1.24 The Loss of Agent Purple

1678 Words

"That leaves you alone with us. Certainly heroic." The head chief remarked, smiling evilly to Laura much to her annoyance. The three sentinels were back from her charges, and they were surrounding her again with their not that intimidating stances. "You should've brought tea if you want to have a chitchat with me. I can make time for you." Laura mocked, fixing her blonde hair into a low ponytail but there were still a few strands dangling on her face. "For a buff guy like you, you act like a garrulous woman." "I think you perceived me wrong, Miss Simpson. Those words won't piss me off and wouldn't make me act on impulse." He crossed his muscly arms, but her eyes did notice the sign he made, "But my men do." She felt a kick on her back which made her lost her balance and fall to the grou

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