2.32 Caught

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Warren stared at the senior, his mouth agape, eyes wide open like there was a ghost in front of him. His mouth was also opening and closing like a fish but no words came out. Who wouldn't be like him when his identity was just discovered even without him telling it to anyone? All he just do was be himself, tried to be police by heart, do his job and eat his source of strength, what among these had betrayed him and exposed him? Which part did he do wrong?

"It was you. Your whole self." Senior Merit ejaculated, seeing him asserting everything in his disguise with his very confused face, that he was talking to himself and blaming his poor gummy bears that if he heard it right, he would stop eating it for his next disguise, which he scoffed at internally because he knew he couldn't do that.

"My whole self?" Warren reiterated, pointing to himself.

Senior Merit reached for his sleeve and pulled him, touching the necklace with a camera that was connected to the agency. The agent who was watching everything on Warren's small camera moved back in surprise as the senior was looking at it closely like he knew he was there.

Warren pulled the necklace from his hand, and completely disentangled it on his neck, "Is it because of this? I knew it! Our logo was too obvious, I should tell this to that old man."

"That's only one. Your logo is not the one to blame, it's your choice of fashion. Look at your shoes, it was the same with them, your phone, I saw it on one of the agents before when he was talking over the phone, your shirts when I scoured your luggage, it is all black with small weighing scale print on the chest part just like..." The senior pointed outside the car to the agent's side on the police station, they were wearing the exact same clothes he was referring to. "them. Your whole presence screams your agency."

Warren frowned, Pierce's words were echoing in his mind, he should've taken it more seriously, he remembered he was also caught because of that weighing scale print on his shoes. But he should still blame Dale for not supplying him with other clothes aside from the police uniforms which was the only necessary in his disguise.

"Is the old man you're talking about is Former Chief of Police Hermes Jackson?"

Warren tilted his head and looked at him in surprise. "Yes, he's my, I mean, our father." He replied, including the agents outside when he meant 'our father', which was really true because every people in the agency considered the old man as their father.

"I know him. I was already in the police under his regime as the chief of police, I looked up to him so high, he was a good leader that's why I was so discouraged by his sudden resignation, But it was fine since he made an agency which produces people like him, people of justice, maybe he realized the police were faulty, they will never be righteous and the government couldn't do anything about it so he took the matter to himself."

"Yes, that old man is really ambitious at times," Warren remarked.

Their attention turned to Warren's phone on the dashboard when it rang, Agent Green's name showed up. Warren put it in a speaker as he answered.

"Black, you should be at your station. You're still part of the police, the agents should still evaluate you. It would be suspicious if you suddenly vanish." She instructed, the senior realizing that one as well.

Senior Merit nodded at him, signaling him to tell her that they were already there. Warren took his phone and answered, "We're already here."

"Good. Anyway, the site you have given me for the isolated case, for some reason, the officer's case was not there, and I was kicked out by the system all of a sudden so I bet there is an active agent that guards the site. I did not find anything, I'm sorry." She explained, the disappointment in her voice was also evident.

The two looked at each other, Senior Merit just raised her thumbs up like he was expecting it to be like that, he opened the door and went out of the car.

"It's okay, Green. Thank you. We'll get going."

He ended the call and came out as well, running as the senior was already walking towards the station. The agents in black saw them, one was about to bow his head upon seeing Warren which was his superior but the other agent stopped him, reminding him that the top agent was in disguise.

"Who are you?" One agent asked Senior Merit, "Why did you come just now?"

The other officers were also looking in their way, they were already sweaty, their back slouching probably of standing for a while now under the sun, but it was just a piece of cake for Warren and other agents, they really should step up their training so they wouldn't be like this weaklings.

"I am the Deputy Commissioner in this station, I apologize for my late arrival, my car was holed up by people with holes in their brains, and my house was burnt to ashes recently so I was so busy catching these people." He explained, feeling Warren's presence on his back. "He is also an officer here, helping me with everything."

"You are the Deputy Commissioner?" The agent reiterated, his hand now on h "How would you explain the drugs found inside the station and in your subordinates' possession? Shouldn't you be held accountable for your deputies' irresponsibilities?"

"If you are not aware, there are night shifts officers in our station. Deputy Commissioner Sergio Carpio was the one assigned to the night shift before, and mainly the one who knows and handles these things along with the hidden room which I didn't know exists in the first place. I am not washing my hands about this issue but telling the truth, that I do not know and I am not one of these officers who use this d**g. I stand with my faith that I will not be punished for the things I didn't do because that is how justice works."

Warren scratched his head by the length of the senior's answer to the two questions. He now didn't know if he should answer like that as well if he would be asked the same thing or he would just keep silent.

"How about you? " One agent turned at him.

Warren looked at him and to the senior, a little confused but he proceeded to answer as he didn't want to be considered suspicious. "Same as him."

The agent, though with a cap, creased his forehead and put his hands on his waist, because is that's all his answer? Senior Merit, however, nudged him and threatened him through his eyes to fix his answer.

"I mean, I'm new, sir. I follow what he asks me to do, and with my working here, there were no commands I received from him to use drugs or something." He clarified.

"It's true, sir. They do not know anything about this. I belong to those who use illegal drugs, and I am ready to tell who belongs to us and who is not. But it only limits to the morning shift, I don't know what worse crimes the night shift does, probably the criminals themselves can tell."

Senior Merit looked at the officer with a glint of disappointment and sadness in his eyes. "Leo, I thought you're one of us."

"I'm sorry, sir. I was just... tempted to try until I cannot stop myself anymore." He admitted, looking down and regretting everything.

"You all still need to go for a d**g test. There'll be a doctor-agent coming here. For now, you have to be detained until proven innocent. It won't take too long than usual."

Of course, it won't. The usually long process of testing in the public only took hours in the agency. They were innovative, techy, and complete with everything, so this one only took a second to them.

They were escorted inside, sitting on the available seats as the agents were guarding the entrance, their guns were also taken for safety measures. Some agents were talking to the criminals for more evidence. The whole station was quiet, it felt like the whole country too, all were waiting for the updates of the current news.

After a while, an agency car came, bearing a machine with a small screen and a scanner that looked like a thermal scanner g*n but it produces green light that was used to scan the body from head to toe. The screen would turn red if there was a d**g detected.

"Who will go first?" The doctor-agent asked after the machine was placed inside, he was holding the g*n and looking to their side.

"Are we free to go once done?" Senior Merit asked, seeing the time already at five and remembering that they still have to go to the other town a little far from Hudson Street for the journalist.

"Yes, sir, the officer out there said that you are innocent so you can go once the machine detected you as safe." He said, "Please, try it first."

Senior Merit stood up, inhaling deeply as he walked in front of the doctor-agent, who as well, dressed and covered securely so people wouldn't see him. He stood straight in front of him as the agent placed the detector g*n across with a foot away from his forehead as it emitted green horizontal light slowly going down to his feet.

After reaching his feet, they waited for a nerve-wracking while, all eyes were at the screen and waiting for the result until the small screen beeped and turned into a color blue with a capitalized word 'Safe'.

"You can go now, sir. Thank you for serving with justice." The agent said, leading him out as Warren came next.

He was scanned too, and the screen showed safe too so the two were now both outside and heading to the car they left on the side of the street post. They were about to go inside when Officer Leo came rushing to them, his hand waving with his phone in it, two agents were running after him in thought that he'll escape.

"Senior! Gil and Kleo wanted to talk to you!"

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