1.18 Principal's Written Evidence

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"Laura my friend, meet me at our club room." Laura read with a straight, blank face the letter written on the small piece of paper that was sneaked into her bag when she walked by the soccer team earlier after her class. She looked at the mastermind of these all who was resting on the chair with his hands on the back of his head, feet on the table, and a ball resting on his stomach in their club room, completely unbothered at Laura's small fuss over the term he called her. She snickered, "Really? Laura my friend?" "Uhh, yes? Aren't we?" He hopefully asked, wiggling his eyebrows with a toothy grin plastered on his face. "You're gonna have a lawyer friend and I'm gonna have an agent friend. Isn't that sound nice to you?" Laura once again let out a degrading sneer, she crossed her arms, "Sounds good. But how about we put another word before the lawyer? Hmm... Unfortunate? Unlucky? Dead?" She enumerated and evilly smiled at him. "Miss Laura," He said with a frown, calling her by the name she wanted to be called, he sat properly and played with his soccer ball, "Don't be like that. I was just kidding. After this, we're going to separate ways and you're back to normal and hopefully, I'm with a new fresh start." "All of the scholars will," Laura said, determination laced with her voice. "Why do you call me here?" She walked to him and put her bag on the table and sat on the chair across him. She just got out of her last class and she went straight there to confront Blake about his letter and also to listen to something probably important that he wanted to say. Her hand was bandaged and her back was aching and bruised, she could barely move it and had already spat curses and swear words just this morning when she was taking a bath. Good thing that there were no sentinels at the sight today and she could freely go wherever without hiding, sneaking over the huge posts, looking over the coarse or an urge to fight. "Right," He said and stood straight, taking out his phone in his pocket, "It notified me that the mock examination for the Assessment Examination will start tomorrow." "What!? Mock Exam?" Laura exclaimed, disgusted by the word 'Exam'. "What is that for?" "Universities in the country take it to know which school is the best in the whole country. The director wants to aim for the first so we'll be having mock tests starting tomorrow until Saturday and the exam is on Monday." He explained. "That sucks," Laura remarked, she frowned and crossed her arms. "Why does my task needed to be in school?" She mumbled to herself, resentment building up in her system towards her agency, especially Sean who chose her for the task. "It also means that we have to get now, whatever Principal Barker buried at the back of his office. We'll get busy at the time being until the end of the exam so we have no other free time but now, but a week after that, it's foundation week." Laura looked at him, the atmosphere suddenly changed into a serious heavy one. Foundation week was the tentative time they scheduled their attack, which meant that they had to execute their plan and also the time the evil side of the school be revealed to the whole world and end the crimes of whoever was behind it. "Have you seen what's inside of the memory card?" She asked after a long pause, Blake shook his head, "Why not?" "I'm... scared. I might throw up." He confessed and Laura rolled her eyes at his cowardice. "It's cutting and dissecting and surgery, okay? I hate those stuff. Don't judge me." Laura was really annoyed by how coward this guy is. Probably he never met a guy like this guy who was almost scared of anything. At least, surprisingly, Warren was better. "We should check it later once we get back here. What if it's not the one that we were looking for? Don't just be a man around women." She lectured, standing up as she struggled stretching her shoulder, she was getting ready if ever they or just her since this club president only watched her fight, clash with sentinels who were all after them at the Principal's office. Blake chuckled and shook his head, he didn't know how to fight or he knew at least but not as good as the agent. He's a man of fear, he got startled by even the smallest thing and a huge coward. He believes that a person will not get everything, there should at least one weakness in every person, but in his case, he had only limited strength which was his intellect and soccer. "Don't worry, it's safe. I hid it where no one will easily find it. Let's go to the Principal's office." He said and stood up, bringing his soccer ball with him. It was already dusk. Almost all of the scholars were at the canteen and taking their dinner. The university was lit up with lights everywhere so it was not that scary for a stroll in the evening, however, it was not the case with Blake when they reached the dark path where no lights were available but the faint glow of their phones. The office was at the back of the Business Management building, it was old and eerie knowing that someone had just died there. It was also dark and the ground was grassy. "Don't touch me, Foster!" Laura complained irritably, shaking her arm off from Blake's grip. They were already at the front of the office, walking slowly and carefully not to create a noise and by the darkness of the place that made it hard to see what they were stepping on, and Blake was seriously making it hard for Laura as he sometimes climbed on her back in too much fear. "Gosh. What a scaredy pants." "Curse this phone! It doesn't even have a flashlight. I should've brought my iPhone secretly." Laura said in annoyance, she crouched down and squinted her eyes to see the ground through the faint light of her phone. Blake did the same, even stepped on Laura's finger which he received a shoved in the face in return. "What exactly are we looking for?" Laura grumbled, moving to the other side where the ground was a little moist and there was a little elevated. "Ew. What's this?" "What?" Blake asked, moving to her side, groping the ground clumsily. "This is just your hand." "Stupid. I was talking about this..." She took Blake's hand and put it on the damp part of the ground which made him freaked out for a second but then put it back again. He started shoveling the soil using his hand. Suddenly, Laura's ears perked up upon hearing faint voices echoing in the dark place, she urged Blake, "Hurry, I could hear steps and people talking." Blake dug faster, feeling the slight tip of something which he thought was plastic. He successfully pulled it using both of his hands and they immediately took a look at what was inside. "Are these notebooks?" Blake asked, dusting off the dirt so he could see. "Let's look at it in the club room. We have no time. They're here." Just as Laura said those words, the lights in the Principal's office turned on. Allowing them to see each other as well as the evidence bag with two black notebooks and a folded bond paper in it. Laura put her finger on her lips, telling Blake to walk as silently as he could. "We should crush their bones for doing that to our brothers, especially the girl they were talking about. Dan is still unconscious and is in a crucial state."They heard a man spoke, there was a window without a curtain so they could see the two sentinels inside and could hear them talking, they were crouching again as modest as possible. The other man nodded, "What was the name? Leira? Lara?" "It's Laura." The two looked at each other in surprise. Their topic was them, especially Laura who sent a sentinel to a hospital in a crucial state. She motioned him to continue walking, the path back they took earlier was near. "I think she was the spy they were talking about in the meeting earlier. That needed to capture together with two other scholars." It completely made them stop. Hearts dropping as they heard it. They knew that they were spying. and they were now planning in capturing them. If they will be caught, they will fail. And there was not much hiding place in the school. Either they have to act as soon as possible or think of ways to outwit them until their due time which was on the foundation week. "Run! Run!" Laura urged silently, waving her hand frantically as they both sprinted out of the Principal's office until they got back to their club room. They both panted deeply and slumped on the floor upon reaching the club room. They know they have something to discuss right now, so Blake stood up and offered his clean hand to Laura who took it immediately. They both walked to the secret passage with Blake sliding first followed by Laura. "Ouch! What the-" Laura yelled when her head hit Blake's back. "What are you still- Coleen!?" The council president raised her hand, "Yup. It's me."
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