Chased to be A Husband

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"Your name is Chase Goodwill? Just like your name..."

"Mr. Wang, what do you mean?" Chase asked with a squeak in his heart.

Wang Lu shook his head, "Just like your name. Your life has been ups and downs, repeated misfortunes. You will be ‘chased' by all kinds of evils the whole life. I suggest that even if you fail everything, don't be negative and aggressive. Keep your ‘goodwill' so you can be peaceful temporarily. "Wang Lu shook his head and sighed repeatedly. Nobody knew if he sighed about Chase's strange fate, or sighed that Chase's name mirrored his fate so correctly...

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Volume 1 - Chapter 1 Forced to Marry Donna Weiner
    Chase Goodwill fell into a deep stream and drifted from the underground waterway to the New South Kingdom. Fortunately or unfortunately, he started a journey in the exotic Weiner Village...     - - -     On the fifth night of May, a unique wedding was held in Weiner Village, Goldhale Town, New South Kingdom. The village head's daughter, Donna Weiner, a hunky and overweight woman, would "marry" Chase, a man she picked up from the wild one day.       Almost all the Weiner villagers came to the wedding party. When everyone was plastered, yelling and jibber-jabbering, Chase, dressed in a groom's suit, was gently prizing up a window of the newly-weds chamber to implement his 101st escape plan.       In the previous few months, he had carried out a hundred escape plans, but each time he ended up captured by Donna and her sisters. Every time he got caught, he would be tortured by a group of crazy women with various tortures: pulling his hair, twisting his ears, scratching his face, pinching his waist, and buckling his nostrils. As a gentleman, Chase couldn't reason with them. When Chase encountered these women, though he was full of useful skills, he couldn't perform a single one.       After one hundred attempts, one hundred failures, and one hundred tortures, he decided to suspend his escape plan and prepared to endure all these hardships to accomplish his ultimate goal. He would wait for all the Weiner daughters to be off guard and escaped again.         Unexpectedly, because he became obedient and docile, the Weiners thought he had accepted his fate. So, under Donna's repeated hints, the village's head, Bill Weiner, ordered Chase to marry Donna and live with them, and made Chase their live-in son-in-law, perpetuating the Weiner family.       This decision of Bill Weiner was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for Chase.       "Over my dead body! I have someone I love over the mountain, and I have a little sister who is my childhood sweetheart. Run! I must run back to my motherland! This time I must succeed! Otherwise, how can I face my ancestors if I become a son-in-law in this foreign country? It's okay if I must humiliate my ancestors, but I can't humiliate myself! I can't be Donna Weiner's husband! She's too fat and boorish!"   In Chase's eyes, Donna was a pig.       He gently opened the window door, pulled down the window grille that he had secretly sawn off for a month, and then quietly left the newly-weds chamber decorated with joy.       Weiner Village was located under the mountain foot, so behind the village, there was a mountain. As long as people went up the mountain and entered the forest, he would be half the battle. The mountain was high and the forest was dense. It was not so easy to find someone.       After climbing up the mountain, entering the forest, he should travel to the East. To the East of the mountain was the boundary of Bagulland of New East Kingdom, and Chase's home town, Hope Town, was at the mountain foot in the East. Otherwise, he could also go to the Northside of the mountain, which was the Tennezland of New East Kingdom. As long as he could go back to his country, he didn't mind it's East or North.       "Very good. No one notices me. They were all drinking and preparing to have fun in the newlyweds chamber. Haha! Drink, drink more! It is best you all get drunk so that even if you find I ran away, you won't be able to catch me!"     Chase climbed to the hillside behind the house, squatted under a tree, panting and looking at the villagers in the yard below, who were still playing guessing games and drinking in the open air. He was thrilled and his heart was beating like crazy.       Chase gasped for a moment, and his breath went smoothly. He turned to look at the mountain behind and smiled.   "This time, I will succeed. "he thought.   Now, Donna was toasting people, and her sisters were greeting the guests. Everyone was in the yard, and no one would guess he had run away since they all thought he had accepted his fate.       Ever since he went up the mountain to collect medicines and fell into a deep stream that day and was drawn into a crisscrossing underground river, he somehow went to this neighboring Weiner Village across the mountain and was somehow picked up by Donna home. Then, in this country where women were far more than men, Donna regarded him as a treasure. Every day she looked at him with a smirk and made him terrified.       He had run away a hundred times, but all failed. He was determined to succeed at the 101st time. This was the last chance.       Chase began to climb the mountain with joy.   "300 meters, just climb another 300 meters. After crossing the Weiner church on the mountain and climbing a few meters, I can safely enter the forest. "   He had prepared this escape for a long time. He brought a flashlight, a sickle, and some whole-wheat cookies. He did not forget the most crucial lighter, and he brought two. The mountain was huge. He was prepared to return home after ten and a half months. If there was a fire in the mountain, he would not starve to death.       "Haha, Donna Weiner, you fatass woman, go get married with air! I'm going home now. Don't you know how sexy my girl looks like? How can I marry someone like you?"       He was in a good mood, and he had great strength to climb mountains. Though it was already dark, his speed was faster than during the day.       But...   But his good mood disappeared soon: He found a few figures flashing out of the church. His mouth felt bitter, and his mood fell into the ice cave. "Damn, why is my life so miserable? Why did I fail again?"       The villagers were still drinking, making a lot of noise, and in the quiet newly-weds chamber, Chase was surrounded by a few women, curled up and trembling on the sofa.       "Are you curious how we knew you were going to run? Well, don't hide whole-wheat cookies if you really got the balls! Does the mountain lack food materials, huh? You can find any food there. Dumbass." Weiner's second daughter scolded him.       "Damn! That stinky fat woman actually found me hiding whole-wheat cookies! s**t! I was so stupid. If I enter the mountain, I can find whatever I want.  There are so many wild fruits in this season. I can even catch a hare, find some eggs in a  bird's nest. Anything will do. " After Chase knew that it's because Donna found he had hidden cookies that she arranged soldiers on the mountain, he wanted to kick himself.       "I don't understand you. Donnie is so nice to you. What are you running for? Look at this big house. After you marry Doonie, this will be yours in the future." Donna's family was the richest in the village, and their house was also the largest.       "Yes. Her four younger sisters have to get married sooner or later, so this house is yours. Why are you running away?"       "Don't talk nonsense with him. He hasn't been beaten for too long. Just beat the s**t out of him, and he will learn to be good. "       "No, today is a big day for Donnie. If you beat him up, how can Donnie ‘enjoy' her wedding night?Huh?"       "Yeah, Donnie is a lucky girl. She picked up a strong man. Although his face looks like a pancake, his body is not bad. You know he has strength by just looking at it."       "Oh, little Daisy, do you want to..."       "Damn, my face is round, but it's not as round as a pancake." Chase was the most annoyed when others said he had a pancake face.       When the sisters were gossiping and scolding, there were footsteps and noise outside the door from far and near. With a creak, the door opened, and the mountain-like Donna appeared at the door.       ‘Here she comes. The most tragic thing finally comes." Chase was crying in his heart: Dear Jesus, it's not that I am dirty and don't know self-love. I just can't do anything. I can't run away, and I can't beat her. What can I do?"       The women who had seized Chase from the mountain went out. Donna closed the door and grinned at Chase with her big mouth. Although she smiled sincerely and joyously, Chase always felt that this was the tiger's reaction before a meal. ..        Chase finally married Donna and officially began his life as a live-in son-in-law in a foreign country.       Spring had passed, and Autumn had come, and in the blink of an eye, it was the Spring of the following year. Chase had lived in Weiner Village as a son-in-law for half a year and had already integrated into the local life. However, his relationship with Donna as husband and wife was still so disharmonious. Although Donna cared for him more and more and acted more like his wife day by day, in any case, Chase couldn't have any feelings for her, let alone love her. Donna was too fat in his eyes, and in a country where there were few fat people, her figure was simply a joke.       No matter how well the Weiner family treated him, he wanted to return to the New East Kingdom, and this mind had never changed. He missed his parents, missed his childhood sweetheart, and he missed Bigmouth Frank too. Chase always wondered how that funny guy was doing now. However, to carry out the plan to the end, Chase didn't try escaping in this half-year.       Finally, life in the remote and close-to-border mountain village was about to change. After the spring ploughing, Donna's cousin Rennie Davis came.    

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