2.7 War on Drugs

1690 Words

"You're taking illegal drugs!?" Warren exclaimed, his eyes bulging in surprise as he looked at the cubicle where a huge pack of drugs which probably cost more than millions was broken covering the tiled floor white, while the officer who clumsily dropped it was looking at him and the other officers on his back in horror. "What? No! We didn't know this, he just happened to find it, right?" "Yes, yes! There's no way we would use these." One agreed and added, pushing past Warren to gather the drugs in one side, not of course without nudging the officer at fault on his stomach. "Then where are these came from and why are these hidden here?" He asked with a heavily furrowed bro, he was not believing any of their lies. These were the evidence he was looking for, and he couldn't wait how they

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