1.11 The Cause of Everything

1637 Words

Breathed out, then breathe in, then breathe out again. She was trying her best to contain whatever bad words might roll out of her tongue. She was also clenching her fist and restraining herself, which was very hard to control, to hit the guy smiling from ear to ear in front of her with his arms wide open in the middle of.. what she thought was an abandoned classroom with intermittent light and full of cobwebs. "Is this it?" Was all that came out of her mouth, dissatisfied. "You didn't even bother cleaning this room knowing that you have a new member coming?" Blake shrugged, feigning innocence as he looked around. "Better have old one than nothing at all. They wouldn't even give me before." "What I was trying to say is that you should have cleaned it at least. This looks haunted, who kn

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