2.19 Caught by a Wild Guess

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"So, agent?" Warren looked at him in surprise, thinking that he was one of the traitors, he nudged his side a little hard, earning a grunt from the officer. He caught his hand and twisted ut to his back, now earning a louder scream. He pinned him to the nearest car's hood and threatened him with his hand suspended in the air, aiming at Pierce. "Woah, Woah! Chill, bro! I'm not here for a fight." He said, frowning so much because he twisted more his already twisted arm. "Why do you keep on pressing that I'm an agent?" Warren asked, in a hushed voice, worried that someone might hear what they were going to talk about. "Who are you?" "You know we can talk without me kissing this dusty car, right?" Pierce tried negotiating, only to fail again because Warren twisted his other arm too. "Okay, fine. It's just a wild guess, again, okay? But based on how you reacted, it seemed like it's true. Free me now, sir, please." Warren tutted, letting go of him as he took one step backward. "No, it's not. I'm not part of that agency. I'm an officer." Warren crossed his arm, looking straight to his eyes to at least make him believe that he was saying the truth even though he was lying. He could see that that was what Laura was doing every time she lied, and it was always effective. But by how this man only smiled at him widely, putting his hand under his chin and looked at him from head to toe weirdly as if he was thinking. "Of course, sir, you're in disguise." He said in a matter of factly, snorting like whatever he'll say wouldn't affect his guess on him. "Stop saying nonsense, Officer Pierce. Let go of your guesses on me. I have something to do, excuse me." Warren turned his back on him, walking towards the part where he parked their car. "Your shoes. Your necklace with a small camera. Your luxurious phone. Your well-built body. Everything about you screams more than just a police officer, sir. However, for me, an observant one, your whole being screams your agency. I suggest you change your things." Warren stopped from his track, he wanted to deny it until the last, but that would only make him look like a fool because he was right. If an observant person scanned his whole being from the very details of what he wore, they would really know that he belonged to the Themis Agency by how his things had a weighing scale of justice etched on them. He didn't really think of that thoroughly since the design was just small embossed with silver threads so it was only evident if one would squint his eyes on it, like what this man had done. "So, are you still going to deny?" Pierce asked the agent, walking in front of him just to see his blank face. Feeling a little intimidated since he looked up to the agents so much and meeting one in person, while in disguise was pretty the best thing that was worth writing in his pile of papers attached on his apartment's wall. "I assure you that I am not one of those police officers you were trying to catch off guard. Is that your assignment?" "Yes," Warren breathed, admitting his true identity, just on him at least. "I am agent Black of Themis Agency. If this information gets out of just within this private talk and affected my disguise and my task, then I wouldn't hesitate to shoot you using your own g*n. Give me your real name." "Pierce Clarkson." Warren typed his name on his phone and sent it to Dale, informing her that one officer already knew about his identity of being an agent. "You are now going to be surveilled by the agency. I hope this will stay just within us." Pierce Clarkson formed an 'okay' sign through his hand, so Warren got past him but only to be stopped by what he said. "Oh anyway, this might be of help. Some precinct has secret passage somewhere inside, they were doing a few crimes and abusing whoever they want in there. One precinct I know with that is Hudson Street." "H-Hudson?" Warren reiterated, "Hudson Street has it? No matter how much I checked it, there's none." Pierce's brow rose, "That's where you are based" Then he looked at the ground, thinking. "Hudson Street is the first station we are sure of having that nasty room. Leira and I started having that notion since this officer, what was the name? the one who always wears long coats, sunglasses and chewing a piece of gum?" "Deputy Commissioner Sergio Carpio?" He asked. "Yes, that full of himself man," Pierce replied, sneering upon the mention of the officer. "He stinks." He commented with full of disgust, then changed into a neutral one. "His smell and his ways stink. I remember when we investigated a case in your town, he happened to be there to which he started belittling Leira because she's a plain woman whom he thinks cannot do anything, yet he chose the wrong woman. They had a little deduction competition about the crime and of course, he walked home ashamed. Anyway, that was my little story about him, he had a lot to other people too, and I hope those were not all bad. However, back to our notion, there once was a video circulated around social media about that guy abusing a criminal. I think that was only two years ago, but it only lasted for three days and it vanished in thin air then we couldn't find any copy of those anymore." "What's your position in the police?" "I'm a police officer, trying my best to be promoted in police detective, also Leira's assistant." He said, saluting. "Though I can instantly leave this profession if you will make me part of Themis Agency." He added suggestively. Warren snorted, he walked to his side and patted his shoulder, "I'm sorry but no one applied in the agency, we were chosen. I need to go, you've done a good job of spotting me with your wild guess, nice to meet you, anyway." "Thank you. I finally meet an agent without anything covering their face. Thank you for making my dream come true." "Whatever." He just said, walking past him and took his phone, scrolling through his phone's contact and stopped on Laura's name. He dialed her number, perching his back on Senior Merit's car's hood. "Stop calling me, soccer git! Save your load!" "That's not me, Miss Laura. I'm not calling you." He heard a confused noise from the other line, Warren guessing Laura was in the school she was assigned to, whatever she was doing there, he had no idea since what he knew was her task was already done and she should cut ties to those people she had encountered throughout her task. "Black?" Laura asked, confusion laced with her voice. "Why did you call? Aren't you in a task?" "Purple, the two commanders died." He dropped the bomb without further ado since he knew the very impatient lady well. "W-what? Dead who?" She stuttered. Warren heard the people she was with asked her who was dead, but Laura didn't answer them. "Black, what do you mean?" "They're dead, Laura. The people you were chasing for o***************g. They're dead just now." He said, looking up at the parking's roof. "You're lying." She laughed, hearing the chair moved. "You're lying, Warren. They can't be dead! Not now, not ever!" Warren sighed, hearing the other people asking her what happened, and listening to Laura tell them about it. "They were poisoned." "Poisoned?" "Yes. Someone disguised as an officer gave them a glass of water mixed with a poison that from what U remembered the other officer here claimed by its almond scent, a Potassium Cyanide." He explained calmly, his usual low voice became lower and hushed. "Who did it? Where is the bogus officer?" "Got his way out." Warren took his phone away from his ear, the basic thing to do when talking to Laura, and will tell really bad news. "Got his way out!?" She reiterated slowly through gritted teeth, he also heard her slammed her hand on the table. He really did a good choice of taking out his phone away from his ear because of her loud, contemptuous voice. He also flinched when she cursed loudly, even the people inside went silent. "Are they doing their job, Warren!? What kind of justice system do we have!? Our agency should've handled this in the first place, this..." She cursed again, then breathed for a moment, "How do these students, the families of those who died, and those who died themselves will get the justice they deserved!? They don't know what these people have been through in the hands of those monsters, Warren! Death isn't the kind of justice they want!" Warren sighed, combing his hair in frustration and irritation because of Laura's outburst to him like he was the one who's at fault, well partly since he could've stopped them from drinking, but he didn't know ut contained something. "We are not sure yet, Purple, but we feel like someone's playing on us. These two commanders were the criminals for o***************g but they were not the mastermind. That's how we see it for now by how the events were leading us." He explained. "What do you mean? The list of personnel we gave the agency from the Black notebook was not all and there is bigger than all of them?" "Yes. But we're still not sure," He saw Senior Merit and Leira came out of the police station, talking about something serious based on their faces. "I'll keep you updated. We'll solve this, don't worry. I need to go. Bye." Warren straightened his stance, putting his phone in his pocket and look at the senior who was coming after bidding his goodbye to the lady officer. He was walking and jogging as if in a rush, he had also the same face as earlier, dead serious. "Let's go, Warren. We'll check a crime scene."
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