1.20 Letter For Warton

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Laura jumped across the table and took the council president's arm and twisted it to the back, making her cried out in discomfort and pain. Well-deserved for being a part of the death of the scholars. "What the-" She cursed and squirmed, trying to free herself from her grip but to no avail, she looked at Blake, *Is this transferee a freak-Ahh!" She didn't get to finish her sentence when Laura twisted her arm more. "Why did you kill Earl?" Laura asked through gritted teeth, blood boiling in her head in anger knowing that it was all her fault why she was still stuck there and thriving to solve the case. She pushed her to the table and pinned her there, facing her back. "Were you the one he met before he killed himself? Or were you the one who asked him to do that? Answer me!" "Free me and I'll answer you! My arm hurts!" She screamed and shook her body frantically. She heard about Laura beating up five sentinels the other day, and she thought she was so strong that she couldn't imagine her fistfighting with the buff dudes sentinels, but now that she could feel her arms breaking and aching, she knew this transferee was not an ordinary girl. Laura looked at Blake, angling for her opinion. When he nodded, she rolled her eyes and let go of her arm but immediately catching her another hand when she tried slapping her. She smirked at her annoyed and flushed face, mocking her in her mind. "You cannot hurt me unless I voluntarily told you so." She groaned, pulling her hand off of Laura's grasp, and stomped her feet— throwing tantrums in her way to her seat. She sulkily crossed her arms and glared at the two, If not emotionless, Laura liked to see more this another emotion from the council president. Her emotionless face was scarier than her glaring, she couldn't read what she was thinking when she was emotionless but with this, she knew she was purely frustrated and upset that she couldn't take her revenge on her. "To clear things, I didn't kill Earl." She emphasized, looking specifically at Laura. "What I was trying to say was that the commanders had told me to eliminate Earl myself, and shamelessly I was about to, I told him that we're going to talk about his performance in the school, and he suggested that we talk at the rooftop after his class. When I came, he's already there. smiling at me like he knew what was about to happen, I was a little surprised when he stretched his hand, asking me for the tool I'll use to kill him. So I gave the knife to him, what I didn't expect was when he stabbed it through his heart, they told me specific organs that shouldn't be hit especially the heart so, I received an earful from the director because of that. I even tried stopping him that's why I got stained by his blood." "Earl is a genius. If he could stab all of his organs he will do, just not to satisfy their vicious works." Blake looked at Laura, "You were right about your deduction. It was Miss President he met with him and she used the rope to escape causing the scratch and bloodstains." "Impressive observation." The council president commented but still has her eyes rolled from what happened earlier, "Also, since I have to clean myself first and another order was to eliminate Eloise and look for your late members' phones in Eloise's and Blaise's room so I asked Hannah to do it, she couldn't kill anyone so she just hit Eloise in the head when she caught her and used the same rope I used to escape. The thing she got was Earl's journal." She added, pointing at the black notebook. "So that's where she went first when she heard about Earl's death," Laura mumbled, disappointed. If she only knew, the events now would be very different. She should've gone with her so the Journal would be safe and she could finish her task in just a week. "Why are you saying all of these now? Are you on our side?" Coleen rolled her eyes, telling them by her action that obviously, she's making an ally with them after Wyatt Barker was killed and they should be getting it by now by the number of secrets she spilled to them. "You and I are now the commanders' targets, I came here to hide and to help you with whatever your plan is, and if I may suggest, let's do it this week or on Monday." "That soon?" Blake asked in confusion. "Yeah? When do you originally plan to do it?" "Foundation week." She scoffed, "Do you think you'll still be here at that time? You're probably dead and the organization will be multimillion because of your organs." She mocked while shaking her head, "You can barely escape the sentinels." Laura thought of it, she did not want to admit but the council president was right. Hearing the sentinels about capturing them and the sentinels going after them it seemed like they wouldn't last until that time. But if it'll be within the week, it'll be a lot of work and risky, considering that they still did not polish their plans aside from contacting her co-agents for back-up. "What do you think Miss Laura?" The club president asked her, he knew that the best decision to follow in times like this was the one who was more experienced. "This nerd made a point. It's a matter of who strikes first wins, and by what my instinct says, they are now planning to seize and kill us. We should strike first to win. However, all my life, I have never made a decision. It's always agent Green or Silver, they were able to make up the plan within an hour and all I do was to follow. So what you think?" She said, kind of disappointed in herself upon realizing that she never had tried deciding for the group but "Wait, wait! Did I hear it right? Agent Green and Silver? Agent?" Coleen asked with a furrowed brow, shifting her gaze to the two alternately, pushing off the thought that came into her mind as true. There's no way. Laura facepalmed herself, clearly not wanting to reveal herself yet but she forgot that the council president was with them. So she let Blake explained it. "Miss President, I called for help. The time when we went out for OJT, I saw a paper about their agency so I took it and wrote a letter, sending it the day after through mail. She is the agent that was sent from them, Miss Laura Simpson or Agent.." "Purple." "Agent Purple. She's here to help me and so the unordinary stunts and beat-up of the sentinels. She's older than us and she doesn't like being called casually so I think you need to stop calling her without formalities." He ended it with an awkward laugh, making the two of them rolled their eyes as they met gazes and rolled their eyes at each other again, they know they wouldn't get along well. "Whatever. I don't care if she's an agent or police, as much as we are inside the school we are imprisoned and our actions are limited so an agent wouldn't do anything about that." She stated sternly. "Miss Laura's agency managed to hack her microchip. She can freely do anything without getting caught." Blake confessed with a grin. "She did that? The one who caused the orientation until late lunch?" She exclaimed, sitting up straight in the sudden revelation. Blake grinned widely as if bragging that it was his idea to do that. "No ordinary freshman would do that. Brave of you." "That's enough about me. We should focus on the plan. Since I am in combat and not part of the plan-maker of our agency and you guys are soon to be lawyers and I presume smart enough, might as well create a plan." Laura urged, looking through her nails that were now growing. Coleen tutted, "Next time, Foster, when you apply for something like this, tell specifically that you need a smart agent and not something like her." "What!? Hey! Take back your words! I am one of the top agents." She defended but the council president just avoided her gaze and started conversing with Blake, "This brat." "Are all the evidence against the school is in your possession?" She asked to which Blake nodded in confirmation. "What are those?" "We've got the memory card, now this Earl's journal, and this..." He picked up the evidence plastic on the floor which they decided to hide at first from Coleen as they were skeptical of her being inside their club room. "What's that?" "As we told you, Principal Barker called us. We were supposed to come to his room and talk to him, but I assume he saw that his angel of death is coming so he just told us to take this from the back of his office, telling us to be careful of you." Coleen frowned slightly at the lack of trust his non-biological father had in her. She wasn't an antagonist, it was just her front so the higher in command would believe her. "What's inside?" Blake shrugged, he opened the plastic and took out the two black notebooks and the white bond paper. He unfolded the bond paper first and looked at what was inside. His brow quirked up upon reading who it was addressed to. "To Coleen Warton."
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