2.18 Poisoned

1713 Words

"Bring them to the hospital now!" Officer Hilton exclaimed, waving his hand to the side where the other officers watching from the other room to come inside and tend to the convulsing people. "They can't just die like this!" Six officers came rushing in, one woman and five men, four officers picked up the criminals as one of them had his eyes squinting and even stopping the officers to smell the man's mouth. "What are you doing, Pierce?" the woman asked, pulling the officer, the same age as Warren, while the woman looked older than them by two to three years. "Stop being a creep." "I'm not being a creep, Ma'am Leira. The two were poisoned, Cyanide to be specific, possibly through the glass of water." The man named Pierce explained, looking at the empty glass of water. "You should have i

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