3.1 Mafia Within the Stars

1754 Words
"Where are you again, Dahlia Dawson!?" Reign burst out on her phone as soon as Dale answered her call, she was again in Dale's office, and for how many times it happened, the agent was not again present and it pissed her off always. She was elegantly seated on one of the swivel chairs with her new look of brown hair, curled on the end, face full of light cosmetics, fingers long and newly manicured, she was wearing a red casual dress and an inch high light brown sandals. "As much as I remember, I do not have to update you of wherever I'll go?" Dale answered nonchalantly and amusingly with a hint of a sarcastic tone in her voice. Reign heard Daniella's voice in the background, telling her through an indifferent voice that she should answer her properly. And she couldn't thank Hermes enough for adopting a very normal, the most normal among the agents, Daniella because there might be no end in their bickering unless she or Hermes would meddle in, the rest would just watch or cheer for them. "I'm off to the airport with Daniella. Go to the Rampage Agency which where you'll be based along with Freya and her friends, and find Betty Hurpy, your manager, she's a little grumpy and strict, I know you can handle those attitudes because you're way worse, but anyway, they said she's the best among the managers there." She explained with a little insult. "Again, Gold, your name is Flora Williams. you have social media accounts and you are already an influencer. Just remember what you did on a week of rehearsals and you'll be fine." She rolled her eyes, how could she forget? Almost every day last week, she was in Dahlia's office with the photographer and make-up artist who was teaching her different types of pictorial poses, wither cutely, seductive, alluring, fierce, pretty, all of it! She was also taught how to do the make-up on her own and she almost lost one of her eyebrows from the eyebrow shaver and blind one of her eyes from how much mascara she put on her eye. But with the two's continuous effort and patience to teach her, though they had received complaints and yells from her, and of course, she had also received reprimands from Dale, she could tell it was a success and she had managed to adapt to the model's lifestyle. Every edited picture was posted on her newly made social media accounts, and surprisingly, or not, she already had millions of followers in just two days because of Dale's manipulation power, and so they managed to get multiple offers from big and small agencies and luckily, one of those was the agency where the rising stars were. "Alright. Tell Dany to update me with everything while Laura is out of reach." She replied, standing up and taking her luggage, she will be staying independently, like how she wanted, at the hotel near the agency. "Got it, Reign. Thank you." Daniella replied casually instead, she bet their call was on a speakerphone. "I'll go now. Bye." Walking inside the agency from putting everything in her hotel room, all heads whipped on her side, all eyes darted at the door as it opened and a goddess came in, hair blown by the wind that revealed more of her flawless skin and beautiful face that everyone, especially men, was drooling and stopped on whatever they were doing. And Reign was starting to get irritated just by entering the door. She walked to the elevator, clutching her minaudiére as she went inside with a class, ignoring the people's murmur she was with inside. She was told by the message from the manager earlier to go to the fourth floor, the first room for her application, and contracts, Dale had also made it clear to the agency that she would only be staying for two months and made an excuse that she'd be flying abroad on the new year and they agreed since she pulled the car that everything that she'd gain would be all go to the agency and she's fine without any pay. She's richer than the whole agency itself, why would she need to get paid? Plus her own agency would pay her once she's done with her task, and they pay much more than this cheap agency. She reached the fourth floor, and luckily, there were no other people than just the woman on the far end who served as the front desk on that floor by how she made her write her name on the logbook before escorting her inside the first room. The green screen, huge light, and flashes of the camera caught her attention first it was like the one that the agents made in Dale's office, though this one was sure big that it almost covered the whole wall and the lights were so bright that it made Reign feel nervous all of a sudden. "Manager Hurpy, your expected VIP model is here." The woman shouted. Reign wanted to smack this woman's head for having a loud voice that gained everyone's attention which caused them all to look at her, and once again, they couldn't be more subtle in staring at her as she tried not to look irritated while standing still with her chin held up high and oozing confidence. "Don't just stand there, come here and you'll be next!" The woman standing on the side with her hands in her waist, looking so strict like just how Dale had told her of this woman, yelled, furrowing her brows on her. She stopped herself from rolling her eyes, no one had ever raised their voice on her like that and no one had reprimanded her in public, save for Dale's scolds on their earpiece that the agents could also hear. Yet, she still complied, walking towards her side and greeted her politely, only again to receive nothing but a judgmental look from her head to toe. After doing that, she walked towards the rack of clothes, skimming through them, and pulled one in the middle— a black bodycon dress. "Wear this and go to that side. You'll be the next so hurry up." She demanded, handing the dress still on its hanger and pointed to the side where a serious of mirrors, chairs, with tables where various pencils, makeup kits, maquillage were placed. She walked towards the changing room at the back, checking every corner if it had a hidden camera or something, and when she was sure there was none, she started changing. She huffed upon completely seeing herself in the mirror, her cleavages were slightly seen, her curve was perfectly shown and she could say that it perfectly fit her, well, nothing didn't fit her actually. She went out of the room, bearing her dress on her arm and her bag in her hand, walking towards the woman who was blankly looking at her. she moved her feet, pushing the b*****e boots motioning her to wear them. Putting her things on the side, she wore the boots, then went straight to the makeup artist's side who immediately tend to her, no matter how much she breathed to stop herself from slapping their hands aways every time they put their hands on her face. She heard claps on her back and the woman previously being taken photos of was now exiting. "My kid is next!" Betty Hurpy shouted, voice demanding and not leaving any room for protests. "Flora, come here." Reign stood up, all eyes darted on her with awe and admiration, though she was already a head-turner even before just by walking on the streets, and some even had the guts on calling her but they would immediately shut up once she flickered her death glares on them, yet now, she couldn't do that. "Show us what you've got, Williams." Manager Betty encouraged, or more like pressured because she suddenly felt her hand clammy and restless as she slowly walked towards the green screen. If there might be something that she felt nervous about, it's the camera, the people's expectant stares, and the suffocating pressure enveloping the whole room like everyone was reprimanding her to do well. She walked in the middle of the green screen, in front of the man who was a photographer and was smiling at her kindly so she felt at ease a little. "C'mon, don't be stiff! That's not what your sister had sent us, are your pictures edited?" Manager Betty shouted, clapping her hands once in disappointment as her face was crumpled looking at the rigid posture of the lady. Reign huffed and rolled her eyes, and the manager saw it. "Did you just-" "Manager Betty, she must have been pressured by you, try to keep it low." The photographer said, then turned to Reign. "Just breathe, it's okay. Just imagine we're in the comfort of your own room." Reign saw the manager scoffed, "You are not like this, Geoff. I see now what kind of model you prefer." "Shut up." The photographer shot back, brushing her off, and smiled at Reign. "Let's do this." The agent sighed, breathing deeply as she slowly lifted up her eyes and looked straight to the camera, surprising the photographer who seemed like the lady was staring at her, yet he smiled, clearly loving the aura. Reign started putting her hand on her waist, angling her body to the side as she bent, one hand on her knee as she stared at the camera which instantly flashed. "Perfect, another one." The photographer exclaimed, zooming for more, and started flashing his camera. Just then, as Reign started focusing on her modeling skills, five people came in. The four greeting everyone inside the room as the woman only following them behind silently. Their eyes landed on the model currently on the photoshoot, the photographer's delightful remark had caught their attention. "Is she new?" The woman asked, raising her brow upon seeing the photographer lost his mind with every pose the beautiful woman did. "Never saw this man give that reaction to anyone, even his ears are clapping." "Who's not? She's a beauty!" The man exclaimed, almost drooling with his eyes shining upon seeing a beautiful woman in front of him. The man beside him was more subtle but still admiring her. The woman which accompanied Reign earlier walked in with them, shouting. "The Rising Star of the Year is here!"
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