1.30 Escaping

1635 Words

"Connect me with Sean," Laura requested while running, her right hand was clutching her hurting stomach while the other was formed into a fist. "I don't know the way." "You've been there for almost a month and you still don't know where are the places?" Laura could imagine the disbelief and judging face of Dale right now by just her tone. Even she, herself, couldn't believe it that way. She rolled her eyes, "Don't judge me. My roommate was supposed to tour me around on my second day, okay? But she got cast out of the university and speaking of my roommate, while I talk to Sean, search for Eloise Nore, she got sold by the university as, according to that ugly sentinel, a toy. Search the world, Dale." "And how am I supposed to do that?" Dale clicked her tongue, "I'll do my best. Stand by

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