3.1 Mafia Within the Stars

1754 Words

"Where are you again, Dahlia Dawson!?" Reign burst out on her phone as soon as Dale answered her call, she was again in Dale's office, and for how many times it happened, the agent was not again present and it pissed her off always. She was elegantly seated on one of the swivel chairs with her new look of brown hair, curled on the end, face full of light cosmetics, fingers long and newly manicured, she was wearing a red casual dress and an inch high light brown sandals. "As much as I remember, I do not have to update you of wherever I'll go?" Dale answered nonchalantly and amusingly with a hint of a sarcastic tone in her voice. Reign heard Daniella's voice in the background, telling her through an indifferent voice that she should answer her properly. And she couldn't thank Hermes enough

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