1.31 The Chase

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"Woah! This is my first time riding a car!" Blake bounced himself on the soft seat of the Subaru car they got in as he was seated at the backseat next to Coleen, fascination was visible in the two scholars' eyes. "Stop moving or I'll kick your a*s out of the car," Laura warned, fastening her seatbelt. She was with an unstable Sean, a wounded and beaten but still giddy Blake and unscathed but now haggard and sleepy Coleen. It was not her car, it was her student's but she borrowed it as she wanted to follow the copter and make sure that the commanders won't get away with their crimes. They may not be the only ones who were involved with the crime but they were the people responsible for what they turned the school into so they were very crucial and should not be granted of slipping off their hands. She hastily pressed something on the tiny screen in front of her, then the country's map was shown, too much in Blake's fascination as they heard another 'Woah!' from him. She pressed her earpiece, "Where are they heading to, Green? Landmark?" "They're one town away from you, they're heading North East, nearest landmark China Town then will get past the Museum of Natural History. The police and the commanders were exchanging gunshots, they also attracted media so it'll be easy to find where they are." She replied. "You know what to do with the traffic lights, Green. Brief the traffic police as well." Laura started maneuvering the car to the left. Not to brag Hermes' power but their father was known in the police world as he was the chief of police before, he was also known for the agency he built which was their agency now, but he still kept the agents' profile hidden as no one knows who was working in the agency such as them. Since their agency was considered as the police's alliance, they were able to break a few laws as long as it was for the common good. She looked at the scholars through the mirror, "Brace yourselves. We're going to fly." "Fl-yyyy!?" Coleen's supposed question turned into a scream when Laura stepped into the gas and they flew, well that's seemed like it for the two scholars but not for the two agents. Laura looked at them again and she giggled when they were holding each other and screaming like they were about to die from how fast Laura drove. "Stoooop! My soul detached from my bodyyy!" Coleen cried out, now clutching the poor another scholar in his hair that had his scream blended with Coleen's. "I'm sorry but we have to hurry." Laura simply said, driving rapidly, not minding the honking of those other cars she got passed by. She drifted to the left, much into the scholars' vulnerability that had them swayed with the car. Laura wanted to laugh at them, but she needed to focus so she just laughed in her mind. "You're enjoying this," Sean commented, just chilling on the side as he watched Laura suppressed her laugh by pranking the two poor little youngsters. "This is their first time riding a car, they might get traumatized by you." "First times should be memorable," Laura replied with a smirk, looking at the traffic light which showed red from afar. "It's red! Stop! We don't want to die!" Coleen screamed, and Laura rolled her eyes. As they were accelerating past the cars and nearing the intersection, Coleen's scream was getting louder and louder. The traffic enforcer's eyes narrowed at first but when he saw the tobacco pipe on the plate number, he blew his whistle and stopped the cars on the other path and urged the cars on their side to move even if it's still red. Laura stepped on the gas to fasten more her speed, squinting her eyes and counted to three, exactly with the time in changing of the stoplight to Green, stopping the cars and the complaints of the drivers by the sudden decision of the enforcer. Also, Coleen's freaking out. "I'm taking the short cut." She announced before swerving to the side which was a grassy and rocky field earning another yell from the council president. Laura pressed something on the small screen first, switching it to the news to see where the chopper was, but first, she looked at Coleen, "Really, Miss Warton? When are you going to shut that mouth?" "When you're not the one who's driving!" She retorted, now calming down as the agent needed to be careful because of the road they were taking. "This is reckless driving, how come no one's arresting you for it?" "Miss President, connection and alliance exist. They're on the good side, so powerful. Everything's possible in their agency," Blake explained to her, admiration and pride as if he was part of the agency, laced with his voice. "Much more powerful than the police if I may add. If you can save lives and solve crimes at the same time serve justice, people are in favor of you. Before, we asked for money as a payment for our work, but since our agency made a name of itself from the community, the court provided us our incomes." Laura added, now entering the next town and heading to the Museum of Natural History as she saw that they got past the China Town. "But we are not entirely dependent on them. We do not want them to think that we were under them because they were our source of money, Our father told us not to trust anyone in power, most of them are abusive in their own ways. Again, brace yourselves." The two just huffed and didn't able to answer as Laura drove fast again like she was in some sort of a race, the two were not yelling anymore, now used to the feeling of having their souls left their body as they just held their dear lives on their seat silently. After a while, they could hear the sound of the exchange of gunshots, there were also people running and cars abruptly stopping and parked everywhere so they had to slow down, they could see the chaos they made as a few of the tents of the China Town were holed up, there were also people who got injured. "To your left Laura." She heard Green announced so she turned left, she could also tell by the sound of the helicopter and gunshots that they were near, There was also another one chopper passed above them. "They planned to ask them to surrender themselves and stop the copter but they won't turn themselves in." "So are we going to kill them? I think there's a pistol here." Laura said suggestively, now driving stably as they watch the scene unfold in front of them. Two police cars were chasing after the chopper, they could see the partners occasionally peeking out to fire a shot towards the police and the same with the latter. Nothing was really happening as they just continue to play hide and seek and their shots were missing their targets and it made the two agents' forehead creased. "What!? Are they just playing here? How come they became police when they couldn't even hit their target?" Laura asked in annoyance, watching how the scene unfolds again. "Green, we need to do the move. They've sent the wrong set of officers, tell it to Warren." Laura looked at Sean, he was seriously watching the scene and his eyes showed his disappointment. "What do you mean with 'the wrong set of officers'?" Coleen was the one who asked, leaning to the front to see clearly the people inside the police car. "They're vicious officers, probably paid to act as if they were trying to chase after them. I supposed someone of higher rank asked them to do it and they're connected to Mr. and Mrs. Edison." Blake spoke, also looking intently at them. by their laid back stance, they were not taking it seriously and just pretending that they were exchanging gunshots for a better act. "Stupid people," Laura said through gritted teeth, she couldn't understand why even in that field there were people like that, where they should be the first ones who were supposed to follow the rules. But what was happening now? They were even associated with criminals. She was about to speed up the car and bumped them but Sean stopped him. "Let Warren do this. It's his task. He's disguised as young police." He explained. "He's investigating this." Laura sighed and nodded, all of the cars stopped at the end of the road as the chopper went to the right where they wouldn't be able to follow because it's the sea. The good thing was the chopper following them was theirs, and she knew their agents wouldn't let them go away that far. So all they could do was to watch them from afar and observe how these officials smile with each other as if they succeeded in their plan. "Warren and his senior were on their way there to ask for the police reports. Let Agent Black handle these officials but for now, Laura, you have one more thing to do." Dale's voice suddenly turned deep, serious that she could only hear once in a blue moon so it kind of made her nervous. "What is it? Is this another task?" The three people inside looked at her in curiosity. "No, this is about the girl you asked me to find." "Eloise Nore?" Now, it totally picked the two scholars', especially Blake's, interests hearing the aforementioned name. "Yes. I don't know if it's true but she's gone crazy." "What!? Crazy? As in out of her mind? What do you mean?" Laura asked, shocked by the news. "I don't know but she was in Mr. Edison's hospital. You might want to go and see her there yourself."
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