The Differing Twin Princes

opposites attract
friends with benefits

All carefree Skylar wants is to have a little fun. Why should she worry about anything, when she's more than capable of looking after herself? She's the strong, well trained daughter of an alpha and needs no protection from a man. But with her deranged cousin still on the loose, Sky's in a lot more danger than she realises.

Piper's the sensible twin. Quiet and intelligent, no one needs to worry about her getting herself into the same sort of trouble as Sky. That is until one day, when she opens an ancient book and becomes one half of a fateful prophecy, leading her to an unwanted life of training and attention.

Prince Skoll is the heir of the father of wolves. One day he will have the responsibility of being their God and protector, but that is a long way off. So what is the rush with finding a mate? He's enjoying his bachelor life and the thought of being tethered to one woman for the rest of his days fills him with dread. That is, until the moment his mate bond is severed and he loses the chance of finding his destined mate.

Prince Reagan is the heir to the Lycaon throne and in search for his future queen. He rejects mate after mate, finding no one worthy enough for the title. When he meets his final mate, he has every intention of rejecting her as he has the others. After all, she dresses inappropriately, flirts with every male that crosses her path and let's not forget that she is as shallow as they come. But sometimes not all is as it seems.

Can these four overcome their unfortunate fates and have their happy endings or has fate got other plans for them?

Fourth instalment to 'the rogue princess'.

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Prologue: The Origin Of Our Species.
To the werewolves, Selene was known as the creator of werewolves; a goddess. On her godly plane she had dreamt of a strong and superior race. But the myth was far from the truth. In reality, she was a witch, albeit a powerful one. Her tragic story began when she was guided to the man she believed she would spend her life with. She knew that he was a selfish, power-hungry man, but to her it seemed that their love was changing him for the better. Little did she know that it was an act. He was biding his time for the perfect opportunity to gain even more power than he already had. They were in love for a long time, or so she thought. They married and started a family. It appeared as though they were going to live a long and happy life together. Up until one night. Selene awoke with a chilling feeling. She gasped, petrified at the sight of her mate standing over their two infant children, gripping a dagger tightly in his hand as he chanted an incantation. It was then that she realised that no matter how much he might love her, his need for more power would always champion, even over those who they both cherished. The union between the two most powerful witches in the world had created two beings with unimaginable strength, and their father wanted that for himself. The only way to possess the children’s magic was the death of his own offspring, not caring what devastation it would cause to his mate. She unfroze from her paralyzed state, seeing no other option, but to betray the man she loved. She drew from the element of water, watching as her mate’s body started to perspire profusely. Sweat gushed from his body, settling in puddles around his severely dehydrated body. As her husband’s frame collapsed to the ground, she gathered up her tiny bundles and abandoned the home she had created with the love of her life. Selene hid from her babies’ father for years, travelling from place to place, while cloaking their location, for she knew that the high warlock would come, in search of her and their children again, eventually. One fateful day, Fenrir, the real god of wolves, presented himself to her with a dilemma of his own; his increasingly uncontrollable mate. Chaya was a talented siren, but unspeakably dangerous with it. During their mating, Fenrir’s essence had flowed through her, changing her into another type of creature. Along with her original talent, she was now able to change her shape into that of a wolf. In both human and wolf form she was stronger, faster and more agile, making her all the more dangerous. Over time, although still deeply in love with her mate, the allure of her powers was becoming overwhelming for Chaya. No longer was she punishing those who were deserving, but anyone who might not show her the respect she believed she deserved. Fenrir was concerned about the rising number of lifeless bodies his mate was leaving behind her, wherever she went. Enough was enough, he could no longer manage the situation on his own, so he went to seek out help, until he was guided to the powerful Selene. Sympathising with his problem, she agreed to help him. As she spent time researching and preparing the perfect spell, she noticed her son was forming a close attachment with Fenrir’s mate and took the opportunity to secure his happiness. Concocting a cunning strategy, Selene created her potion; a strong love elixir. Her idea was that the spell would work similarly to the mate bond, yet hold some slight differences. If a pair were fated to fall in love they would feel the pull of their destiny, but unlike Selene’s mate, the bound couple would remain loyal and protective of their love and family. Fenrir drank the purple coloured liquid down in one shot. “The spell will only be completed with your mark.” Selene spoke up, looking from Fenrir to his mate. “You must bite your mate and allow your essence to flow into her body and Chaya must, in return, do the same to you.” As if part of a ceremony, Fenrir and Chaya stood in front of those present and, in turn, left their permanent marks on each other. As the magic began to work, a sorrowful whine came from Chaya. Her wolf was crying out for another mate. “You feel a bond with my son?” Selene asked the teary-eyed woman, receiving an affirming nod of her head. “Then leave your mark upon his neck.” Selene raised her hand to stop an irate Fenrir as Chaya walked cautiously towards her other love. “Do not worry…” Selene comforted Fenrir. “She will still be yours, but fate has curious plans for the three of you. I can feel it.” With an exchange of marks, their union was sealed and an eternal connection was forged. Chaya returned to Fenrir with a loving smile. She stood, facing him with her hand grasping her second mate’s. “My love.” She said reassuringly, soothing him with a lingering kiss. “I need you to also turn my daughter and her mate.” Selene announced to an intrigued Fenrir. “Chaya’s bond with Thai has broken the twin bond he and Rayna were born with. She needs a bond to equal it.” With that, Selene pulled a second vial of the violet elixir from her dress pocket and placed it on top of a boulder in front of her daughter. Rayna, unlike Fenrir, savoured the potion, consuming it in dainty sips. The god of wolves took a step towards a nervous looking Rayna, before gripping her wrist and plunging his teeth into the delicate skin. He repeated his actions on her mate. Selene told the three newly turned werewolves that only after the next full moon, will they receive their wolf shapes. With another exchange of bites between Rayna and her mate, the lovers’ binding was secured. “But mother…” Selene’s daughter queried. “What would happen if someone, other than your fated mate were to leave their mark on you?” Selene had already thought of this while she was mixing the potion, however, adding a curse to any that forsook their fate. For those who rejected or were too impatient to wait for their destined partner and mated with another, then they would not receive the blessed, golden mark. Instead, they would be tarnished with the cursed mark. For those who took chosen mates, an ugly black mark would appear on their sacred spot. They would not feel the same benefits of the true, blessed marks. They may feel affection for their chosen partners, but not the love felt between true mates. But Selene had also added a get-out clause to the cursed wolf’s predicament. If they found, marked and mated with their fated mate, the black mark would become void and the golden, true mate’s mark would replace it. It sounded perfect to Selene. She believed she had thought of everything, all except one thing. During the marking of chosen mates, the bond between fated mates would be severed. The bond between the fated mates would no longer be felt; you would no longer be able to recognise them as your fated mate. Meaning, finding them was near to impossible. Selene hadn’t realised her mistake until it was too late.

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