2.2 Uneventful Work

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Warren was sulking, annoyed, dumbfounded, confused, and that's not even in half of how he truly felt. He was in the station, as usual, for about two weeks now, and not even a single time he felt he enjoyed being there. He was moping because of the type of work this Senior Merit, the leader of the team, had given him. "Here another one. You have to finish it today." Another pile of paper was thrown on his cubicle by one bald officer, his mouth hooked up in a smirk. "Are you glaring?" Warren instantly smiled, a fake one, of course, there's no way he would give him and the other officers with big tummies surrounding him, a genuine smile, only his gummy bears deserved that. "No, sir. I will definitely do this! I'm glad I could be of help to your lazy asses." He replied sweetly and sarcastically, putting the paper in front of him with a little force. "You-" "Good morning." The officer who was about to hit him in the head shifted his hand to a salute with a stiff and upright stance. "Good morning, Senior Merit!" Warren huffed and scoffed, standing up as well for salutation but a little half-heartedly. He taught he would be fond of this senior, but what happened was he was the sole reason why he'd been having a dreary mood these days. "It's nice seeing you, sir." The old officer glanced at Warren sternly, "You're slacking." He remarked, he walked towards him and reached over his arm, straightening, it and aligning his fingers to his brow. "That's how you salute, Officer Valore." "My fault, sir," Warren answered, saluting once more to which Senior Merit returned. He put down his hand and sat down, glaring at the thick officer beside him who continuously asked the senior deputy about what he liked to have and eat. In his two weeks of going to the station, it was oddly clean and nothing's been suspicious though he had searched every nook and corner of the precinct, he had even chatted to some of the prisoners which weirdly nice even though they were imprisoned. There was no other problem, save the very lazy officers when it comes to paper works which they had to do for reports but completely active when it comes to food. There were reports and cases that needed the police's presence in the scene, and every time their telephone would ring, he would immediately run towards it in hope that he would get to answer the call but the senior would beat him to it and would snatch the phone from him even when he was already talking to the person, he wanted to be involved in that kind of things, in a real action where he could observe the police working in fields. But the police commissioner wouldn't let him, all because of his violation of going to work late, which was what Dale told him to be his character. Senior Merit sat on his cubicle next to Warren's, he saw the piles of paper on the intern's desk along with the gummy bears scattered everywhere outside the bag, he couldn't help the tut he let out which gained Warren's attention. "Is there a problem, sir?" He packed his mouth with a handful of gummy bears and started typing again on the computer. "How could you be addicted to those candies while most police I know were attached to cigarettes and alcohols?" He asked amusedly and merely to himself. Warren saw him looking at his gummy bears, he looked at him and then back to his candies, visibly hesitant if he's going to share it with him or just hid it and eat it later when no one's around. But then he remembered that he was trying to win his heart so he could finally let him be with them in works outside the office and the papers. So he gathered the gummy bears outside the bag in his one hand and smiled widely, still hesitant, but pushed through it as he handed it to his senior. The latter eyed him with confusion. "Here! Have some, Senior Merit. You're drooling over my babies." He approached, taking his hand to transfer the gummy bears on him. Merit's brows twitched but didn't stop him from passing the gummies to his hand. "How could you give me the dirty ones instead of that inside?" Warren grinned sheepishly, he scratched the back of his head and closed the bag. "I like you, sir, but not that much to the point that I will give you the clean ones. Wait for that time to come, okay?" The senior scoffed, couldn't believe his ears at what this intern had just said. he picked one of the gummy bears and tried it, chewing it slowly as if assessing every ingredient used in making the candy, he nodded contentedly then started working something on his computer, but Warren was too immersed in watching his reaction, watching if he'll also like his precious source of strength. "So..." Warren started after seeing him swallowed the last piece of gummy, "How is it, sir?" "How is what?" He replied, turning to him shortly then back to his computer again. "Why are you not working? You have a lot of work to do." "Sir, my gummy bears? How do they taste?" He asked still with an excited grin. Senior Merit creased his forehead, weirded out by this childish action of the intern, "It tastes... normal. Like any other gummy bears." "That's all?" "Yes, now go to work." He stood up, leaving Warren sulking more and adding another reason why he was starting to cancel him from his favorite. "I knew your provision of strength only works on me," Warren mumbled, chewing his food. "Officer Gil, where is the report I was asking you to get from the night shift officers?" He overheard Senior Merit asked the officer sitting and talking comically with the other officers which were what they were doing for the past few days, unless, of course, there's an emergency. But this certain 'night shift' word had caught his attention, he didn't know other officers were working there other than them since his work started at eight in the morning then ended at six in the evening and he would go out of the station with Senior Merit and one or two officers would be left overnight to look out for the prisoners, but that was how he thought it worked. "There are other officers at night?" He blurted out, the officers looking at his side. "Of course, Officer Valore. Police stations are always open 24/7 to the public." Officer Hugh answered. He is the kindest of them all and the only one who barely opened his mouth, probably that was why, but still a bum, so it was really shocking to hear him talk. "You're lucky you got in the morning shift, only petty crimes and arguments happen in the morning while in the evening was full of action, basing, of course, on their reports. Here is the report, Senior Merit." Officer Gil handed to him the folder where the compilation of reports of cases was piled inside. "That's what I want." He murmured to himself, that was what he had been looking for since the two weeks of his stay. He wanted some action, not just to listen to the never-ending childish fights every morning over the lost bets and cheating of spouses which often led to fistfights and then suing. "The logbook record?" "Included in there, sir." He watched as Senior Merit went back to his seat and started examining everything inside the folder, he looked serious and focused for some reason. He was tapping his finger on the table as he read every report. "Why do you need to study the reports? Don't you trust those officers?" Warren asked, subtly trying to get a little information. "If that's how you view it, then you're right." Warren didn't expect the blunt and straightforwardness of his answer, he expected him to deny his question and tell him to stay out of the line but his reply had completely caught him off guard. He now thought of this senior as a cool man. "Why, sir?" The senior looked at him, obviously reluctant by how his eyes flickered. Warren was chanting in his mind the words 'Say it! Say it!', but then frowned when he shook his head, turning to the next page, "You'll know one day, intern." "Is there a chance that I may shift in the night?" There seemed no progress in the morning, though the person whom he was told to trust was here, but he was being careful and didn't want to divulge information to him, so he thought of finding it out himself. "No." Or not. "Why not?" "The officers there are twice meaner than my men here. They will have you do their task, I mean all of their tasks all at once, so you're still lucky you work with us." He explained, squinting his eyes to one of the papers there as he traced the sentences for better reading. He looked confused, and Warren didn't know why. "Officer Gil, didn't I tell you clearly to tell them that they are not allowed to accept fines in the evening? Why is there a report here of such news?" His forehead was deeply creased, utterly disappointed at what the other officers did, which shouldn't matter this much so Warren was sure this man knew something, along with his troop. "I did tell them, sir. But you know how obstinate they could be." "Call the deputy commisioner and remind him of this again." "Will do, senior Merit." Officer Gil replied and went to the telephone, but before he could even hold it, it rang loudly, surprising all of them. He took it and placed it on his ears, listening carefully to whoever was on the other line. "Hello, Ma'am? Can you make your voice a little louder and clearer?... What!? Which bank?... Okay, we're on our way!" "What is it?" "A hostage is happening in the Central Bank!"
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