1.25 Plan on Agent Purple

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Laura's eyes slowly fluttered open. blinking them slowly as the dark surrounding welcomed her. She tried to move but only.to wince in pain as every part of her body ached, even her scalp. She tried moving her hand, about to reach her face as it was itchy but she just then realized that she was handcuffed, even her feet were both tied together and her mouth was stuffed. She groaned, wriggling her hands and feet in frustration but it only hurt her more. She sighed and looked around, she was lying on the bed which she supposed was a hospital bed, handcuffed on the small rail on the side, the room was spacious because of the lack of things as the only thing there was the bed and the table beside it, it was also dark if not for the moonlight coming through the small window few feet above her head. Her lips were dried with blood, her throat, even more. She wanted to shout and ask for a glass of water but the handkerchief in her mouth was forbidding her to do so. She desperately made a noise, clanking the metal of the handcuffed on the rail and shouting incoherent words. After a while, Laura stopped hearing the knob switched and the metal door opened, revealing the chief sentinel smirking at her with a tray of food and a glass of water on it. He walked towards her and placed the tray on the table, he leaned down to Laura and smiled teasingly, "My poor captive, so hungry and begging to be fed. You must have regained your strength, haven't you? How was your sleep for three days?" Laura whipped her head to look at him, ears perking up and surprised at what he just said. she tried speaking to him but it only became groans and whines because of her stuffed mouth. The chief sentinel pulled it out, allowing her to finally breathe, "T-three days? What day is it today?" "You guess, Laura." He said, sitting on the edge of the bed with his arms and legs crossed. His smug face inkling Laura to wiped that in no time if not for her hand-tied tightly. "Just tell me!" She shouted in anger, kicking him but to no avail. The chief sentinel laughed and stood up, pissing her more as she glared at him and began squirming again. "Don't let me get out of here, I'm gonna kill you once you did." "Oh? I'm scared." He smirked, hand on his chest. "You're already hot-tempered when you just woke up. To answer your question," He looked at his watch on his wrist, "It's eleven thirty-six on Sunday night. You've been here that long and I wonder why those two didn't find you? They don't care even if you die perhaps?" "Even I do not care at all." She confessed which made the chief sentinel looked at her in amusement, so she smiled, "Don't get me wrong. That's only if you die first." "As expected from you. But that won't happen. Look at us, you're tied up tightly, I can do whatever I want... like this," He pinched her arm which made Laura yelped in anger and pain as he didn't hold back in pinching her, "You're at a disadvantage." He noted, pointing at her state which her eyes were teary. "Poor scholar." "Shut up, you gigantic gay." Laura glared at him, "Admit it! You tied me up because you're scared. Seeing your sentinels getting miserable because of me stopped you from fighting so you just made me sleep. An easy escape huh." The sentinel tilted her head, eyebrows near at connecting but then laughed loudly and deeply in the middle of the night that if heard by the people, they would think there was a monster living inside the room. Well, there really were for Laura. Not just this crazy chief sentinel but everyone inside the tunnel. "You're really funny, Miss Simpson. You think I tricked you because I'm scared of you? That's definitely the funniest joke I've heard all my life." "Jokes are half meant truth." She said in a sing-song, teasing him further, "You can't even let me go when I'm stuck here in this awfully secured room or probably the whole tunnel knowing that I can't escape with an empty stomach for three days?" Laura looked at the tray he was carrying earlier, it has rice there and a burger patty, making Laura's stomach growl in hunger. She jerked up and her eyes widen when the chief sentinel kicked the table, making the food and the water thrown off the ground and the plates made a breaking sound that echoed in the agent's ear. "Oops?" He said, chuckling at what he did and enjoying the agent's reaction. "Do you really think I am going to give you food? Again, you must have perceived me wrong, Miss Simpson. I'm no good samaritan nor like any other sentinels with a bit of heart. I'm a totally stone-hearted man-" "And you're proud of it." She cursed after, glaring at the sentinel. How could he waste food in front of a starving woman? He must have been wishing for his early death and Laura was so ready to give it to him. "Kind of? But that's not the reason why I did that. Let's just say that you will not be needing to fill your stomach because it will end up getting emptied again? I mean, literally." He said, walking around the room with his arms crossed. "For your information, I'll tell you what you've missed out on for the three days of your sudden hiatus. We've announced to the whole school that we were waiting for the council president and that soccer guy to surrender themselves for your safety, let's say we made up a story about the death of the previous scholars and the principals having a foul play, which there really had, and brainwashed the scholars that the two missing scholars were the culprits. Now the scholars were looking for them and were all mad and wanted them to die as well. How manipulative, right? Yet that was not enough to take them out of their hideouts." Laura gritted her teeth, she had encountered people finger-pointing their evil doings to innocent people, but this man in front of him had just really made her blood boil, especially that they were accusing and putting their crimes to the young scholars whom she had or had not grown closer with for the past few days, "You are all monsters! We all know who did it and what is behind this almost perfect school! Don't involve them with your vices!" "I'm sorry? You said it yourself. You know something. Actually, those four scholars who under that soccer guy's club were not supposed to die, that's if they didn't get caught, which unfortunately happened. All of the scholars who knew about the school's secret were meant to die, so since these four late scholars spread about our secret, we have to get rid of those who knew as well. Eloise Nore has been sold as a toy-" "A what!?" Laura asked, indignantly. Furious at what she heard that her mind was not welcoming that idea even the slightest, "She's sent abroad! She is living a happy life now away from this evil school like what the council president had told us! What are you saying!?" "Are you seriously going to believe that? She was now on the soccer guy's side, and we're right about her being a traitor and not fully trusting that lady. We just told her that so there will no more information to entrust with her. But Eloise Nore was.. hmm, let's say having a fun time with our co-commanders?" "How dare you! You are so disgusting! Free me here and I'll take out your internal organs myself! She doesn't deserve that!" Laura's tendons were starting to show up in anger and screaming profanities to the unbothered sentinel, her face was red, even her eyes from resisting to cry, her hands were tightly clenched and her wrist and feet would probably have scratch and marks as she was persistently squirming just to be free. She was mad, her heart was shattered as well as wanting to burst out all the anger it possessed, even her anger when Warren flicked her ear last year that she still planned on revenge, she wanted to take it out to the monsters behind these vicious crimes. Eloise Nore didn't deserve to be treated like that, well no one does! When she was just starting from being an agent she hated seeing the victims of the crimes, it made her heart broke and would want to take revenge for them by killing the criminals as well. No one deserved to be treated like animals by their fellow humans, No one deserved to experience the world's cruelty at such a young age, no one should be snatched out of their dreams. No one deserved it, only these monsters, the criminals, the heartless greedy people. "Look at yourself. So vulnerable. Weak. Tired." The chief sentinel spoke, grabbing Laura's crying face, for the first time after a very long time, and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Don't worry, I'll help you end your sufferings." He smirked at the tired agent before walking towards the door, opening it and revealing one sentinel and two people in white gowns like the ones they saw in the video. The people who were doing the surgery. "Say bye to your life, and advance thank you for the fortune you'll bring us through your organs."
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