2.4 Unknown Backer

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"Why is officer Warren still not doing anything, sir? What is he doing?" Officer Gil whispered to the senior who rested for a while after receiving a nonsense answer from the hostage-takers. He handed the megaphone to one of the officers of the other division and checked on his troop who were currently at the medical truck tending to his injured man, he had been waiting for something to happen while he diverted the attention of the hostage-takers, but still, nothing was occurring that could lead them to go in. "I don't know that guy." He said with irritation, "I tried contacting him through the radio but he wasn't answering." "How about his phone, sir? He looked at him with a blank face, raising his keypad smartphone. "Aside from the reason that I don't have his number, My call time is limited, and those are reserved for my wife and child alone." He put his phone back in his pocket, "Let's just wait for him to take action, just be prepared when something happens." However, all of them got alarmed when another series of gunshots and screams from the inside of the bank erupted and men started flying out of the double glass door. "Can I go now with you? He'll message us if there are stupid police coming here and their plans, right?" Warren continued to listen, he had been hiding there for ten minutes now, these people were enjoying their cigarette time and they just now talked again. With those time, it was now Senior Merit who had been conversing and communicating to the hostage-takers to let go of the civilians and surrender themselves to the police for the less penalty, but still to no avail when it was only be returned and answered with curses and swears. "I guess. In thirty minutes we'll threaten them with killing all of the civilians if they won't let us go." One answered, Warren saw another smoke puffed out of the window, he covered his nose because truly, secondhand smoke was more dangerous. "How many of them there? Are we going to kill all of them?" The other asked, his voice wavered, obviously scared of the thought of killing a lot of people all at once. Warren heard a slapping sound, he assumed the other smacked him on his back, then a taunting snort followed. "Why? Don't tell me you're chickening out? Man up, boy. It's a hundred million dollars awaiting us after this. Everything's going as planned." "But we didn't plan to kill innocent lives, Neo. We agreed on being thieves but not-" "Just shush, bro. The police won't arrest us, we have a backer. C'mon, let's get back to them." Warren stood up, placed his hands on the window's case, and used it to swung his feet inside, jumping inside the bathroom, and made a perfect landing on the white tiled floor with a huge smile to the two who looked behind them with surprised expressions. "Yow." He greeted cooly. The two got back from their shock and immediately fumbled to get their guns but Warren was faster in hitting them. They were both not wearing the same apparel as the hostage-takers so he supposed they were one of those who disguised as civilians, they both had fair skin, clean and innocent young figure that he couldn't blame them for not suspecting they were part of hostage-takers. He wondered how did they end up being involved in this crime, they looked young. "How did you come here?" The one who had been guarding the bathroom and shot his fellow officer asked, clutching his abdomen that was previously kicked, the other one was also struggling to stand. Warren chuckled and shrugged. "I'm sorry, I don't share tricks. But if you're stubborn to know, I might tell you," He stepped on the hand of the other guy when he sneakily tried reaching the g*n Warren kicked off of their hands earlier. He screamed in pain so Warren let go, picking up the two guns and dismembering every part of them, the two watching every bullet fell down the tiled floor. "I didn't bring my pistol with me, so you're lucky you'll still live. Though will live with me for years." He threw the guns on the floor, took one small pack of gummy bears in his back pocket which he always carried everywhere he went. "With you?" The man named Neo reiterated. "Yes, in prison." He answered enthusiastically. the two were already up and ready to fight again, even in a fighting stance while they were talking to him, but the agent remained unbothered. He stretched his hand where he was holding the small pack of gummy bears and offered it to them, "Do you want some?" "Will you let us go if we accept that?" "Fritz!?" Warren tilted his head to the side as if thinking, but he gasped when this Fritz snatched his gummy bears and threw them on the floor, his poor source of strength lying flatly on the cold, dirty, full of pee residues floor of the comfort room. Then he felt a kick on his chest, too distracted by his wasted candies, and another punch on his face. Another punch was about to launch on his face but he managed to catch Neo's hand, twisting it until he was screaming in pain. He then looked at Fritz who was watching his friend kneeled in pain while his arm was getting crooked. "You should've told me we're going serious, you don't have to include my babies here." He muttered, letting go of the arm but kicked and put him to sleep through a strong punch on the face. Revenge for his punch on his face. "I'm sorry, sir! Please, let us go, we just got blinded by the sound of million dollars but we're not bad guys unlike the ones inside." He pleaded, kneeling and bowing his head multiple times. "Let us go, sir." "Let's see, who is this officer who has been updating you of the police's moves?" He asked, trying to get information from him. But the young man shook his head while sobbing, "We don't know, sir. We don't know his face, he has a mask when he came to our base with those three men inside, but he was wearing a police uniform so we assume he's a member of the police." Warren nodded, he pursed his lips and looked ta the pleading man. "Thank you for the information but I'm sorry. We serve justice, and justice is blind." He kicked him on his face after reciting their agency's motto, sending him flying next to his friend both unconscious. He pulled both of them on their shirts and locked them in one of the cubicles. He then started moving to where all of them were, of course picking up the guns that he disassembled, a great way of silently telling how stupid he was for that. "We will kill all of these people if you won't get out of our way in ten minutes!" Warren crawled and hid on one of the huge ATMs lining up on the side, he quietly peeked on his left and saw their formation— two men were on either side of the civilians gathered up in the middle of the bank, while one man was talking to the police, three black bags certainly of money were also beside him. He hitched his breath when he saw a kid looking in his direction, he told it to his mother so it was now two of them looking on his way. "What are you two looking at!?" Warren hid again, readying his g*n just in case. "T-there's a cockroach, my son is scared of them, I'm sorry." The mother reasoned out, voice quivering as she hugged her son. Warren peeked again, putting his finger over his lips, and motioned them to look somewhere else. he put the g*n on his g*n leather case, sitting with his feet as he looked to the right, calculating how he will take them down without anyone of the civilian hurting, also hostages-takers ending up killed. "Where are Neo and Fritz? Are they finishing up the whole case of cigarettes? We'll finish off these people in five minutes." A simultaneous cry of protest echoed in the whole bank, "Shut up!" "I'll check them." The one on the farthest side said, and Warren couldn't help the grin growing on his face because these men were making his work done easily. He had to move to the side to hide himself as he went to the alley he was previously at. Warren didn't waste any time revealing himself as soon as the man entered the bathroom. "Look!" He shouted then pointed to their backs, lunging on the man watching over the civilians and landed a kick on his side, making him let go of the g*n he was holding and tumbled on the civilians who were now screaming from the scene getting unfolded. "How the-" Everyone was started by the loud gunshot from Warren, shooting the man talking to the police on his left leg. He slid to his side when he tried reaching the g*n using his other hand and kicked it on the other side of the room, landing a solid kick on his face. The civilians all ran outside as they got the chance, kicking and stepping on the man in the process that left his face bloodied. "You little-" Warren run to the side as the man from the comfort room started shooting him. He looked to the poor man, "Stand up and help me, Bruno! I just left for a minute!" The mad man threw his g*n and ran towards the unconscious guy, not to help him but to get one bag there as he tried to flee, only to be stopped by the police's shield already on the door. However, Warren was the one who fled, escaping using the bathroom's window and running back to his police car, didn't want any attention and heroic regards he knew they will give him plus the continuous interview that he didn't ever want to participate in. But on his way to his car, something caught his attention that made him stop running. A masked man with binoculars wearing a police uniform and obviously watching him.
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