to see, absolutely not! "What's wrong, son?" Mother Yin thought that her son was uncomfortable and asked with concern when she saw that he did not speak. "Nothing … nothing." Yin Kuang's eyes flickered as he said, "Mom, I want to work in the county during the summer vacation to earn money for school fees." Mother Yin hesitated for a moment and said, "Alright, whatever you say. Mom will do as you say." Mother Yin knew that Yin Kuang was a sensible child and had her own thoughts. Moreover, she knew that she had never studied and had no culture, so she naturally followed her precious son. "You're tired too. Go and rest. Mom still has to take care of your father." Yin Kuang left his parents' room. But he knew that his mother would not be able to rest tonight. A drunken father could jump up and go crazy at any moment, and his mother had to watch him all night. Two days later, Yin Kuang stood at the top of Dragon Tail Mountain. Yin Kuangbi didn't have too much emotion when he looked around at the Liulong Village, which was situated on the hillside around the basin. This was just a habitual gesture for him to leave Dragon Retention Village. Then, he put his hands together and silently said to the faintly raised Dragon Head Mountain, "Leave the Dragon … Leave the Dragon … If there really is an omnipotent divine dragon, please bless my father, mother, and sister …" A gust of wind blew past, circling around the basin, and there was a faint low roar … Two months later, Yin Kuang, who was sunburned like charcoal, stood at the entrance of the "University of Peking Xia" in the capital of the Republic of China. The campus, which was like an ancient mansion, had red bricks, green tiles, and hooked eaves. It seemed to speak of some sort of divine solemnity. The two mighty stone lions on both sides were lifelike. At first glance, it seemed that they were only formidable in appearance. However, for some reason, when Yin Kuang saw them for the first time, he could actually feel that the two stone lions had actually come to life. Their originally dignified and mighty appearances had also become terrifying and ferocious, and their shaking manes were standing on end. They opened their bloody mouths, and with a roar of the lion, they pounced towards Yin Kuang … The huge open mouth had a pale tongue, a deep throat, and dense teeth that flickered with cold light, almost wanting to devour him in one bite! Ah! ! Yin Kuang cried out in horror and fell to the ground. His entire body trembled as if he had been pulled out of the water. He was in a sorry state. At this time, the top students from all over the country were gathered outside the gate of Northern Xia. At this moment, many people were still immersed in the excitement of being admitted to Beixia University. More people held their heads high and chests high, their faces filled with pride as they prepared to enter this nationally renowned academy. However, a sudden scream of horror shocked everyone at the school gate. Even the doorman was alarmed. He thought that something had happened and hurriedly ran out to take a look.

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