Breast Academy

age gap

As we reached the assembly hall we quickly slid in the back thankful that the Dean had just arrived only a minute after we had entered.

The Dean was a tall woman slightly plump and was wearing a cream pencil skirt and blazer with a plain white shirt. She had her hair tied up in a high bun with a few fly away's.

She walked up on stage and began her speech " Ladies and gentlemen to those who are not new to the school welcome back and to those that are welcome to breast academy were everyone is required to walk around topless expect for visiting days. This is not a normal university alongside you normal lessons on Monday to Wednesday you will have s*x education from Thursday to Friday. I hope you enjoy your stay and don't forget your parents signed you up for this.... Any questions."

Jade Tiles believed that BA university would be the place which would make her dreams come true. Little did she know those dreams would take a more sensual form

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Jade's POV " Mum I’ll be fine” I assured I said as we pulled up to BA university no one really knew what it stood for but everyone knows if you go here, you'll be successful in anything you want to do with your life.   “I know but it doesn't stop me worrying about you" She cried.   " Mum were already here everything looks fine and I’ll be home every holiday." I say gesturing to the campus around me. People clinging on to their parents, for dear life afraid to let go. The campus had huge metal gates at the entrance with a dozen guards looking after it. To get in you need ID, and proof that either you or your child goes here. Even then, the school its self is like two kilometres away from the gate.   " I know" She grumbled.   " I love you" I say as I hug her tightly.   " I love you too Jade" She replied, as she peals me off of her; gets in the car. I wave good bye to my mother trying to hold in the tears because, I know if she see's them she'll demand me to leave with her. I sigh and slowly make my way in to the university. As I walk in, I’m immediately taken aback by the sere size of it. In the outside it looks average in size, but it's an illusion because, as soon as you step in its amazing. It is set up in a circular shape with a front desk in the middle, and doors which must lead to the lecture rooms.   I looked at the reception desk, and saw a man who looked sexy as hell. He was chocolate brown with a diamond stud earring and muscles to die for. However, the aura in which I got from him was one of a f**k boy. A guy that would make you feel like you was his only one but in reality, has seven girls who also believe this. If I’m being honest as long as I don’t catch feelings for him, I wouldn’t mind a piece of that.   I walked up to the reception desk cleared my throat and waited for the man at the desk to notice me.   " Why hello mamacita what can I do for you" He asked scanning my body up and down then settling his eyes on my breast.   " Can you tell me which way the dorms are please" I asked politely   " I can show you if you like" He said licking his lips making my zoom in on the small action   " Yes please" I said unaware of the double meaning of his words. Reception guy took my hand, and started walking towards the dorms.   " What’s your name?" I asked slightly flushed from the contact. If I was any lighter, I’m sure I’d be red in the face by now.    " John. What about you beautiful?" He flirted quite blatantly.   " Jade"   " Beautiful name for a beautiful girl" He said. I put my head down. If he didn't know I was embarrassed before well he certainly knows now. He chuckled as he saw me looking toward the ground. " What’s an innocent girl like you doing in a place like this" He chuckled.   " What do you mean? I’m here because I want to be successful in the outside world. isn't that why everyone is here" I asked confused. Does he think because I’m “innocent” I don’t deserve my place here?   " You and your parents didn't read the fine print at the bottom of the application form did you" He said dryly.   "No why" I asked nervously feeling my anxiety starting to constrict my throat and my breath hitched in my throat.   " s**t, you don't know what type of school this is" He exclaimed as we reached my dorm " Oh well... you'll find out eventually. When you do here's my number. Call me when you need some relief" He said as he took a pen out his pocket and wrote down his number then walked off.   That was weird I thought to my self as I turned around and knocked on the door.    " Hold on a sec." A masculine voice shouted. I must have the wrong place surely male and female dorms would be separate I thought. I was about to walk away when a hand grasped my shoulder and turned me towards them.    " You must be my new room mate Jade."   " Y-y-yeah" I stuttered he as a god. He was light-skinned with slit eyebrows hazel eyes stud earrings and mouth-watering abs with a light layer of sweat upon it making his skin glisten. He obviously was in a rush or maybe working out since he didn't have a shirt on and due to the sweat.    " Hey I know I’m sexy but did you hear a word of what I just said" He asked with a smirk on his face. I blushed, bit my lip and looked down a habit for that I have when I’m nervous. Though I’m sure he thought it was for an entirely different reason however, he wasn’t fully wrong as much as it pained me to admit.   "Do you want to come in?" He asked with slight strain in his voice which resulted in a slight rasp in his voice. His voice was like smooth chocolate and I just wanted to melt.   " Yeah a-are you okay?" I asked walking in the dorm.   " Yeah." He replied.   “O-okay" I said walking further in to the room, I felt arms snake around my waist.   " W-w-what are you doing" I breathed out.   " Shhhh baby don't speak just feel, you'll be having lessons anyway " He said turning me around trailing his hand up my skirt towards my panty covered p***y. My eyes automatically closed like a switch and I moaned loudly.   " Wait I don't even know your name." I panted as his hand reached my core. He leaned down and started trailing kisses up and down my neck stopping at my ear licking the shell of my ear.   " Jeremiah baby, but you can call me daddy" He whispered in my ear. He moved my panties to the side and was about to thrust his fingers inside when there was a knock at the door. I quickly pushed Jeremiah away and opened the door.   At the door was a lady around 40 long blonde hair confined in a pony tail and was wearing a white shirt with a black pencil skirt.   " You two are suppose to be in the hall for the Dean’s welcome assembly. I’m not surprised at you Jeremiah but leading a new comer astray that's low even for you." she screeched narrowing her eyes at my roommate.   " Maybe if you got your voice fixed, and didn't sound like a dying rat then I would attend." He replied like it was the most obvious thing the world. She simply rolled her eyes like she was used to it or maybe she knew that if she replied then she could potentially lose her job.   " Come along you two" She beckoned.

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