1.10 The SC President

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"What are you doing!?" Laura exclaimed, anger rising to her head as she watched these intruders take Eloise's stuff out of her room and just threw it in the garbage bag like those were already a bunch of junks. As soon as Blake told her about the news about Eloise, a medical scholar came rushing to them and informed her about the sentinels in their room taking out all of their things. So they rushed to her room, and this was the sight they see upon arrival. The sentinels stopped from what they were doing and looked at the fuming Laura, eyeing her crom head to toe and amusement in his eyes, "We're moving out Eloise Nore's things. She's no longer a scholar." One man answered sternly. "No! Put those back in!" She yelled resulting in the other medical scholars to peek through the small gap of their doors, gossiping about the current happening in the nearby room. "We cannot follow you unless the council or the Principal said so." The man replied, waving his hand to tell his fellow sentinels to proceed with their work which the other two sentinels followed and started throwing and breaking Eloise's things. "No-" "We cannot do anything over these things, Miss Laura," Blake whispered, pulling her arm to prevent her from further trouble she might cause. He pulled her to the side, "We have no right to oppose their decision, it was discussed in the orientation. Let's just find something informative that they will leave behind." She creased her forehead in annoyance, realizing the rule about following the order of someone in a higher position. She freed her arm from his grip irritatingly and tried to lessen her building outrage inside her. She closed her eyes, did the breathing exercise, and counted one to ten, cleari g her mind first before opening it again, she crossed her arms and leaned on the wall. "I'm not worried about her leaving the university or the amount of information she holds, Foster. I want to know if she's alive or not. They had deprived the scholars, including you, of liberty and of what life outside looks like. They're too much if they will deprive everyone of life. Four of her family were enough, she shouldn't have to become one of them." She solemnly breathed, thinking of whoever were the people behind the death of the scholars deserved to be imprisoned all their remaining lives as compensation for the lives they snatched. "We'll talk about this later. For now, act like you know nothing." He hastily said, standing straight with his hands inside his pocket, it made her confused as he peeked at him. He was looking at the side where the elevator was, so she peered past him, she saw this certain lady strutting towards them, contacting eye to eye to those scholars peeking through their doors and eavesdropping to whatever was happening next door, which scared them and slammed them close again, not daring to peek again as the President of Council Student had arrived. Coleen Warton met Laura's eyes for a moment, and with those time, she tried reading what's in her mind or even find the rare flick in her eyes, but there were none, no single emotion could be seen on her face, it was dull and tired and that was all it. Somehow, she was reminded of Dany's look when she tried committing suicide, so she got curious of the president's real self. She looked on her shoe hoping to see the splattered blood there for confirmation but it was now a new pair. "I see that you have built another alliance, Blake. Hitting with a newcomer to save your club, eh?" She said scornfully, eyeing him from head to toe. If not for her tough aura and antagonist vibe, everyone would appreciate her beauty, she's as tall as Laura, pretty fair complexion, and blemish-free skin, she was also smart, and many would fall for her if she fixed her attitude more. But well, everyone has their imperfections. "The school had eliminated my former members. You don't know to play fair, do you?" He replied calmly, arms crossed on his chest, and still smiling at the president. "Your late members, may they rest in peace, had crossed the line. And it was not the school's fault that they committed suicide. Oh, and perhaps, partly your fault for dragging them into your mess." She grimly uttered, signaling the sentinels inside to stop and that was enough. Blake chuckled contemptuously, "I'm innocent and will never prove as guilty. You can't blame me for the crimes I didn't do, Miss President. However, I wonder why Eloise got suddenly f****d out of the academy, or might I ask if she's still alive?" The calm and composed president fixed her long black hair and put those behind, "Of course, she is. Is that how bad you see the university, Mister Foster? To tell you honestly, she was chosen to study at another university abroad. She even signed an agreement--" "A f****d one." Laura interrupted, making the president's gaze turned to her. "Eloise has an unsolved business in this school, her heart is full of revenge. She wouldn't just agree on being thrown out of school just like that." Coleen Warton raised her brow at her, surprised by this new girl's boldness to answer back and even cut her off which no one has done that yet. "You're just new and you dared interrupt me when I'm not talking to you? I can put you in detention with your boldness." Laura chuckled, didn't even falter by the president's threat, whom should she fear? and why should she fear her? Never in her life, she feared anyone except of course her nonbiological father who trained her of how harsh life was even when she was still a kid. She faced the most notorious mafia leader and fought close combat with him, and a college student council president wouldn't take her down, she could though, right there and then, but Laura wasn't that evil as she was too young to kick the bucket. She may not know what exactly had happened before she came into the school, but by their exchange of conversation, she could get a grasp of little information from it. The sender, Blake Foster, was connected with these four dead people by being the former members of his club who, according to what the president said, had crossed the line by.. that was the information missing. "I have been there enough back in my previous school, I kinda want to check your detention too." She slyly said, she tilted her head after, "But yet, if you are taking law and that is how injustice you are and even overusing your power, I'm scared of what the judiciary would be like. Oops, No offense." She scoffed, there was a glint in her eyes that Laura was looking for earlier. It was anger. She wanted to applaud herself for successfully having her showed an emotion. She was grinding her teeth and looked pissed off at what she said, she was looking straight into Laura's eyes as if telling her to take back what she said. "I'm so proud of my recruit. I never have made the president angry like she was now and it was honestly my goal before. Good job, Miss Laura. You're accepted!" Blake gave her a thumbs up and a proud smile which Laura returned with rolled eyes. "Are you ready to be like his late members? The scholars believed that his club was cursed, which I do believe as well, has anyone not tell you that?" She pushed again with tainting Blake's club name. Laura shrugged, "I kinda knew? Meeting you with this git felt like I was already affected by the curse. I was hoping not to see you anywhere but meh," She nudged Blake on the side with a little force that made him grunt and clutched it, "You really are ill-fated." She said to his companion. The president pursed her lips, motioning her hand to tell the sentinels to go out of the room and leave. "Talking to you won't put me into something productive." She uttered, turning her back to them but did not start walking yet, "Whatever your plan is, Foster, stop it now. You will just fail in the end and will lose another petal from your flower." With that, she took her exit with the three sentinels, leaving the two in silence. Laura glanced at the somber-looking guy beside her, "I think this is a lot more complicated than I thought." She remarked, walking into the now almost unoccupied room. Blake followed suit, "I supposed you can't wait until tomorrow for this, am I right?" Laura faced her and nodded slowly, she had enough of guessing of what truly was happening, and what potential crime or crimes this school hid. "I've witnessed enough and those had stressed me for just a week. Our work shouldn't last longer than two months, we were trained to plan quickly but thoroughly, but with the lack of information, I can't do that. So, if you want to end this sooner and not risk more lives which you've mentioned in your letter, you should tell it now." "Are you up for all night of interesting discussion?" His bubbly self has come back when it comes to investigations and detective works like that, it interests him so much. "I can even stay up for three days straight waiting for a criminal to emerge from their hideout." She replied to him. almost bragging. "Then follow me and meet our humble club room."
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