1.32 Eloise Nore's State

1806 Words

"Does either of you know where is Mr. Edison's hospital?" Laura asked the two scholars in the backseat as she U-turn the car, ready to go to where Eloise was, but not of course without feeding the cheap police with smokes. Laura grinned when they started coughing and covering their noses, and before they could even protest, Laura started driving out of the place. "I knew. Search for Erudites Health Hospital." Coleen said to which Laura followed as she put the name at the GPS. "Why? Is Eloise there? I thought she was sent abroad?" "She was not. It turns out that they never really trusted you in the first place, the ugly chief sentinel told me that she was sold to the people in the Black Market as a toy." She told them, couldn't help but grit her teeth upon remembering how proud the chief

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