1.20 Letter For Warton

1623 Words

Laura jumped across the table and took the council president's arm and twisted it to the back, making her cried out in discomfort and pain. Well-deserved for being a part of the death of the scholars. "What the-" She cursed and squirmed, trying to free herself from her grip but to no avail, she looked at Blake, *Is this transferee a freak-Ahh!" She didn't get to finish her sentence when Laura twisted her arm more. "Why did you kill Earl?" Laura asked through gritted teeth, blood boiling in her head in anger knowing that it was all her fault why she was still stuck there and thriving to solve the case. She pushed her to the table and pinned her there, facing her back. "Were you the one he met before he killed himself? Or were you the one who asked him to do that? Answer me!" "Free me and

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