1.30 Escaping

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"Connect me with Sean," Laura requested while running, her right hand was clutching her hurting stomach while the other was formed into a fist. "I don't know the way." "You've been there for almost a month and you still don't know where are the places?" Laura could imagine the disbelief and judging face of Dale right now by just her tone. Even she, herself, couldn't believe it that way. She rolled her eyes, "Don't judge me. My roommate was supposed to tour me around on my second day, okay? But she got cast out of the university and speaking of my roommate, while I talk to Sean, search for Eloise Nore, she got sold by the university as, according to that ugly sentinel, a toy. Search the world, Dale." "And how am I supposed to do that?" Dale clicked her tongue, "I'll do my best. Stand by and I'll connect you with Sean." "I know nothing is impossible with you especially with tracking people." She told her. She stopped running in the middle of the two buildings and wait for Sean. If she knew this could be like this, she should've chosen the tour with Eloise first instead of filling her growling stomach on their second day. Now, she didn't know where she was and why was she in the middle of the Gym and the Maritime building. "Purple..." Laura heard on the other line, the way Sean spoke was like he was tired and panting, she could also hear the screams and grunts of the sentinels. "Behind the Faculty room, there's a wooden door covered with undergrowth. The guy scholar needs you." "What's happening to him?" She turned back and started running again towards the other end where the Faculty was, it will be a little long way to run so she needed to know what's happening to them. Her run was abruptly stopped when she realized something, she looked back to the gym and hesitated a little but the go for it. "He couldn't fight. The gentlemen were just toying with him." He said. She heard a grunt in the background and knew Sean was fighting with the other sentinels too. "The commanders you were talking about were a few steps in escaping. I already told.." He breathed and stopped talking, punching the guy behind him, "To send agents in the air and police in the land." "That's very clever of you, as expected. I might treat you to a meal once this is finished. Thank you, Sean." Laura thanked him sincerely while now running in the field, she even saw some scholars who were awoken by probably the continuous shooting and exchange of gunshots. "I don't need a meal, I can buy one. However, I need a hand in my task, mine will take the longest compare to your tasks." "I knew it." Laura rolled her eyes, she knew it. He won't help just like that, of the days she was with him and helping him solve the cases before, she knew him very well. He was not that kind. "I won't be with you all the time, will I? Please give me a rest." "We'll talk about that after this. Where are you? The guy scholar has collapsed." He said which made Laura clicked her tongue, she was already near the faculty room, she just needed to find the wooden door at the back. "Almost there. I could hear the voices of the sentinels." She replied, feeling the wall that surrounded the whole University, she was having a hard time because of the grasses and undergrowth that crawling on the wall, plus the dark surrounding because when did the night become bright? "Where is that door!? I can't find any." Just then, her hand hit a solid thing. It was a handleset. She also learned that the grasses and undergrowth were purposely stuck and pasted on the door that made it very hard to find and almost in camouflage. How witty. "Nevermind, I found it." She pulled it hard as it was unexpectedly heavy, it made a creaking sound that gained the attention of the people brawling at the wide lawn. Her eyes landed on Blake who was kneeling, blood dripping from his awfully harmed face, he was also clutching his stomach from where he was kicked multiple times by the three sentinels who were enjoying beating him up. However, on the other side was the complete opposite, it was the sentinels who were beaten up by Sean, though the agent himself got a cut on his left eyebrow, his lips were chapped, and there was also blood on his nape, it was nothing compared to the number of sentinels lying unconscious on the ground. From afar, she saw her instructor Paul Edison standing in the middle who seems like he was talking to someone over the phone, while his wife was already in the helicopter. Laura tore her eyes from them and raised her hand, smirking at the sentinels who realized who she was. "Hi, I'm back." She said, giggling almost enthusiastically, "Foster," She called without looking at him, she dropped the soccer ball she got in the gym earlier and bounced it on her feet, "This is yours." She bounced the ball a little higher and pivoted to the side where Blake was, she kicked it powerfully to their side, targeting the guy in the front that successfully whacked his face and had him fell and out for words. Blake, though in pain, chuckled, standing up as he played the ball with his feet. He faced the other two who beat him up, "I'm not good with combat, but I'm at best when it comes to soccer." Laura's attention shifted to the sentinels lunging towards her. She knew they have inner resentment towards her because of what she did to the other sentinels, but she couldn't help but say how stupid they were because never she had killed anyone of their kind, she had beaten them up but not to the point that they will die, while them, they had killed a lot of scholars inside without regret. With all of her strength, she fought the sentinels back. Throwing punches and kicks everywhere as they didn't even land a finger on her hair nor got a close distance to her because she will take them down before they could even go near her. She helped Sean in fighting the rest, he looked extremely tired by his look, it has been two hours since they started rioting at the university, and all they do was to fight so it was draining. "No, Laura. I can handle them. Go try to stop the commanders." Sean said strongly, pointing at the two people who were already inside the chopper as there was a car stopped in front and revealed an old man. "Hurry-" "Indigo!" Laura worriedly exclaimed when he got kicked on the side, making him fall on the ground, she was about to help him but he raised his hand to stop her. She looked at the carrier when it started to ignite, then back to Sean who was receiving the blows from the sentinels. She cursed under her breath and helped Sean instead, madly punching the sentinels and fighting them. She looked behind her when a ball passed fastly beside her and hit two sentinels at once then it followed with another two until it was like raining with soccer balls... and tennis balls. She saw Blake grinning and lining up with his entire teammates all with a soccer ball on their foot, at the end of the line was Coleen who was with the entire container of the soccer balls where she got one earlier, even the automatic tennis ball launcher. By her presence with them, she supposed the leaking of information and the hideous crime that the school had now been seen by the whole world. If they could stomach those pictures and videos and chose to defend and stomach those, then they deserved the worst. She hoped the people affiliated with these crimes would rot in jail, most importantly, of course, the ones who were escaping now. "This is a potential new training ground!" He said, yelling because of how loud the sound of the engine was. His teammates agreed with him, they enjoyed playing soccer, but now, she could see that they were having a good time because they were targetting the sentinels who have been mistreating them. ever since. They were pouring all the anger and contempt directly, as they should and as the sentinels deserved. "Laura," Dale called, "Are you there? Can you hear me?" "Yes. What is it?" She let the soccer squad do the job and pulled Sean on the side so they wouldn't be stroke by the balls as well. The copter was now heading off, blowing a large amount of wind and dust which stopped them for a moment. Laira gritted her teeth and clenched her hands into fists when she even saw Sarah Edison smirking and waving her hands to them, too happy that she got escaped from their responsibility which she just thought because what Dale had said had her smirking back at her. "The police unarmed the sentinels, they also found where they were hiding the organs, it was underground. Also, your students overpowered the chief sentinel though injured as well, you should reward them after this. Generally, they were all arrested. More police were coming there to arrest the other sentinels. About the commanders, our chopper was already heading towards there to follow them." "How about the feedback of the people about the university?" "They're all furious and disgusted. I already hired a lawyer for the case." "That's all I want to hear. Thanks, Dale."
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