3.5 Caitriona Seres

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She was indeed a pain in the neck. As soon as they arrived at the place for the photoshoot, they were welcomed by the two staff and one guard who greeted them and led them inside a two-story building which was probably owned by the brand solely for products' endorsement only. The place just only looked like a house made of bricks and tiles outside, but inside was one spacious room without any other room except for changing room on the farthest side. It was also filled with people wearing a white polo shirt with the brand's logo, a long table on the left side where the buffet was placed with some staff picking their food, on the right was where the makeup was done, there were three makeup tables with makeup materials, a huge mirror attached on the wall with bright white lights on four sides, and a high comfortable chair for the models, and one of those was already occupied by one woman. "Can I eat first before they make my makeup done?" Reign inquired, eyes had been stuck on the left side and never leaving the train of food on the long table. She was undoubtedly hungry. Unfortunately, she was in a field where the figure mattered. "No." Manager Betty firmly answered, pushing her to the right side instead. "You have to finish the whole shoot before you can eat, that's for your shape." "What? I'm dying of hunger!" She protested, sitting on the leather chair in front of the mirror with a frown. "Can't you get me at least an apple and a bottle of water?" "I was only talking about the heavy meals, but that, I can get you." Manager Betty answered, walking away to get her what she requested. Reign sighed and relaxed herself, two women came to her with one combing her hair and one readying the things she would use on the table and started putting the foundation on her face. "I see that I'll be working with a brat today." Reign's eyes landed on the woman beside her, she was looking at her phone while her hair was getting curled, she was beautiful, a flawless morena skin, sharp eyes, cute nose, and thin lips, her face was small, but still tall though Reign was still taller. Plus an oozing rough aura. She raised her brow, "Are you talking about me or yourself?" The woman shot her eyes up and looked at her through the mirror, her brow raised higher than Reigns. "Of course, it's you. Are you dumb?" "No. Your description does not fit me but more like you." She shot back, looking straight into her eyes. If the makeup artist was not doing her eyebrows, she might have taken them higher than hers. "I don't order my manager around. I can get a bottle of water and an apple on my own." She bragged, sipping on her latte. "Good for you then." Reign just answered, closing her eyes as what was instructed. "Though I didn't ask." She heard the two wheezed silently, she was sure they were laughing even when she had her eyes closed, and she confirmed it through the woman's sudden burst out. "What are you laughing at?" She sternly lashed out to the makeup artist and hairstylist who immediately shut their mouth and pretended to be more focused on what they were doing. "I didn't know the staff here are like these. I shouldn't have accepted this offer." Reign held the makeup artist's hand causing her to stop, she opened her eyes and look at her, "What's your name?" She saw how the model's eyes widen in disbelief, she scoffed loudly. "You don't know me!? I have been in the industry for three years and you don't know me!?" She rolled her eyes while dramatically covering her ears. She looked at the two women beside her and asked them instead, "Do you know her?" The two nodded, the hairstylist answered. "She's Ma'am Caitriona Seres." "What? That's not how you pronounce my name!" She complained, pointing her finger to the makeup artist as she glared at her. "It's Kat-ree-nah, not Keyt-rio-nah!" "Caitriona Seres." Reign reiterated, purposely pronouncing it wrong to make her angrier which she succeeded when she protested and corrected her again. She fished out her phone from her bag and searched for her name, she spelled it wrong but she still came out in the result. "No wonder I do not know you, your name is so hard and easy to forget." She snorted, "Says the one whose name smells like an old lady from the 1800s. Flora? Ew." "Better than a beautiful name but ugly attitude." She retorted, reading an article about this woman. "What's this? You have more bashers than supporters? That's ridiculous." Caitriona glared at her and on her phone. She was aware of the fact, that she had a lot of haters everywhere on her social media leaving hate comments under her every post that she was f****d to private her account and sometimes deactivate it. "Stop stalking me. You're being scary." She remarked, but the agent didn't listen, especially that an article had caught her attention. It was about Caitriona's relationship with her back then boyfriend Gregory Reed, there was an insider who saw them fighting at the back of the hotel about a third party on the woman's side, which led Gregory to hurt Caitriona. However, the model was denying that news and said otherwise that it was actually Reed who had a third party and even mentioned one of Reed's friends which were Freya Tim, but there were photos circulated that showed her with another model, her co-model, Dwayne Benjamin, which looked intimate for two friends which what both of them had claimed their relationship as, and so as the result of both of their fall, both have received backlash from the netizens. She looked at the date of the article, it was published on December 24th and the death of Gregory Reed was at around those time, she was not sure but she would ask about it and arranged the things she gathered tomorrow since it was her free time. The possible suspects on her list were growing, and it was not good as it meant that she had to investigate and watch them closely. "Here's your apple, I also bought you hot chocolate." Reign closed her phone and looked up, seeing Manager Betty with two apples in her hand walking towards her. She looked at her side and saw the chair that was occupied earlier was now vacant. She was too immersed in reading the article and thinking of the other possible suspects that she didn't realize she had gone. "Why is your face only half done?" She asked, sitting on the chair next to her. She fixed her seat, letting the women do their thing on her as she answered, "Someone has bothered me, leading me to be busy searching about her, and ended up finding out a lot of things." "Everyone was bothered by her. I told you she's a pain in the neck. I think even in these two she has an issue." She replied, pertaining to the makeup artist and hairstylist whom she was not wrong as they both chuckled and started conversing with Manager Betty about their issue on the model. "Manager Betty, do you know why Gregory Reed and that woman broke up?" She suddenly asked, interjecting on their conversation now about Reign's beauty. Manager Betty looked at Reign, and to the two women who were still busily glamouring up the model. She thought of it at first, looking around, and did not spot the woman they were currently talking about, she moved the chair closer to her, "As much as I remember, about the news, they both cheated at each other." "Both? So Gregory and Freya's relationship was true?" She shrugged, "Nothing was confirmed. The day the news came out, was the day before Greg was murdered. I was one of the assistants in the hotel before that assists the artists in leading to their rooms, and that night. as much as I did not want to eavesdrop, I was trapped at the cubicle where they happened to have another round of fight privately without checking their surroundings, I was then trapped for twenty minutes as they were shouting and blaming each other for their failed relationship and their now tainted image." Reign hummed, immersed again in the story, she reached for the hot chocolate and sipped on it as she was also complying with the makeup artist's demand. "Then when they were in a very heated conversation about Gregory's relationship with Freya that had been going longer than their relationship, she threatened that she would divulge it in public, and that was when I heard a loud clap, Greg slapped her, and by how Cait's cry became like muffled, he was gripping her cheeks and told her to keep her mouth shut or else he'll post their private videos, and kill her and her boyfriend, That dawned on me that Gregory Reed was not perfect after all, he was an abusive, manipulative man, and also a cheater." "How did they part?" She asked while looking up as she was applying an eyeliner. "Someone had called Gregory on the phone, and with one last reminder that he would do all his threats with one Cait's wrong move. he dashed out of the comfort room, leaving Caitriona crying, she called Dwayne to pick her up, I even heard him said 'I'll kill him' when he came to fetch the model." She finished. Reign fell into deep thoughts, she definitely had to put a lot of thinking about this, also had to take notes of these incidents, though she wasn't sure if the one who killed Gregory Reed was also the one who killed the other nine victims of this Mafia fiasco because apparently, Gregory Reed had a lot of issues that could possibly lead to just a murder unrelated with the Mafia thing in a Mafia way. However, that was for tomorrow's task, for now, she had to deal with working with this Caitriona who already had started a c***k between them. She would surely have a long day.
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