2.8 The Deal

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Warren sluggishly opened the door of his apartment, he was practically dragging his feet with his eyes nearly close. He was too tired of working nonstop in hours without rest. He shouldn't have said those words to them because right after he walked out, they started showing their true selves to him, which they passed his expectation of them, of course, in a bad way. When they went out of the room, he thought they would get back to their works because they walked straight to their desks, and Deputy Director Sergio quietly sat on his chair without sparing him a look which he didn't mind, but after a peaceful while, the great turmoil began. It happened that these men were just picking up their papers and piling them all to add to Warren's already burdensome number of paperwork. They even snatched all of his source of strength for the night and ate those without leaving a piece. He tried protesting, only to be ignored like he was only talking to the air because the man who put him into that situation in the first place came to be nonexistent and deaf at that time, remained to be unbothered while watching something funny, Warren assumed since he was laughing, in the computer. It was a nightmare. However, he still had one more night to spend, he hoped it wouldn't lead him to his death, nor the officers' death because he almost couldn't contain his patience earlier, especially to the officer who said his gummy bears taste bad, and just wanted to have those bullies had a taste of a top agent's wrath they were messing with. They should be thankful he was able to control himself. That certainly explained his tiring work hours, ending up with him sleeping on the bus and almost get past his street, thanks to the woman who bumped his face with her heavy bag. He went straight to his bed, throwing his cap and taking out his shoes using his feet, not bothering to change as he threw himself on the comfort of his bed, immediately letting himself fall into a deep slumber. "What happened here last night, Ernesto?" Senior Merit asked the man who was eating inside the prison together with other inmates. Ernesto Buenaventura looked up at him, swallowing his food first before answering. "The ambitious officer announced a sudden inspection. I don't know why, sir, but he found packs of drugs from them." Senior Merit put his hands on his waist, "Anything found in your cell?" The prisoner chortled, couldn't believe his ears that the officer was asking him about it when he should've known the answer. "I told you, sir, I do not use drugs, never in my life, I tried it. Though I was ironically arrested because of delivering drugs, I told you, that's because it was for my son's welfare." "So, yes or no?" "Of course, no, sir!" He answered with conviction. "Very well. Any additional information?" Buenaventura looked at the ceiling, munching his food and thinking of what happened more last night. It was his job to report to the officer what weird things the officers on night duty were doing. He had proved himself trustable to the senior which was why he got this special job. "Ah!" He exclaimed, raising his fork which had a stabbed sausage. "The never-looking-good officer was, I think, messing around with officer Warren, he kept on smirking and snorting at him, that as much as I managed to see. He also looked happy that the other brutal officers found drugs in us." "Of course, they would. Warren probably found out something." He muttered under his breath. The inmates in the cell were looking at him weirdly. He only broke from his reverie when his phone rang, taking it out and looking at the caller, he nodded at Buenaventura. "Thank you. Enjoy your meal." "Thank you, sir!" "What do I owe this unpleasurable call, Sergio?" He said as soon as he answered his call. He heard his throaty, annoying laugh over the phone, guessing that he might probably be in his car by the sound of the beeping honk in the background. "Well, I was waiting for your apology?" It was his turn to snort, "Why do I owe you an apology? Your name followed by an apology is the only phrase you wouldn't see coming out of my mouth. Don't be ridiculous." "Thanks to your boy, he gave me the chance to hear it." He went silent for a moment, thinking of the possible things Warren did that even his name was involved. "What did he do?" "You should ask him, Merit. And I want to hear it from you later or just even message it because I know you can't stomach humbling yourself." He ended the call with the same laugh as he did when he answered. Certainly annoying in the ears. He pocketed his phone, sitting on his chair, and started working. There was no way he would waste his time thinking of that certain Sergio Carpio along with his troop who had been tainting the police's dignity because of their criminal deeds. Well, maybe later. "Officer Gil, where is the application form of officer Valore?" Warren woke up by the sound of the continuous ring of his phone blaring in the four walls of his huge room. He groaned, burying his face on his bear designed pillows to stop hearing the loud ringing sound. He hummed when it stopped, falling back to his disturbed sleep, but it rang again. Stirring to the side, he searched for his phone all over his bed and found it still inside the pocket of his pants. He didn't bother looking at the caller, the only people registered in his phone were the other top agents, Dale, and his father. Laura was the only possible person who will call in times like this because she loved to annoy him, the other was just for display in his contact, but Laura was sent inside a secluded place so it must probably be Dale. "Whoever you are, call me when I'm awake. Thank-" "Officer Valore, it's me." "But you can disturb me as long as your name is Theodore Merit. Senior Merit!" He exclaimed enthusiastically, but still groggy as he had only woken up. He sat on his bed, looking at his wall clock that showed 3:54 in the afternoon. He frowned, realizing that he skipped breakfast and lunch. "Meet me at the station. Now." "But why-" He pursed his lips and looked at his phone, hearing the end beeps of the call. He sighed, having no other choice but to quickly groom himself and follow the commander's command. Taking a quick bath, changing into a new set of police uniforms, putting another box of gummy bears in his bag, and putting on his cap, he was ready to go within ten minutes and reached the station in another ten, seeing the senior looking very impatient while staring at his phone and watch. "Sir, it's nice to see you again!" He greeted, running to him who looked relieved. "Did something happen?" He shook his head, tossing his keys to him as he walked to the other side of the car. "I was about to waste another minute of call to you. My wife will kill me if I did." "You're scared of your wife, sir?" He asked, igniting the car as soon as the senior closed the door. "Of course not! I'm just..." He stopped midway, his hand suspended in the air as he thought of a reason. "Respecting and loving my wife as every husband should." "I see." Warren just commented. "Why did you call me, sir? My duty starts at six and yours ends at the same time. What are we doing here?" "I'll fetch my son, and you're coming with me." "Obviously," Warren remarked, "But why, sir?" "Because a certain someone in need of attention called me this morning, asking for my 'due' apology which you caused. He told me to ask you about it." Warren hummed, nodding slowly. With his eyes still fixed on the road, he started narrating everything that had happened last night, from their bizarre start to their bullying, he never missed out on a single scenario, he feared it was also verbatim because he remembered everything they had said. "He was asking me for an apology of how I see them? That I was wrong?" Senior Merit asked, pointing to himself as he couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Turn left." Warren nodded, "Yes, sir, they had proved to me they weren't using the drugs so I was wrong, and Officer Carpio had only told me that I will tell you that you were wrong about how you see them, I didn't know you have to apologize. Is it here?" "Yes." He answered, looking at the gate where elementary students were already going out to search for his son, when none yet, he looked back at Warren. "You don't believe them, do you?" "I don't, sir. I have read enough articles about the police, especially Sergio Carpio. I actually wonder why is he still working as a police." Senior Merit tutted, even he wondered why, before, not when he found out about something. "If you're curious. You should have a deal with me." Warren's brows raised, looking at the senior with great interest. "What deal, sir?" Merit opened his mouth, about to answer but his gaze landed on his son looking like a lost puppy turning left and right, scanning the vicinity for his father. "Oh, that's my son!" He went out of the car, waving his hand on his son, a boy which around nine or ten of age, frail but energetic, eyes were as sharp as his father's and he also got his small facial shape from him. They were very look-alike, fascinating Warren who also went out to welcome his lovely son. Merit put down his arm after seeing that his son saw them. With his hands inside his pockets, he perched his back on the side of the car, without looking at the lad, he said his deal. The deal that officially began Warren's task. "Be my assistant."
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