3.16 The Death of Mr. Koto

1802 Words

"Flora, did someone really answered the call?" Manager asked after a long silence, "Am I not hallucinating?" "You're not, manager." Reign replied lowly, like the manager she was also still in a daze after what had just occurred, too fast to believe that it actually happened. Apparently, after that one word from the low, deep, and baritone voice, he immediately turned off the call which didn't make them much time to react or even interact with him, whoever held the phone currently. "But... how? I mean, who is that person who has her phone? It was one of the things that I was looking for when I tried looking at her room, but there was none, not a single thing left that she possessed." She said merely to herself, hand under her chin as she thought of the time she came to check the room. "

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