1.12 Evil Inside the School

1605 Words
"O-organ Trafficking?" Laura stuttered, she felt like she became deaf and her brain had just stopped functioning at what she had just heard, she couldn't process the words that Blake had just spewed out about the possible, well not possible because his expression told that he was sure of this crime the school hid. Blake nodded, "o***************g, Miss Laura. I have proof. Firstly, the notes," He pointed to the notes on the table, "My late members wrote it on purpose, these things that they wrote were just complete baloney. Leo wasn't an organized person, I confirmed it through his roommate. Blaise did not use organic on her plant but non-organic, it was Eloise who told me that. Phil simply did not know how to play the piano, his favorite instrument is drums. So they only wrote it because of the word Organ." Laura nodded in understanding, praising the late members' brain for doing that. "Makes sense." "Secondly, the corpses," He looked again to the left with his arms crossed. "These faces were scholars who committed suicide." "What!? All of them?" Laura exclaimed in surprise. The pictures attached on the wall were a lot, almost beyond fifty. She couldn't believe her eyes that it was the number of scholars who died in this school. She gritted her teeth, just how scary this school was? They should really work faster now. "After they committed suicide, like what happened to Earl, sentinels will come and get the body, then after that..." He raised both of his shoulders, "No one knew what do they do with the body after." Laura raised her brow, "Don't tell me you don't know as well?" Blake sat at the table, he smirked at Laura. "I'm not the president of the sleuth club for nothing." He more of bragged which made the agent rolled her eyes and scoffed, "This is where my third point comes and where Eloise comes in. Eloise knew something about her sister's death, and she told me about the memory card of Leo's phone. Blaise had told her about what they saw, it was this guy..." He picked out the picture of an unfamiliar guy in the picture and placed it on the table, "He committed suicide earlier this year around February. Apparently, my late members sneaked in the tunnel, I don't know how they did that but according to Eloise, they saw this gentleman's organs being removed, putting it in the container and placing it in a room full of human organs." Laura gritted her teeth, thinking of how horrible whoever was behind this crime. They never even mourn for them but even killed them twice! Now, this really needed to be taken seriously, Seeing the faces of the people who have their planned dreams but was only took out by these terrible people, they deserved justice. "Currently, I have a dilemma. The memory card containing the video of the horrendous crime and the statements of the friends were nowhere to be found. If it's with Eloise and she told them about it and where it was in exchange for her freedom or it was thrown along with her things, then there's no sense in having you here, even if we tell them about a crime but if we lack evidence, it'll be useless. However, if it's in Earl's possession, then we have to quickly search for it but we have to be careful because the Student Council's eyes were hot when it comes to my club." "Why? Are they scared that you might expose them?" She scoffed. "They know that I'm moving to excavate more about the death of my late members as well as Eloise's sudden departure from the university. They also know that I know something. By now, I'm also a threat to them, perhaps is just waiting for the perfect time to exterminate me, or maybe you as well." Laura stared at Blake, for a person who knew something was after him, he seemed calm. He looked like he was not bothered by his possible nearing death, though he looked peaceful, she knew he was not thinking of his death. So she asked, "Why?" The club president gave her a questioning look, "Pardon?" "You seem nonchalant knowing that you might end up being like your late members. Are you not scared of death?" He pursed his lips, looking away from Laura's stare as he thought of the question thrown at him. After some time, he looked back at her, a goofy smile plastered on his face, "I'm scared of the unexpected death, Miss Laura. However, I do not feel scared of the threats this school is giving me knowing that I can plan and stop my nearing death." Laura couldn't help but be impressed and agreed with what he said, she must admit that this self-proclaimed president has something to boast and brag about. "Now that we are sure that there is a crime happening in this school, and what you've said in your letter about the scholars' lives being in danger, you will not only save yourself but also your fellow scholars." His grin spread wider, he held his chest as if flattered by what Laura has said. "It feels good getting complimented by an agent. Please do it more." "You wish." The agent snorted. She sat properly and crossed her legs, "Are we still going to make a plan or you have one prepared?" "As of the moment, I do not have yet. We need to find and secure the memory card first before we move, Miss Laura. You still have to look around your room as well as Eloise's then I will come to you in Earl's room on the fifth floor." He instructed, putting back the things in the box. Laura c****d her head, an idea popped into her mind. "If we do not find the memory card, we should make one ourselves. I kinda miss violence." "That will be risky, Miss Laura. The sentinels here were trained just like yours, or even stronger because of the injections they take regularly." He opposed, looking straight to the agent who was cracking the bones of her hands "Why, unfair." She remarked, frowning at him. "I should've told Agent Green to back me up." "Oh!" He exclaimed, making Laura looked at her weirdly. "We need them. We can't do this with just the two of us. We will be needing back up, but do not contact them yet." Laura nodded, "When is your plan--" "Shhh!" Blake signaled, finger across his lips while looking above. "There's someone up there." He whispered anxiously. Laura cautiously stood up, she also looked up and followed the squeaking of the shoe of whoever is in the old room above, since the floor is wooden, they could hear clearly if there was someone above. And by the sound, it was not just one, she assumed it was two pairs of shoes by how the other sound was on the other side and the other was on the further side. "No one is allowed to be in this room without my permission, except of course, if it's the council." Blake murmured, carefully walking towards the switch and slowly turned it off, preventing them to see the surroundings but heightened their sense of hearing. "Are you sure this is their club room? Why is it full of spiderwebs?" A faint voice of a woman complained, "This place is scary." She added. "Shut up, Hannah. Find something useful that we could use against Blake and his club." The other voice which seemed like the SC President scolded the Secretary. The two looked at each other, even with only that, they both understand that the council and the school were now starting to frame and caught Blake. They were looking for one crucial thing that could take down the Sleuth Club and blame Blake, they really should be careful. "Where are you going!?" Laura tugged Blake's shirt back when he started crawling away. "Just wait here. Don't make any noise that will suspect them that there's another room here. I'll use this secret door and run back here to shoo them away." He instructed and started creeping until he reached the metal door. He gritted his teeth and suppressed his breath as he carefully opened the door without any noise. Even Laura stopped breathing as she watched Blake, but when he successfully did without too much sound and closed the door back again leaving her alone, she heaved a sigh of relief. "There was a chair here in the middle, and I could smell the faint scent of Blake's recruit, the third year transferee student, so I presume they were here just now." The president deduced. Laura creased her forehead and smelled herself, she always sprayed her perfume two times only and it was only once a day. She now wondered if this lady was a dog or something. "There were no other things here than chairs and cobwebs, madam, should we just go? Maybe their things were in Blake's room. Should we also rummage his room?" The secretary inquired, there's really something in her voice that was making Laura rolled her eyes in annoyance. "We should-" Laura cursed herself, she bit her lip as her heartbeat raced when her elbow hit the chair that produced a sound. "Did you hear it?" Coleen asked the secretary, the steps halted and Laura could only hear her heavy breathing. But what made her eyes grew wide and hit herself was the next words that she said. "Did it came from below?"
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