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Scorpion Clan Lord Brandon is seen standing on the balcony with his gaze fixed on the f*******n mountains, He has been waiting for his son's arrival for a year now, Living a life without his son is a big task and to top it more. The Elders of the clan has been questioning lord brandon because of his missing son, Kyle is the heir and the only son of Lord Brandon so they must know why the prince has been missing for a year now. Lord Brandon eyes widened immediately he saw the spell he placed on the f*******n mountains started varnishing, He remembered what his son told him that when they are done with the training and all that, Kyle will reverse the spell and the mountains will become visible to every one eyes. " Kyle is back! My son is back! " Lord Brandon said with happiness, He found his way back into his magnificent palace and he entered his throne room awaiting the presence of his son, What he knows about his son is that he is the first person Kyle will first meet before anyone else. Lord Brandon sat down on his throne in the throne room filled with emptiness, ten minutes later... The throne room door opened up revealing prince Kyle dressed in his royal attire with red armoured men dressed in ninja attires. Lord Brandon face brightened up immediately he sighted Kyle, He is a king and he can't just run to hug his son in front of his son's warriors, But as a father he stood up from his throne awaiting his son's hug. Prince Kyle ran to hug his father who smiled like he just won a lottery, The hug lasted for two minutes before lord brandon disengage the hug with happiness, Lord Brandon faced the ninja like warriors all bowing down before him. " So are this your trained warriors? " Lord Brandon asked, Prince Kyle nodded with happiness... He is happy because his men are done with the training and they are now perfect with the vipers techniques....they are professionals in handling a sword. " Yes father, They are the dark knights...Warriors who wields the five steps of the vipers techniques, It took me nine months to train them to be perfect while I used the remaining three to train and I wields powers beyond my imagination father " Prince Kyle said with smiles. " So you are officially calling them the dark knights son? How many are they? " Lord Brandon asked sternly, He sat down on his throne with his gaze fixed on the thirty warriors before him, He wants to see if his son's hardwork is worth it. " Yes father, they are the dark knights and they are thirty in number, full flesh half immortals! Not any how sword can kill them, only by my blade and my superior and it's not every of my superiors blade can kill them " " I made them this powerful so as to bring fear upon those who dares challenge my authority father " Prince Kyle said and he knelt before his father, Lord Brandon smiled and he ushered his son back to his feet. " I am so proud of you my dear son, every day I kept on staring deep into the mountains to see if you will be returning but all to no avail, I am happy that you are now a powerful being " Lord Brandon said with happiness. " And least I forget son, Don't let anyone know that you are an immortal... Your uncle pedro made people to understand that he is so powerful, that lead to his death by the works of the Tarokie poison " Lord Brandon said and prince Kyle frowned. " Tarokie poison? What's a Tarokie poison? " Prince Kyle asked. " You are still little son, You won't understand what a Tarokie poison is really is, just know that it is a powerful poison that is capable of killing any immortal, The killer of your uncle sent one of my maids to poison me with the same poison, But I cleared her family out of this world " Lord Brandon said and Prince Kyle gnashed his teeths in anger. " And what about her father? What have you done to her? Is she dead? " Prince Kyle asked in anger, Lord Brandon knows what his son is capable of when it comes to his life, his son is capable of destroying an entire empire just because of his life. " I still have her kept alive Kyle, though I faked her death so as to deceive the killer not to worry, Even though she still refuses to talk, I am tormenting her daily " Lord Brandon answered with a smug but prince Kyle isn't still satisfied. " Where is she father? I want to deal the hell with her " Prince Kyle demanded in anger, Lord Brandon still has other pending issues to deal with, He needs to summon his son before the elders to see that his son is back. " Forget about her son, Go and have some rest because tomorrow I will summon you before the elders so that they can see that you are back, They have no right to question your presence son " Lord Brandon said with smiles and prince Kyle frowned. " OK father but I will surely torment that asshole myself, Prince Kyle of the scorpion clan is back with his armies of the dark knights, My return will be disastrous father " Prince Kyle said with authority and he made to walk out of the throne room. " Lastly father, I will be paying my cousin Derek a visit in the Severian Empire, We need to stop hiding in the shadows father, It's high time your son gets recognition by the empires, I am more powerful than my cous " Prince Kyle said and he finally walked out of the throne room. ' I trust you my son but pedro's son is more deadly than you are ' Lord Brandon said in his mind, He has fought against his brother, That's when he knew his brother's powers are so massive, If Derek is the true son of his brother... That means Derek is more deadly than his own son. Telphon City A white horse with its rider rode into the city gates after been scanned by the guards, The watchtower guards bowed before this strange rider in respect with smiles beaming from each of their faces. " Where is commander Thompson? " The strange being asked sternly, The guards pointed their fingers to the direction of Derek's Palace, Commander Thompson has been the one controlling the every movement of the warriors and citizens. After an hour of riding his horse across streets upon streets including the market places, The strange being finally got to the Great Palace of Derek without any direction, It seems like this isn't his first time of been in this city. The guards wowed in shock of sighting the strange being, They opened the gates without any further questions, All guards, maids and warriors bowed before this strange being who advanced towards the castle. " Awwww, it's feels good be home " The strange figure spoke out, He scanned the entire environment to see if there's anything wrong or any damage, this strange being seems to have confidence in himself. " Where is Thompson? " The figure asked one of the guards present in the building, " He is at Lord Derek's throne room communicating with the other commanders sir " The guards answered. " I demand his presence this minute, I am giving you two minutes to bring them out before me or else, I will cut of your tongue and feed it to the dogs " The figure threatened, In fear the guard ran to fetch the commanders. Two minutes later, Commander Thompson together with commander Alonso and Bernard, Immediately the three commanders sighted this strange being, They all gasped in shock, joy and their hearts were overwhelmed. " Welcome back Sir Nicklaus, We have been waiting for you and our master to return " Commander Thompson said with happiness, Nicklaus smirked after noticing the happiness the commanders had on sighting him. " Point of correction, I am no more a knight... I am a lord, You are to call me lord " Nicklaus said with authority, The three commanders stated blankly at what nicklaus is talking about, The only person they call lord is derek and nobody else. " Yes our lord, If I may ask... Where is the master? " Commander Alonso asked sternly. " The master chooses whenever he wishes to return but it will be very soon, But from now on... I have been ordained by Derek to be your new leader, I am his regent till he is back " Nicklaus answered sternly. " Any questions? " Nicklaus asked once again but the commanders kept mute, They don't want to ask any question that will become their doom, the fear of the deadly is the beginning of wisdom... They are wise! " Very good then, Get the vibrant warriors together... We are heading to the city of Peruvian, I have a message from the master to give to prince finn " Nicklaus ordered relaxing his back on the couch he sat on. " Your grace! Is it now? " Commander Thompson asked. " No you fool! First thing tomorrow morning, We will be leaving for the Peruvian City, I have to make an entrance more befitting for my new title as a lord, I wonder what will be their reactions if they see me " Nicklaus said with a sternful look on his face. " And as for you commander benard, I have a little task for you " " What may that be lord nicklaus? " Commander benard asked " All the old captives, old prisoners that we took years ago, I need them all slaughtered with heads hung on the road leading to this city, I need their bloods spilled on the very soil of the watchtower... Let no one survive " " It's high time we change have new prisoners, They are worthless before me "
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