1.16 Cipher Cracked

1650 Words

"Can we search for that?" Laura asked, taking out her phone from her pocket. She opened and saw the time, 4:54 pm. They were in the club room for three hours already. "No. They will see our search history." He said while shaking his head, he stood up and walked towards the bookshelf. "I think I have a book about codes and ciphers here." "Wait, they can see our history?" Laura lost count of how many times the school had shocked and surprised her in a not so pleasant way. What if she searched for ways to escape the university, or how to burn a school, or worst she did her plan on searching about her agency? She was kind of persuaded to search for those things considering what had been happening around her and the thought of wanting to finish the task already. Good thing she didn't, she wil

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