3.6 The Long List of Suspects

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Reign was sitting on the couch while her feet were lifted on the glass table in front of her, she had been drumming her fingers on her thigh as she stared at the whole sheet of paper where she wrote all the names of the possible people who murdered Gregory Reed. The first name was the hotel and agency owner, Mr. Yuri Koto came with a description after a dash which went exactly as: Possible Mafia: Yuri Koto- an old man in a wheelchair who appeared to be very gracious of his subordinates, his daughter died in the same exact room where the ten victims died which was definitely suspicious. He had a caretaker, a huge, stoic one, who does everything for him that he could be the one to do the homicide for him. A possible reason for murder: His daughter, Sana Koto's death. Karen Collins- Have been in the industry for ten years, one of the main suspects in the Mafia fiasco because she handled every victim, still active, and is again handling another rising star. Not wanting to conclude early but it might not have been a coincidence and it was really her behind this. However, it does not make sense by the figure of the culprit in the video, it was a man, Yet still, she is capable of doing the crime. A possible reason for murder: Possible conflicts between manager and artists. Possible Greg's Murderer: Freya Tim- The last victim's hidden girlfriend, friend, and co-artist. She has an attitude, anger management issue, and oddly, the sender as well. She is a vlogger along with her three friends which were also Gregory's friends. The last person who called Greg to invite them to the party they made for him in celebration of his award. A possible reason for murder: Cheating issue. Caitriona Seres- The last victim's ex-girlfriend. Last seen fighting with her at the bathroom, claimed that he tainted her name so the result of the conflict. Possible reasons for murder: Cheating issue, revenge for an abusive relationship, threats possessed by the victim. Dwayne Jackson- Caitriona's intimate friend, hold grudges against him for hurting his friend, told himself that he would kill him. A possible reason for murder: Hurting Caitriona. Reign sighed, putting down the paper on her thigh harshly as she massaged her head. Everyone had the motive to murder the victims, though the first two were the only possible people to be the mafia since they were already present in that time from the very first to last, especially Manager Karen who had a possible very close relationship with the victims since she was then their manager. On the other hand, she listed the other three only in Gregory's case because they were not in the industry and they were just new and even still not present in the industry when the fiasco started. She still lacked in information, she knew there was still a lot to unfold with these people on her list or even the addition of more people and possible suspects. She was only starting and she was only at the surface, she had to dive more to be on the deeper side of the case. And she would start on the old man. Stretching, she folded the paper and walked to her room, placing the paper inside the drawer of the table as she dialed Dale's number, putting it on the speaker while it rang, she went to her closet, looking for what she could wear not as Flora but as Reign, she didn't need the model Flora today since it was her day off. "What do you need?" Dale answered after a few rings, and as usual, this was her welcoming question. "Money." She replied, pulling a dress, a leather jacket, a white shirt, and white pants. "For?" "I'll rent a hotel room." She nonchalantly told her, crouching to open the cabinet for her underwear. "I'm also renting one as Reign, not Flora. I'm sure I wouldn't be invited to the award show so I have to buy a place to have an access to go in freely." "I'll transfer a hundred dollars in your account." She just said before ending the call. The top agents were so used to Dale being like that in calls, as much as she could, she would ask a question so the conversation would go straight to the point, it would also help conserve time. So the conversation of agents usually went that simple, though it was always Warren and Laura who always complained about that because Dale sounded so strict and rude, and Reign, Daniella, and Sean were in favor of that because they were also lazy when it comes to talking. She immediately prepared, taking a warm shower, and dressed herself in a simple dress. She would go out as Flora, there was a guard outside, a friendly one who almost knew everyone in the hotel that it would be confusing how she manage to come in without being recognized by the guard. She put the clothes she took earlier inside a brown satchel and did her makeup, she also put in wet wipes and makeup remover, and the makeup kit as well, she was planning on taking out her makeup on her car that was long been unused because the car they were using the agency's van. "Good morning, Ma'am Flora." The guard greeted upon seeing her going out. "Good morning." She greeted back and smiled at him, as much as she wanted to say his name, unfortunately, she didn't know and she didn't bother knowing because she just wanted to know those who'll be relevant in her task and life. Once she got inside her car, she immediately took her wet wipes, pulling the curtains so no one would see her. She took off her makeup and changed, combing her hair and part it in the middle which was her usual hairstyle, she also took out her turquoise contact lense, allowing her pure hazelnut eyes to breathe. When she had changed, even her shoes, she drove out of the hotel, receiving a message from her bank that the hundred dollars were already transferred to her bank. She drove to Mr. Koto's hotel, Resting Place, a bizarre name which was like the names of the cemetery, as much as she didn't want to judge. It was a little far from the agency as she had to go to Central City near the auditorium where the award show happened. She saw her face on the advertisement of the brand she previously shot on the small clothing shop she passed by, and by how she had a lot of schedules that were previously sent by Manager Betty, seemed like her face would be everywhere and would be known by everyone. When she opened her social media accounts, she was bombarded with hundreds of notifications, millions of followers, and thousands of spam messages, there were only a few hate messages probably from those who were envious and jealous of her beauty but mostly were praises and admirations, nevertheless, she didn't bother replying to them nor reading everything. She arrived at the hotel, a 3-star hotel specifically that was a little outmoded when looking outside, the auditorium was also just two establishments next to it and a walking distance. She parked her car in the parking, fixing her face momentarily, and wore a black cap before going inside. The inside was well cleaned, bright, and simple. There were also people going in and out. She walked towards the front desk, a man clerk smiling and greeting her as soon as she came in front of her. "Welcome to Resting Place, what can I do for you, Ma'am?" Reign looked around, "Is there a vacant room?" "For how many?" "Just one. Can I choose a random number of the room?" She suggested, smiling at him which made him stare at her shortly, appalled by her beauty. He cleared his throat and shyly scratched his head, "Depends if the room is available, Ma'am. You can try." Reign hummed and pretended as if thinking, she put her hand under her chin and looked up. "How about room 236? Is it available?" The man looked at the computer next to him and typed on the keyboard. "Sorry, Ma'am. It was not for rent." Reign nodded, "When will it be free?" "The room is for the owner, Ma'am. It was not for rent nor sale and always closed. You can choose another room." He suggested, smiling at her kindly. "How about the next room? 235?" "It's vacant, Ma'am. At how many days are you going to stay?" "Two months." "Let me arrange your keys." He said, then typed on his computer before taking something out of the small corner, her keys. "Second floor, second to the last room, room 235. You can call us whenever when you need something. Enjoy your stay, Ma'am." Reign took the keys from his hand and thanked him, instead of taking the elevator, she just went to the stairs since it was only on the second floor. She received a message from Manager Betty asking what she was doing so she replied that she was just in her hotel. She reached her floor, it was ten rooms on every floor, five on the left and five on the right, all looking very secured and elegant outside, the hallway was bright and clean like the crimes of the Mafia was not happening at the hotel especially on that room beside hers. She stared at room 236 for a moment, thinking how would she be able to look over through the place to investigate it. She heard a door open on her back, she tore her eyes away from the door and focused on her room, slipping her keys on the keyhole. "Yes, I'm coming there. Make sure they're already there. I do not want to wait." Reign whipped her head at the back upon hearing that voice, she saw the man closing the door while talking to his phone then walked away, sparing a short weirded look at Reign who immediately looked away from him and went inside her room. "Photographer Geoff is living across the room 236."
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