1.24 The Loss of Agent Purple

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"That leaves you alone with us. Certainly heroic." The head chief remarked, smiling evilly to Laura much to her annoyance. The three sentinels were back from her charges, and they were surrounding her again with their not that intimidating stances. "You should've brought tea if you want to have a chitchat with me. I can make time for you." Laura mocked, fixing her blonde hair into a low ponytail but there were still a few strands dangling on her face. "For a buff guy like you, you act like a garrulous woman." "I think you perceived me wrong, Miss Simpson. Those words won't piss me off and wouldn't make me act on impulse." He crossed his muscly arms, but her eyes did notice the sign he made, "But my men do." She felt a kick on her back which made her lost her balance and fall to the ground, smelling the natural whiff of the ground and hissing as she felt her injured hand scraped on the small stones. She rolled to the side when a sentinel tried next on stepping on her, he wished! She won't let his dirty shoe landed on her body twice. She should get the first one back first. She really hated when dirty things get in contact with her skin or even just her clothes, yet still, she may be that sensitive but Reign was far sensitive than her. If she could rate the top agents' sensitivity— Reign would go first, Warren, then there comes her, fourth was Sean, and lastly, Dany. That last girl could even roll in the pool of blood, which was kind of scary. She stood back up, blocking each punch the sentinel was giving her, she could see the frustration in his eyes that he couldn't land a blow on her, so she mockingly smiled before she hit him hard on the stomach which made him crouched down in pain. She clicked her tongue as the other two immediately took over, attacking her alternately and simultaneously. "Ahh!" Laura grunted and cursed when a sentinel accidentally held her bruised shoulder, she nudged him hard to his rocky side and kicked him in the face in irritation which had him tumbled down on the ground. She lunged towards the other two who were already having a hard time standing up, their nose and lips were already bleeding, sweats even made them uglier than they already were, Laura couldn't even breathe properly by how they smell. She stretched her neck and arms first then began fighting again, it didn't last long with a few strike and hit, the three sentinels all laid down on the ground. "For a scholar, you sure are gifted in combat." The chief sentinel commented with a slight bitterness in his voice, probably by the defeat of his comrades from the mere college student, he kicked the struggling sentinel on the ground which made him struggle more, as he finally looked at the lady. "Unfortunately, you're injured." Laura looked at her hand where the chief sentinel was looking, it was bleeding, the cut had opened further and the blood was dropping on the ground. She gasped when she suddenly felt the surge of wind going past her, she smelled the manly perfume of the sentinel, and the pang of pain pierced on her injured shoulder when it got twisted. "Easily deceived." He whispered to her ears. mocking her. She rolled her eyes and tried nudging his side, but to no avail as he got the grip of her elbow and twisted it as well, "Oops. Easy to predict." "Don't! Don't touch my fa- oh my gosh!" Laura let out an exasperated sigh when the chief sentinel squeezed her face and made her looked at him. His filthy hand was clenching her face, was all that filled Laura's thought, call her overreactive but that's how she really was. "Weren't you thinking of your future? You're going against the school that will provide your future. That's bold." He said, ignoring the glares that she was giving him. She felt him clenched her cheeks harder while still holding both of her arms at the back that made her even angrier. "If you won't remove your filthy hands, I'm going to kill you." The sentinel laughed, but then groaned and let go of Laura when the latter smacked him on his face through the back of her head which she took as a chance to move away from him. He looked at his hand and saw blood on it coming from his eyebrow. He glared at Laura who was patching up her wounded hand with the cloth she tore from her shirt. "Feisty." He spat. Anger evident in his eyes, and the agent could sense danger with every step he took. Laura sensed a punch coming from his right hand so she swerved her head on the left, but when she looked down, a fist was already approaching her stomach and was too late to move so she got punched in the stomach and a slap on her face. "Too bad," He said, slapping her for the second time on the other cheek that made her lips bled. "You pissed me," He kicked her to the side, Laura fell on the ground with glaring eyes but deep inside she was enduring the pain caused by the kick and the slap. She yelped as her hair got pulled upward, "and I don't care anymore if you're a woman, a kid, a beauty, or a scholar." Laura's eyes widened upon seeing the thing he was holding— it was an injection he got from the bag of his g*n. She tried squirming and even managed to stand up but he kicked him in the knee and injected it in her arm that made her scream. "Don't worry, You're not gonna die, I want to use you as our punching bag. For now, you'll just sleep for a long time that you won't realize when you wake up that your organs are incomplete and your little scholar friends were dead, we're rich and the people in need of organ will be saved." "Unfair, fight. I'll surely get this.. back to.. you." She mumbled as she slowly lost her consciousness and everything went pitch black. "What should we do now?" The council president asked, walking back and forth in the living room with Blake watching her, she was combing her hair in frustration and worry to the lady they left at the back of the Accountancy building, "You know what the chief sentinel could do. She might be dead by now." The club president shook his head, "She's a top agent. She could handle him. I saw her fight multiple times." "I saw how cruel the chief sentinel is! He killed the traitors in the Black Market with his bare hands! Even the commanders were scared of him, so if the sentinels managed to injure the agent, how much more if he's the opponent?" She desperately sighed, slumping down the sofa to at least calm herself, she took out her glass and threw it somewhere. "We'll be held accountable if she dies. She's so stupid, I thought when she shouted 'Run!' she'll run with us! Stupid agent!" Blake crossed his arm and rested his back on the wall, chuckling at how annoyed and mad the council president was. "You sure was not paying attention to her before she shouted run, she put her hand down and did a sign language saying 'Trust me. Message the agency.'" "She said that? I didn't realize it, I thought she was waving and dusting off her hands." She said in amusement, she took the phone from the sofa, she glared at Blake first, "You should've told that sooner. This phone is already free from tracking, right? What should we tell them? That they should start mourning for their lost top agent?" "If Miss Laura would want us to message her agency, that would probably the last thing she wants us to say." Blake replied with a frown, "Tell them that Miss Laura got captured and we don't know what to do." Coleen started typing, telling whoever received the message about what happened, and asked for help. With not more than a minute, it beeped and a message came, impressing the two by how attentive and receptive the agency was. Agent Purple had told us about your plan on Monday. Review our exchange of chats so you would know what we've talked about and the plan for the software I sent you. As of the moment, let's stick with your original plan while we think of an alternative because of the loss of our agent. We'll send back-ups early in the morning, we'll contact the police department too. We might just need a signal when to barge in, what do you think would be the best for it? -Agent Green "The fire alarm." Blake suggested, "Every building has it." The council president nodded and told it to Agent Green. Got it. Hold on. Stay on the line as we discuss for a while the alternative plan. I'm going to beep to you as soon as we ended. -Agent Green "Cool!" Blake exclaimed as he read the message, he felt happy by just talking to an agency and amazed by how attentive they were with every client and how fast they respond to their needs. "I didn't know talking to this kind of agency would make me happy." "Sappy. Shut it and think of a way how to avoid the sentinels until the given time." The council president demanded, stealing the phone from his hand, and started back reading the exchange of messages as instructed by the person on the other line. After a while of waiting and staring at nothingness as well as worrying about the agent currently thriving to live, they received a message. Hi, this is Agent Indigo. We will have a change of plans as we value the life of our dear Agent Purple. -Indigo
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