1.17 The Action That She Loves

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"Two fights in a day? That's interesting." Laura mumbled to herself while stretching her arms and back, eyes never leaving the sentinels inside who were already in their fighting stances. She scoffed mentally, their stances were making her laugh. On the other hand, Blake was beside her, standing cooly with his hands in his pocket, but for all she knew, he was already trembling inside and feeling scared by the cracked smile he was giving. "The commander told us not to let a lad and a lady whose names are Blake Foster and Laura Simpson, I bet those were you?" One sentinel asked seriously. his arms were folded on his chest and looking at her arrogantly, "If you do not want to get dragged out of here, you voluntarily leave and let us not create a fuss here." "Okay, sir! We will-" Blake wasn't able to finish his sentence when he felt a nudge on his side, making him let out a silent grunt, he held the side of the door for support and when he glared at her, she was smiling sarcastically at him and to the sentinels. "How about the other way around? If you don't want to get dragged out with purple patches all over your faces, leave willingly." Laura smugly told them, crossing her arms like them and putting her weight in one foot. The sentinels looked at her amusingly, a snort escaped their mouths. "Miss Laura, did you forget that you are a lady? We do not fight with women-" He didn't get to finish his sentence when Laura landed a kick on his stomach that made him fall on his butt in shock, inflicting fear as well to the other two sentinels who were looking at him with surprise expressions. Laura smirked, "Oh yeah? This woman likes to pick a fight with you." "Miss Laura, we shouldn't fight with them. You should maintain peace and order as much as possible." Blake whispered-scolded to her but Laura tutted and just rolled her eyes. "What do you think of me? A policewoman? I'm an agent to remind you." She replied in annoyance. She turned to look at him, "Go in while I fight these three sentinels, just make sure you can find something valuable, or else I'll beat you up as well." "What-" He scowled when she immediately dashed towards the sentinels who were much bigger than they encountered in her room earlier. Looking at her, he was kind of scared as she was still smiling and enjoying that she was surrounded by men who were ready to whack her to death. The sentinel on her back started moving, trying to grab her head and headlock her but Laura's reflexes were quicker than they thought as she bent forward and nudged the sentinel's side strongly, pushing him to the side. She held the veiny arm of the man on the other side who tried his luck to land a blow on her face but she twisted it. She pulled him to her front to which the other sentinel's supposed kick for her landed on his abdomen. "Nice kick, my boy." Laura taunted, pushing the sentinel forward which the man who kicked him caught him. She glared at Blake who was watching them in astonishment and was more engrossed with the fight than what she instructed him to do. "Were you the one who beat up the other sentinels this morning?" The sentinel who was shoved to the side hardly asked, he was clutching his abdomen and his face was twitching. Laura shrugged her shoulders and made an innocent face. "I'm just a woman. How can I do that?" Her eye met Blake's and subtly signaled him to do what he needed to execute which he gladly understood. "Right. You are just a woman and a scholar who is meant to be offered in the Black Market. I think it doesn't matter if we kill you, in fact, they will be happy, right?" He turned to his companion which they agreed immediately with a wicked smile on their faces. Laura gritted her teeth, learning how they view the scholars like a pig that they could butcher anytime they needed and sell for an expensive cost that will only benefit their evil and selfish souls, made her blood boiled high that reached her head that if possible they could see smokes discharging from her ears and nose. "C'mon, dogs. You kinda bore me. Show me what you've got and I'll show mine." She challenged, removing her shirt leaving her with just a black sports b*a, showing off her milky skin and toned stomach. She whispered, getting the attention of the sentinels' gazes that ran down her body, "Eyes up here, gentlemen." She took a quick look at Blake who was busy searching in every corner of Phil's room. Their eyes met, she saw how his eyes widen when he saw her look, she stopped herself from rolling her eyes and just motioned something to him, like he understood what she wanted to ask, he made a gesture about needing more time, so she set her eyes back to her opponents, she picked the belt hanging on the back of the door and rolled it on her hand, leaving a few inches and used it as a flail, letting the buckle inflict terror in them. She smiled, "One on one, two on one, three on one. Your call." The three looked at each other, talking through their eyes. Then after a second, they walked around and get their own weapons— a broom, glass bottles, and a wooden chair. Laura formed her mouth into 'O' by the surge of thrill and excitement with their choice of weapons. The guy with a chair lunged at her, raising it high and ready to strike on her, she rolled her eyes. "Too easy to read." She murmured, she directly flipped with one hand to the other side of the room making the chair wrecked on the floor. She was about to mock the sentinel when she almost didn't avoid the glass bottle flying to her, she swerved her head to the side and heard it broke when hit the wall. "You play dirty huh." She remarked, she ran forward and used the sofa to jump higher, swinging the belt in the air and hit it straight to the rest of the bottles he was holding, intending not to hit the sentinel who flinched and let go of his grasp in the broken bottles which made sharp crystals on the floor. "Look at what you did, this is harmful. Don't step-" Laura grunted and fell on her knees when the sentinel who has the broom took advantage of her distraction and hit her hard on the back that will surely leave a bruise on her skin. She let out a swear when her hand got wounded by the sharp pieces of broken glasses, she cursed one more and immediately stood up when they started attacking her again, not one but all of them. She got the grip of the broom from the sentinel in front of her, kicking the other on the side and hitting with the belt the sentinel on the other side. She kicked the sentinel who was not letting go of the broom on his treasured balls which made his grasp finally loosened and made him crouched down flustered and writhing in pain. She gave him another punch on the face that had him fall down the floor. The other sentinel lunged on her, throwing punches but she effortlessly avoided them all and caught his fists. "For a woman, I'm tough, right?" She playfully asked face to face to the sentinel who mocked women. the one with the bottle weapon. She gave him a hard blow on his face with a vital kick on his chest that brought him to move a few steps backward. "Where are.. you from? Why are you so good.. at fighting?" He weakly asked, gasping for air before he collapsed on the floor. Of course, it is a forceful blow right on the chest, it could kill a weak person in a flash. "I was just a homeless lady before. Nothing that should concern you this much." She replied, walking to the sentinel who was fumbling with his walkie-talkie and about to ask for a back-up. Laura kicked it up, catching it mid-air. and threw it on her back. Five sentinels were enough, for now, she still had to tend to her wound that was still bleeding and probably to her back as well that needed an ointment. She towered the last sentinel, he was clutching his arm that was bleeding from the belt. She crossed her arms, "Tell me, what are you doing here?" He shook his head adamantly, he was glaring at her and determined not to give a reply. So Laura rolled her eyes, she put her feet on his arm and put a force on it, making him scream in pain. "I won't repeat myself." "So am I-ahh!" His reply turned into a scream when she repeated what she did earlier. She shook her head in disappointment, these sentinels were too faithful to their commanders. She just turned around and kicked him hard on his face, ending him up unconscious. "Miss Lau- Woah! what.. how.. what happened?" He asked, shocked at the scene before him. "Anyway, I found it! Let's get out of here!" "What did you found?" He grinned widely, waving the yellow sticky note folded into a small piece, "Our weapon."
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