AWC III: Reign Flora Wilson

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"I have been waiting here for half an hour already, you shouldn't have called me that early if you have things to do." Reign complained as soon as Dale opened the door of her room. She put down the book she was reading earlier to kill her time and to prolong her patience. Dale walked towards the table and put down her laptop, taking out her spectacles and threading her hair through her fingers. "You should know too, Reign Flora, that my schedule is flexible. It depends on the crimes that need my utmost attention whether scheduled or sudden, I don't have anything at the time I called you but something went on so I have to keep you waiting." Reign crossed her arms and legs, nodding at her, "Proceed to my task, I wasted my time reading a book." "Reading will never be a waste of time, Gold." She said while connecting her laptop to the huge screen. Reign rolled her eyes, she was not fond of reading ever since, she was just pretending to be reading but she was just actually staring at the book and looking at the pages and its table of contents. In top agents, save Dale, no one was fond of reading, even Daniella didn't want to read, maybe because of Laura's influence who would never, ever laid a finger on the book unless of course needed, now she wondered how would she survive her task especially that it was a school, the place which topped her list of which she hated the most. "Listen, Flora," Dale spoke, pulling Reign out of her thoughts. She squinted her eyes and furrowed her brows upon hearing what she had called her. She scoffed in disbelief, "Flora? You called me Flora?" Dale nodded while looking through the files of tasks, not paying attention to the bitterness in Reign's voice, the agent didn't want to be called on her second name, she said it didn't suit her so she often got irritated whenever the top agents called her that for fun. "Yes, you will go by that name for your task. Flora Williams." "Dahlia!? That doesn't sound pretty, like duh! Flora? It's too old in our generation now." She protested, face scrunching in disgust of the name. "And why am I using my real name? Can't I use the last name I used for the second time?" "The last disguise you did was a dancer in a nightclub, are you sure you want to use your name again, 'Beast of the Night'?" Dale taunted, remembering how Reign cursed every minute while she was trying her best to dance in front of those thirsty men. "You know what? Just shut your mouth." The agent replied, rolling her eyes as she was still pissed off by the task assigned to her last time. "Your choice." Dale just said, giving the papers to Reign, "Going back to your task, you'll be disguised as Flora Williams, a newly rising model known for her beauty and modeling skills." "I don't know how to model? This is ridiculous." She interjected. Dale looked at her seriously, too done on her interjections and complaints. "Just listen first, will you? You're the hardest to talk to about tasks." Reign rolled her eyes, "That's because I don't understand how you think. I'll be the one to execute this plan, and you're making me do things I don't know how." "That's why you should listen first, I haven't even laid the details yet and you're already complaining, try to keep your complaints to yourself first because I have time for that after," Dale replied. They looked like two sisters bickering to each other and about to pull each other's hair because they both did not want to back down. However, the woman standing by the door, huge luggage on her side as she had her side perched on the wall with her arms crossed, and watching the two exchange their expressions blankly, she sighed and shook her head. "I knew something was telling me to be here." She decided to meddle in, pulling the luggage with her as she walked towards Dale's table. "You're quarreling again like two little kids scrambling over an ice cream." The two looked at her, Reign noticing the luggage. "What are you doing here and where are you going to have that luggage, Daniella?" "I'm flying to the United Kingdom. Anyway, go talk about your task in peace because my flight is this afternoon and I haven't known the details yet." She said, pulling out her phone with her feet perched on the table. "Where are we," Dale said, pressing something on the keyboard as it was shown on the screen. "As I said, there are a lot of factors to consider in finding out who the mafia is. First, the odd thing was all those victims were managed and last seen with one woman, Karen Collins, the woman you saw on the video." Dale showed the picture of the woman in her mid-thirties, she was not smiling in the picture, her lips straight, and eyes sharp like she was always glaring, she emitted a dark aura that was enough for the people to not look at her too long. Unlike in the clip, she had become more mature and more tired of her life, the bags under her eyes were also too much apparent that it became the first thing that would be seen with one look on her face. "You mean, in ten years of managing in the industry, all that had been under her care had been murdered? Then why was she still not getting arrested?" Reign asked, not being too judgmental but if that was the case then she might have been the primary suspect. "She was, but she had a strong alibi that she went home as soon as she secured them all in their hotel, seen on the CCTV of their house that she was already sleeping at that time of the crime, so the court had let her go, taking the case as isolated and unsolved." She explained, pressing the next slide, showing a certain room and hotel building. "This is the hotel the participants in the award shows were resting, it was near the place where the award show happened, the participants were being accommodated two days before and have them rest in this hotel for the rehearsal the day after and the day before the awarding. So the second factor to consider here is the death of the victims all happened in room 236, the second floor, placed on the very end of the second floor." "So are we talking about a phantom in that certain room or something? Because that's absurd." She commented, scoffing. "In a little bit of historical touch, the hotel is now owned by Mr. Yuri Koto, a name that is widely known in the business world for his car and hotel businesses, had a daughter, Sana Koto, who was then twelve years ago a model, a newly recruited actress who was about to be awarded as the Rising Star of the Year, yet she was murdered in that same room, through the same way, though there was no photoshoot." "Was he suspected?" "No, even if he was, it would not make sense because this is him," He showed a picture of a Japanese old man seated in a wheelchair with a cane on his hand, white hair, wrinkled face, and looking too old, "He was even older than sir Hermes." "But he still had a motive since he bought the hotel. He could've just left that alone knowing that his daughter was murdered in there." Daniella remarked, still looking on her phone but she was obviously listening. "That's right, plus he was always present when the awardees are already moving in," Dale added, closing her laptop and raised her hand, motioning the woman who was at the door with a black bag on her back which seemed like a heavy one, and a man who had a huge camera clinging on his neck. "Who are they?" Reign asked, looking at the two intently and suspiciously, unintentionally intimidating them. "They're agents in the evening and make-up artist and photographer in the morning, they will start your make-over and have your own photoshoot to upload in social media, I have already gathered your fans, will make them talk about you until you make it to the awarding and modeling industry without any stress on your part. All you have to do, please do it with cooperation, is follow their instructions so you'd look more professional once you start your task." Dale explained. The manipulative agent pulled Reign's swivel chair on the side, making the woman with a bag followed her as she immediately put down her bag and scrambled in it as she listened to Reign's uprisings that she didn't want anyone touching her face except for herself alone. Dale called for agents to work on the mini photoshoot place in her office, placing the lights, green screen for easy editing, a train of dresses, and other useful stuff that her previous empty office turned into a very light one instantly while Reign was being beautified, of course with a scowl. Reign's thick eyebrows were perfectly curved, her lashes were curled, lips full with red lipstick, cheeks smudged with blush-on and other magic that the woman did to her that when she was done, and the woman pulled her scrunchie from her hair that made her grunted as her hair fell down on her back perfectly. Dale and Daniella looked at Reign who was glaring at the woman who pulled her hair, though she was glaring, they still have an impressed look because well, Reign was completely changed into a different person if not only for her attitude, she would not be identified as the Reign Flora Wilson. "She just needed to change her hair color and she's good, Ma'am Green." The woman told Dale, moving a little farther from Reign who was still scowling at her. "And maybe a little smile or just remain fierce instead of that frown and a glaring expression." "Thank you," Dale said as she looked at Reign. "Change your clothes and start your photoshoot, I'll discuss Brown's case with her." Reign groaned and irritatedly walked on the rack of clothes to begin her nightmare.
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