3.15 Stepanie's Number

1717 Words

Reign woke up by the noise in her kitchen. Since it was connected to the living room and there was not a divider nor anything that could at least muffle the noise, and she was mot in her bedroom, she stirred in her sleep, feeling something on her face which made her groaned as she touched whatever it was. "Wake up, sleepyhead." She heard from the other side, which made her froze on the spot, the event from last night had slowly dawning back on her. "It's so early! Are you purposely clattering everything there to wake me up!?" She irritatedly, still huskily replied, stretching her body. "It's impossible to move these without a sound, Flora. And what's this that I had just found out about you?" Reign stopped from moving, or even breathing, upon hearing her serious voice. Did she forget s

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