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Inside the room where suspects were being interviewed in the police station, three scholars were seated side by side with one unbiased, well-known reporter whom they chose to cover this news. Agent Purple, or Laura, stood outside the room, with two more officers who were recording the interaction, where she could watch and hear them talking through the tinted glass, her hands crossed over her chest, clad with a full black outfit like how the agents usually dressed, a mask, and a cap hiding her face. No one would dare take it off of her because of her unapproachable presence at the side was enough to push people away and recognize her as one of the agents, and still, if anyone does, they'll only fail as it was practically stuck in her hair through clamps purposely designed there for safety measures. It was only yesterday since all of those happenings, the three scholars seated in the middle, and being interviewed about all the things they knew that could hold against the commanders, the two law scholars were now done with their side of the story and it was now Eloise's. Speaking of those criminals, it took until afternoon the chasing, they reached the northern part of the region, unfortunately for the two, their pilot got tired of all the chasing, the two might want to escape more until they could but they were not the one who was navigating, so it was only cut when the pilot landed without the commanders' permission, but that didn't end there though, the two still tried to ran away so their agents had to shot them on their legs to stop them. "What else was the crime they did aside from illegal o***************g?" The reporter asked carefully, not wanting to make the kids uncomfortable by her question. "I-I was a victim of human trafficking." Said Eloise, clutching her shirt tightly. By how her voice wavered, Laura's heart ached, frowning behind her mask as she looked at her with pity. "They sold me.. to an old man worth half a billion to be his slave." "You can end it there. It's alright." The reporter comforted, holding Eloise's hand. This was why she was the nation's favorite reporter, Ms. Solar Coutney was very empathetic to her interviewees, she was also known for not fearing anyone who threatened her when launching news especially about people in authority. "It's okay. I only stayed there for two weeks, and the rest days before I was found and becomes like those patients, they put me in the hospital." She continued in a small voice. "What did the man did to you and his connection to the commanders you were talking about?" "He.. caged me on the first day, treating me like a dog. I'm eating with my both hands handcuffed, and sleeping with my body curled tightly just to fit on the dog's cage. He was just letting me go whenever he needed my service of serving him food or needed someone to send the d**g paraphernalia to his friends. Then two weeks after, it was evening, he tried.." She gulped and took a sharp breath. "He tried harassing me, I was so scared that while he was about to rip my clothes, I cried loudly and then laughed then repeated it that had eventually effective as it had him scared and backed away and dialed Dr. Edison's number asking for a refund." The reporter nodded and wrote all of them, every word in her notebook. She then smiled sadly at them, "Thank you for your cooperation. I will try to give you justice in my work. I know these people will receive their karma someday. I wish you a bright future, as well as the other scholars in UOE." The four of them stood up, and Laura walked out of the room to see them. The reporter noticed her and acknowledged her presence before two of the police escorted her out to her car. She looked at the three, the only person who did not know she was Laura was Eloise because she didn't know until now that she was an agent. "Are you going to lead us back home, Agent?" Blake said in a teasing tone, obviously taking advantage of her being professional in her work. "Unfortunately for you, yes." She answered as she headed outside where she parked her car. The reported honked them before she went off the other side. "Nice car, agent!" The soccer git, again remarked, rubbing softly her black auto, still afraid that the agent might get mad. "Blake, get your hands-off. You're not close to do that." The naive Eloise ticked off, pulling Blake's hand as she faced Laura, "I'm sorry, he's just usually like that." "I'm used to problematic kids like him. Just hop in, please." She told her as she got in the driver's seat. She saw Blake opened the other door with a wide grin so she rolled her eyes, "Warton, take the passenger seat." "Why? I'm already here inside." Coleen complained, stubbornly crossing her arms. "Let him sit there, just throw him out if he bothers you." Laura huffed and looked at Blake who was happily buckling the seatbelt. "Can you see this, Foster? One press there, you'll fly." She said, pointing at the red button behind the steering wheel. "Why does she sounded like Laura? And where is she by the way? I haven't seen her and the other guy we were with yesterday since he sent us to a hotel." Eloise asked in curiosity. Laura just started her car, letting the two scholars think of their reason. Eloise fell asleep from crying as soon as they got in the car, the two agents decided to settle them into a hotel first as they wait for the news about the criminals and an invitation from the police for further investigation and statement. Laura and Sean left them after, promising them that she will return tomorrow as her task was not settled until the commanders were put behind the bars, and Eloise didn't get to talk to her yesterday and today as she came around earlier back as being an agent. "We don't know, maybe she was back in UOE now." Coleen lied, pretending to be sleepy to avoid the question. "But she was with us before I fell asleep?" She added, still confused. "She was sent back by the agent yesterday. Don't worry, Eloise, she's Miss Laura, everyone's scared of her." Blake answered with a grin, reassuring Eloise. The latter just nodded though skeptical, then the car filled with silence. Laura decided to open the radio, switching it to every channel until heard news regarding the University's crime. . "Yesterday until presently, videos and photos broke the internet about the cruelty the students in the university faced under the hands of the aforementioned people who were the masterminds of three hideous crimes behind the elegant front of the school. For those who are eating, please excuse us, the reports might be sensitive for you, it was said that it has been running for three years and more than fifty students became victims by forcing them to kill themselves and would declare it as suicide then the school will take over their organs and sell it worth hundreds of thousands to millions, then the poor victims' body will cremate right after the procedure. These crimes were all done by Mr. and Mrs. Edison, owner of the EHH and a director teacher in the university, who were now caught guilty as charged with multiple violations. We will keep you updated regarding this matter." "Serves them right," Coleen remarked with roughness in her voice. "The school became hell because of them, they should rot in jail in exchange." "They will. We'll make sure of that." Laura said as she parked her car in front of the University's gate where Dale parked hers on her first day. No sentinels were guarding the place anymore, but police cars and trucks that were taking all the things in the tunnel as it was about to be destroyed and renovate into something new and bright, the public decided not to completely destroy the University as they think of the scholars' status, so they will just assign people to take over the university, and they hoped, they won't be like those traumatic greedy people but for the best. The scholars were also having a moment of silence for the victims, with their pictures and candles pasted on the wall as they offer short prayers. They went out of the car, watching how the police take the things one by one, the two scholars had a gloomy expression and Laura knew why, even her felt that way, but this was where her task ended, she had to move to another and left them to continue their futures. She couldn't believe she would grow fond of these scholars that it was actually hard to vocalize her goodbyes. But she still did anyway, " It was fun working with you two soon-to-be lawyers. I knew you'd make a great person someday. Continue your club, Blake, a lot of people would now be interested in your club because you saved the entire school. Pair up with Coleen, she's a great leader, you two would make a great pair." Laura watched as the two looked at each other then frowned, against the idea but couldn't deny each other's strength. "Wait, she knows you? How? We just met- Laura!?" "Shh!" The two silenced her. "She can't be known by anyone except the sender which is me," Blake said proudly. "You're an agent, Laura? Oh gosh, I was looking forward to our bond after this but you're leaving? No!" Eloise hugged her as she cried on her shoulder, begging her not to go. "As much as I want to bond with you, but I'm allergic to this place." She separated herself from Eloise's hug, she tucked her hair behind her ear as she smiled, even though they couldn't see. "Maybe some other time." Laura walked towards the compartment of her car, taking out a paper bag there, and closed it again. She handed it to Coleen, "Feel free to call me on your graduation. I will come and watch you." The three looked inside the paper bag, it was three brand new phones. with sticky papers where Laura's number was written. "I guess that's all. It's a farewell gift which I don't normally do." She said before walking back to her car. "Looking forward to meeting two lawyers and a nurse. Good luck." She honked at them once more before maneuvering her car out, she even saw Coleen hit Blake at the back of his neck for trying to hug her because they were all crying, and she couldn't help but shook her head at that. She will surely miss those three. Her screen suddenly rang, showing Dale's name wanting to do a facetime, though she knew what she was going to say, she still accepted it. "Congratulations, Agent Purple. You've completed your task."
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