3.2 Various Variety

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Reign sat on the nearest chair as soon as the photographer had called it through, she had changed multiple times, wore almost every clothes in the rack, nearly blinded by the huge lights focused on her alone, and the flashing light of the camera that made her eyes slightly got black every time it stopped and it was making her uncomfortable. "This is your order. One chocolate smoothie and macarons." Manager Betty approached her, putting the plastic of the mentioned food on the white table beside Reign. Despite the exhausting posing and changing for the photoshoot, it was a good thing that this Manager Betty that was doing her job as her manager and was kind enough to ask her what she wanted to eat and was helping her of fixing her clothes and make-up, even giving her a fan to dry off her sweat. "Thank you." She simply said, taking off the high heels that were chosen for her to partner up with a long dress, she threw it with a bit of resentment on the floor as she massaged her feet, moving them in a circular motion. "The rising vloggers, where are they? Are they already here?" Photographer Geoff, or Geoff alone as he told Reign to call him and of course, she knew better than to comply with it. This man was flirting with her, obviously, with his age only in the early thirties, Reign could admit that he had the looks that desperate women would die for, such as shoulder-length silky hair tied on a lower pony, soft, triple lid eyes, a manly mustache starting to grow on his face, bulky body that he obviously wasn't neglecting his physique despite his busy schedule, and when he came near her earlier to fix her hair, he smelled very good though it was too strong for her liking, and if it wasn't obvious when he moved back from his proximity and touches on her face, he was not entirely her type, far from him. "We've been here since earlier, you must have not noticed because you are too focused on her." The woman said as her gaze met Reign's who was sipping on her chocolate smoothie while observing the scene before her, the manager was fixing the clothes she used. "Freya, don't come too bold on him," Syndey muttered under her breath, nudging her side. The photographer laughed, not because of fun but sarcastically, he put his hand on his waist as his other hand was holding his camera. He sharply looked at the vloggers, his soft mien towards Reign earlier was gone and since he was facing his back, the new model was not seeing his sudden change of expression. "She is the rising star I could see the potential of, however, look at yourselves, the only thing you guys do was your rusty scripted scenes, I wonder what your fans saw in you. If she came earlier than you, her modeling pictures must have been the ones on your spot and not your trashy contents." He spat, and insulted, looking at them disgustingly, when the four youngsters were unable to answer he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, "Nevertheless, let's be professional. Go to your places and let's end this session with you." "What's their youtube channel?" Reign asked Manager Betty who had just sat in the seat beside her and using her phone, she reached over her bag on the table and fished out her phone. "Various Variety. They all have individual focus but uploads it on one channel so the name suits their contents." The manager explained, looking at the four artists who were on a photoshoot and being chastised for being stiff. The photographer really had his favoritism. Reign searched on the name, she didn't have a hard time as they immediately showed up on searches along with their videos. She skimmed through it, opening some and fast-forwarding most of it, the views were also impressive, each video got past the million views milestone. She also learned that they were vlogging separately, each had different contents and like what Manager Betty had explained, they only uploaded it on one channel. Freya Tim was mostly for travel, photography, and aesthetic content; Syndey Jacques was for singing composition, covers, and music; Martin Duvan was funny pranks, dubs, and other entertaining content; and Clinton Wesley was in all sorts of gaming streams and online video games. There were also videos that all of them were together, playing games, eating together, and answering questions from their fans. The agent was impressed by their high-quality, educational contents and very competent editing skills, no wonder that a lot of people had loved and supported them up to their position now which they deserved by the amount of effort they exuded to have past a hundred videos on their channel. "Betty, is she your new kid?" The two who were peacefully doing their own thing looked up to the woman who approached them. Reign couldn't help her brows to lift up upon recognizing the woman. She must not be surprised, but she still was as she didn't know and Dale didn't mention it to her that this woman was the rising stars' manager. "Oh, Karen. Yes, she's Flora Williams, our agency's new rising model." Manager Betty introduced, "What about it?" She shook her head and smiled timidly, "Nothing, she is indeed gorgeous, I'm afraid she could steal the title from my kids. She seems like she could do it by how she has become in everyone's mouth when we came in." Manager Betty chuckled, "No, Karen. The title is on your kids alone, besides the criteria for the rising star is the overall activity of the artists in a year, Flora is just new and will only stay for two months here so you don't have to worry." Reign watched as how the manager's face changed into something that if she was correct, a disappointed one, but immediately masked it with a bright smile. "Good, then. I'm just...worried. You know, these four deserved the title." 'Deserve for you to kill?' Reign thought, glancing at the woman while she sipped on her smoothie. "Of course, they do. They're hardworking. I remember you do not want to handle them before but look at you now, you've grown fond of them." The other manager replied, smiling at her co-manager, so as the conclusion that they were friends because she was not stern when talking to her. Manager Karen sighed and looked at the four vloggers who were continuously posing to the camera. She had this saddened expression and Reign didn't know if she was just acting because that looked real. "They're still aloof towards me. They do not like me to be their manager, they don't even give me their house's password." "Why? That's rude." Reign interjected after her long silence and just listening, the two looked at her in surprise, remembering that she was still in between them. "And if the feeling is mutual, you don't like them before, they don't like you, why are you still handling them?" 'And why are you still in this industry despite your issues of being the culprit in killing ten rising artists? What makes you stay?' She wanted to add but it would be too weird that she knew something despite their first encounter so she kept her mum. The manager didn't answer, instead, she was tapped by Manager Betty on her shoulder. "Go change so we could arrange your two-month contract." "But my question-" "Manager Karen, I'll just escort my kid. Congratulations on your kids!" She just said, pulling the barefoot Reign with her as they both walked to the changing room. "Wait, my feet! The floor is dirty!" She complained, tiptoeing as she looked at the dusty floor while she was being pulled. The manager only looked at her feet but hasten their walk until they got into the changing room, immediately placing her hands on her waist and faced Reign with furrowed brows. "You shouldn't ask impulsive questions like that to her, you don't know what she'd been through." She lectured, in a low and hushed voice as she could as she didn't want anyone to hear her. Reign raised her brow, "As you said, I don't know what she'd been through, how would I know if my question is impulsive or not? I was just curious, now your action has made it obvious that there is really something going on with her." The manager stood frozen, reflecting on her own actions. She put down her hands and just sighed, accepting that it was also her which was wrong. "Just don't ask her about her managing history, if you want to know more about her search her name but keep it to yourself." "Fine." Reign huffed, "Give me my things. I feel so dirty now. Don't you have a shower room here or just spare clothes?" Manager Betty looked at her from head to toe, her judging look she gave her earlier was back at it again. Ever heard of Reign ranking as number one in the agents being the most sensitive one? Now, it was showing. "Unfortunately, Miss. The agency you chose to be part of was still thriving to become on the top, and so as the small building, incomplete facilities and..." she looked at her feet who were still tiptoed, "dirty, untiled floors. I'm sorry if such beautiful feet feel out of place, I'll get you things, okay? and spare clothes as the royalty requested." She went out of the changing room, leaving Reign scoffing. "Wow. The amount of sarcasm this woman emits is unreal." The manager came back after a while, bringing the dress she was wearing earlier, her sandals, her bag, and a pair of comfortable pair of jogger pants and sweater that she probably got from the rack outside. She started changing, hearing a little commotion outside but she didn't mind as she was busy doing her own thing, plus the noises of people talking were incoherent. She had already worn her pants and about to wear the sweater when the door of the changing room suddenly opened, alarming her as she jumped and almost scream. Yet, it never left her mouth as she saw who it was. Freya Tim, and she's crying. "I want to be alone."
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