2.3 Hostage Taking

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Everyone was in a rush, grabbing their police caps and securing their guns on their belts, not wanting to forget anything in this type of case. A few officers were already going there, the sound of the siren blaring to every people's ears.

However, one officer remained calm and unbothered, he was just feeding himself his gummy bears while watching them run here and there. Within two weeks of being neglected— yes, he's sulking, remember? He knew better than to race to the police cars only to be kicked out back inside the station and left alone being imprisoned with the prisoners, just not inside the jail, but still imprisoned.

"What are you doing, officer Warren!?" Senior Merit yelled indignantly, he just finished asking for additional units in the nearby station and when he saw the intern sitting prettily on his chair he couldn't help but feel the need to lecture him.

Warren sat properly, facing the scary-looking senior who had imaginary dark clouds above his head. He swallowed his food, and answered, "I'm looking out over these guys, sir. Like always."

Senior Merit looked at him then scoffed, "You look like a sullen kid." He turned to the other officers left, mostly policewomen, "You look over the precinct. Come with me, Valore."

"Yes!" Warren muttered, punching in the air as he followed the senior close behind.

Senior Merit tossed the key to him to which Warren caught easily and opened the passenger seat, "You're the driver."

"That's totally fine with me, sir," Warren answered more than grateful, running to get in the driver's seat of the police car and easily maneuvered it, grinning to himself as he pressed the siren's button and stepped on the gas.

A loud manly scream of various profanities and Warren's laugh echoed in the whole car as it flew like a gust of wind in the way and the echo of the siren would only come and go to the people's hearing who witnessed the fast drive of the police car.

"Slow down!!" Senior Merit loudly screeched his chant, he was holding the strap of the belt tightly with his eyes widely open and mouth already dried,

Warren stepped on the brake, slowing down his speed and as soon as he did, he received a smack on the head with the rolled magazine he didn't know where the old man got, he was heaving and flustered, he looked pissed and horrified at his driving...skill.

Maybe it was in the top agents' common denominator that when they drive, and someone was in the car with them, they should make it memorable for them, and that was through flying, unfortunately for the senior officer.

He hit him once again, "When we get the privilege of rushing and the sound of the siren will automatically give us the way we need, it doesn't mean that we'll take advantage of that and show off your almost reckless driving skill because every eye is on you. You are a law enforcer, officer Valore, following the law should first start with you."

Warren just mumbled a silent, "Yes sir." He parked his car with the line of police cars outside the bank. The place was unsurprisingly crowded, though police were trying to stop them from going over the police border and straining the police from moving.

The two ran to their group, Warren sticking close behind his superior so he could have a gist of what was happening and the entrances and exits of the bank.

"Tell me everything." Senior Merit demanded, his troop formed a circle with a paper in the middle where the drawing of the bank was unprofessionally drawn.

"There are fifteen civilians overall inside, three hostage-takers with guns and probably an extra weapon. according to the one man who managed to escape, they are only after the money and nothing else, but we heard one gunshot earlier so we don't know what's happening inside and considering someone is injured. We have to act now, sir." Officer Billy explained, looking at the back where a supervisor in another station was communicating to the hostage-takers.

"Show me the area."

He gave him the paper, pointing here and there and explaining the exits and entrances and the possible way to get in without being noticed by the hostage-takers. Warren listened carefully to the plan Senior Merit suggested, which was going through the bank's comfort room's window while someone was busy conversing with the hostage-takers.

"Be subtle, okay? Move." The men dispersed, ducking as they planned to walk to the side, then to the back of the bank where the comfort room was located, hiding through the people's body so they wouldn't be seen.

Warren was also doing the same and at the very last line of the police when someone grabbed his collar, pulling him back to where he was earlier. He looked to who it was and found the senior looking at him blankly.

"Where do you think you're going, officer Valore?"

"Uh, I'll come with them? Isn't that included in my job?" Warren reluctantly asked, pointing to the now far officers while he was still ducking.

"No. It's dangerous for an intern. Just watch them work for now so you'll know what to do next time." Senior Merit insisted. Warren wanted to complain but he already walked out and left him gritting her teeth in irritation.

Dale should've made him an officer assigned into a new place instead of an intern. The Senior Deputy Director was holding him back from helping, and making this one done easily without any further damage. He really hated just watching, he wanted to be on hand with things especially something like this.

Everyone screamed, flinched, and ducked when they heard an exchange of gunshots. The police became alarmed, especially Senior Merit because the gunshots were from the back of the bank. Shortly after, their team called through the radio.

"Sir, officer Loni got shot, again officer Loni got shot!"

"What happened?"

"Someone was already there when we tried climbing, pointing the g*n to us as if he had been waiting for us to arrive, and he's not wearing the same black uniforms these hostage-takers are wearing. We're going back, sir!"

Warren creased his forehead, didn't get what happened and how was that possible that they knew their plan when they were the only ones who knew it by any chance, he would give them the regard if they thought of that beforehand, it means that they studied the bank and the possible passage for the police to corner them. But what did he meant by he was not wearing the same shirts as them, which was the all-black apparel?

"There are hostage-takers in disguise."

Warren shot his eyes back to the old man, he was holding his chin and in deep thought earlier just like him, assessing the situation, now he sounded so sure of what he had said.

"There are not only three hostage-takers inside. Others are pretending like civilians." He said then looked at Warren, "Are you fit?"

The agent was surprised again at his acknowledgment of his presence but still nod, nonetheless. "I'm the top student in physical training, sir, I assure you."

"You can shoot well if necessary? Break a bone and fight five people at the same time?"

Piece of cake. Warren thought, not to be a little proud but it definitely was a piece of cake, even his co-agents will surely say the same thing. Five people, gunned or not, twice the number or even thrice, it would always be a piece of cake with the agents who trained to fight.

"Oh, I'll be having a hard time but I'm sure I can, sir." He lied, and he's one hundred percent sure that if any of the girls were there, they would cringe at his trying hard humble phrases.

"We'll go with the same plan, now that we're sure they were guarding all the possible entrance, we have no other choice but to try again, my men were fat and slow, so I'm putting my trust in you." He seriously said, looking at their surrounding before he pulled Warren to the side where they could see their troops helping Officer Loni walked as the pool of blood on his shoulder was continuously releasing blood. "I'll make sure to gain their attention and let the man guarding in the bathroom leave for a moment."

"Copy, sir," Warren answered, "May I request for your car, sir?"

Merit looked at him with knitted brows, utterly confused at his question. "What are you going to do with the car? It's just in a distance, here's the way."

"I know, sir, but I feel like someone here knows what we're up to and reporting it to the hostage-takers." He concluded, he saw the senior looked at him with a surprised expression, he didn't know if it's because of what he said or it was obvious that he knew something was going on with the police.

"Do what you think is good. Just don't kill them, in any circumstances."

"Got it."

Warren ran towards the police car, turning off the siren as he maneuvered it to the other alleyway but will still end up at the back of the bank with only a few turns. He parked the car in the nearby convenience parking lot and left the radio and his g*n inside the car, choosing to sneak to the back of the bank instead of using the car where it would gain more attention.

"Poor officer," Warren murmured, seeing the droplets of blood on the pavement.

He attached himself to the wall next to the huge metal garbage box which the other police used to reach the window and silently climbed there, slightly peeking on the opened window and saw a man huffing a cigarette.

He immediately hid again when another man came in, but what he said confirmed his conclusion.

"The officer said to continue our plan. The police are near on letting us go."

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