2.31 The Nearing End

1715 Words

Warren didn't know if he should admire the senior or would call him an i***t. Admire for his persistence, for his devotion to his work, for his free service that he was not asking for something in return, but with all that too, he was being an i***t for not knowing the grave danger he was putting himself, and knowingly or unknowingly, his family too. He tried telling him to stop, but he was the one who was stopped immediately through glares and intimidating furrow of his forehead, he was shut up just by it. He knew whatever he said, he wouldn't listen. He didn't listen to the threat given to him, how much more if he would be the one to stop him? It would just be one with the pollution in the air being blocked by the senior's hearing and would only become a noise. He wouldn't really list

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