1.26 Execution

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The chief sentinel, together with another one carried Laura into another room, where the scent smelled exactly like the ones she smelled when she was waiting for her turn to be scanned back in her entrance. It smelled like a hospital which it also did look exactly like one by the number of pieces of equipment used in clinics, she could also see all of the people busy here and there, some were in front of the chemicals and experimenting with something that will probably bring them fortune. Of course, it was the purpose of it all. Money was the root of all kinds of evil. "Inject her with Lidocaine injection." The guy ordered the woman behind him who seemed like his assistant, she was carrying a tray of stuff used for surgeries, which was what exactly they were going to do to her right now. The woman took the syringe from it and pressed it lightly, Laura saw how the liquid inside squirted out which stopped her from squirming momentarily as she eyed the thing with fear. She started wriggling from the two sentinels' hold when the woman walked towards her, her heart was beating fastly in fear. "Stop! Argh, let me go!" She screamed, jerking her body with all of her left strength as she tried kicking whoever or whatever her feet reached, but to no avail as the chief sentinel showed up his annoying face again and held her feet in place. "You cannot do anything to stop what's about to transpire. Let's not make this messy, Miss Simpson." He nodded to the woman as she felt the sentinel tightened his hold, followed by the pang of pain from the anesthesia. "Good girl. Don't worry, I'm gonna let your friends know about your passing." Laura wanted to reply, wanted to shout, wanted to curse him to death, but the anesthesia has taken over her system as the voices of the people around her became incoherent as she felt dizzy as anything insight was wiggly like jellies. She closed her eyes when a light put across her, she could hear people talking but she couldn't understand, but when she looked to the right she saw the woman earlier giving the scalpel to the man who will perform the dissection. Laura closed her eyes, a tear fell out of her tired eye. She always said that she was ready to die, she did not even care even if she died right now, but she then realized at the moment, as the scalpel slowly reached her skin, that she was not— Not when she learned about how these evil people worked behind the light and pulled innocent people in the dark so they could fill their duality by having all the best in life through sacrificing the lives of other. Not when she realized that with her age and ability to rescue, she's too young and could save more victims, to have them experience life outside the darkness. Not when she realized that she has five friends and a whole family waiting for her. Like Dany who needed her presence to take her anxiety out, Warren who treated her as his buddy and enemy, Reign who needed a sister as she was the youngest, Sean whom she was the only one who was able to read him, Dale who won't have someone to tease her daily aside from Warren, and her father whom she realized she was not able to thank him for adopting her as his child and the reason why she was where she was right now. Another tear fell when she realized that it was too late to realize all of those as she was slowly getting succumbed to the darkness and she knew, she won't ever wake up again. Goodbye. A loud ring of the fire alarm surprised everyone inside the tunnel as well as the already sleeping scholars. Few sentinels ran to the field to see which building got fired up again and it was the lab, for the second time around, and the Journalism building. The sentinels immediately ran to the aforementioned buildings as every building has a water hose each. "They're coming here, Blake! Run to the other side!" The council president clad with a black jacket, black pants, black hat, frantically told the club president who was also wearing the same outfit as her which really was her idea, and who was he to oppose? He's just a mere student whom the council president could order around. Anyway, her reason was to get the feels of being one of the agents, so Blake then agreed. "Ouch! Don't swat my handsome face!" He whined as he quickly crouched and ran inside one of the rooms in the building, closing it quickly as soon as Coleen went in and the sound of quick steps and rolling of the water hose on the first floor and the clanking of probably the ladder as the fire was at the fourth floor. The earpiece connected by the chief sentinel ear rang, he clicked it without tearing his eyes away from the unconscious lady. The doctors were starting to cut her clothes and wiping her abdomen, unbothered by the ring of the alarm or whatever was happening around them. "What is it?" He authoritatively asked. "Which assigned place are you?" "The entrance, sir! We're.." The chief sentinel creased his forehead when he heard the guy which he assumed was B2 grunted, "Police are coming!" He hastily pulled out the earpiece from his ear when he heard two gunshots in the earpiece. "Stop everyone! Hide all of the components and drugs underground! There were police again!" He shouted which alarmed the doctors and assistants inside, dragging everything into each room which all had a way to the underground, even the supposed dissection for the agent that they unfortunately started so she has a little cut on the stomach. "Should we send her to the underground as well?" The doctor asked, about the unconscious and bleeding Laura, the woman assistant earlier was now gone because she will be the one assigned in the front as the person in the front desk because apparently and instantly, the tunnel earlier full of drugs and organs and chemical components became a clinic full of hospital beds with some of the people in white gown earlier became the patients and the other remained as the nurses attending to them. "Patch her up and let her stay here. We'll use her as one of the patients. Go to your post and inform them to act normal, send one sentinel to the faculty room to inform the commanders of what's happening." He instructed to which the man nodded in response and started patching up the agent. He took one last look at the lady before striding towards the entrance of the school where his fellow sentinels were forbidding the policemen to go in, he saw B1 and B2 lying on the floor, still alive but crouching down as they shot their legs. "Good evening, everyone. What do we owe this unexpected visit in the middle of the night, shooting my two men down, and scaring our scholars?" He asked lightly, tightlipped smiling but his eyes showed that he did not like what has been happening even a bit. "Good evening, I'm sorry to bother you this late but we got a report about the university's possible crimes, you might want to let us in if you do not wish for a bloodied kind of arrest." The officer replied, clutching his g*n as the other officers were having their guns ready and pointing at the sentinels who were, like them, pointing their guns to them. "Again? This is not the best time to investigate though, we're currently having fires to die down." The chief sentinel tilted his head, he looked at the officer from head to toe, "Anyway, where is your warrant, officer? Don't tell me this is just a search without a warrant because I am certain, together with the faculties, would not going to allow you in." The officer's side lip curled up, "Of course, we have. We're prepared, Mister. We won't agree on visiting this very far University for an impulsive investigation. So here," He handed him the warrant with a proud smile, like telling the chief sentinel that he knew what was going on. The chief sentinel rudely took the warrant from his hand and checked it, he sighed and calmed himself first before smiling back at him. He looked back to his people and signaled them to put down their guns. "There's no need to be afraid of. Sure officers, go in and investigate every nook and corner as much as you need." The officer stared at him, not tearing their mini staring competition as he ordered his men to go in. "I knew there's something odd happening within this school. I was keeping close eyes on this university and I finally found other people with enough pieces of evidence. This school sounds the best and the worst combine." The chief sentinel subtly gritted his teeth, his eyes turning into a glare. "Who are these other people you were talking about, officer?" The police didn't answer, instead smiled at him. "For me to know, for you to find out." "You guys were cooler than Miss Laura," Blake commented in awe while staring at the people inside the room with them. But then he frowned when he received a blow from the council president. "What?" "I'm gonna tell this to her and have your arms twisted until they tore apart from your body." She said but was also in awe by how big and cool these agents in front of her. However, while they were discussing two women entered the room, freaking out as they saw a group of people and all of them were wearing black and the lights were off. "Who are you!?"
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