His Dethroned Luna Queen

second chance

Charlotte's 18th birthday brought a devastating blow to her life. She received a birthday cake, birthday wishes, and her mate's betrayal. In a fit of rage, She stabbed the silver knife into his heart. Her father sentenced her to death, and her mother died trying to save her. While on the run, she encountered her second chance mate -Sebastian Ryan, the Alpha King. She considered him as her life-saving straw, but her devilish father would never let her go easily.

At first sight of Charlotte, Sebastian was convinced that he would never let such a woman become his Luna Queen. She seemed pitiful, weak, and timid. Compared to his late Luna Queen, his second mate was worlds apart. Not to mention that she was the woman who brought him the curse. He wanted to kill her, but his wolf warned him not to do so.

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"Ah !!!" My scream echoed throughout the woods. I was utterly shocked by what I looked like when I transformed. My wolf had two tails, one silver, the same color as my fur, and the other grey, like a monster that had parasitized me. "Dad! Mom! How did I become like this!" I cried out, paying no mind to the intense pain that came with my first transformation. People around me took several steps back in fear upon witnessing my condition, their eyes widened in astonishment, as they surveyed me with fear and curiosity, as if I were a monster. "She's a two-tailed wolf, a monster." "Yeah, she'll bring disaster to the werewolf world." "Oh! Make her go away." " Get rid of this monster!" "Kill her!" Their harsh and piercing insults reverberated in my ears, leaving me bewildered. I widened my eyes, looking at them—these people who were once the most familiar and closest to me were now so cold, so ruthless. I told them I wasn't a monster, I was Charlotte Moore, the only daughter of alpha Morgan and Luna Catherine, the beloved little princess of the Crescent Moon tribe. " It's me! I'm not a monster!" I let out a desperate cry, tears brimming down my face. My cries were drowned out by the insults of the crowd, their eyes filled with hatred. They wanted me to die. My once best friend Nora mischievously tossed a pebble at me. I didn't fight back. I just cried and begged them to leave me alone. They grew even more reckless, more people joined in throwing stones at me, and some even spat at me. I couldn't take it anymore, my claws snapped on the ground and I pounced on the one who screamed the loudest, Alicia. My claws traced a graceful arc in the air, then landed on her delicate face, leaving three deep scratches. "Ah!!! She's going to kill me!!!" Her screams resounded through the sky, startling the birds and beasts in the woods. A brown wolf rushed over and stopped between Alicia and me. It was Alicia’s father, Gamma Marcus. His scarlet eyes glared angrily at me, letting out a guttural snarl. The onlookers around us all shouted, " Marcus, kill her! Kill her! Kill her!" Marcus flashed his sharp claws in front of me. The hot, moist breath he exhaled sprayed in my face. He was furious to the core, his sharp claws ready to slit my throat. I was terrified, frozen in place. Even though my wolf was an Alpha, stronger than everyone but Dad, I had zero real combat experience. "Stop! Charlotte is my only child, the future Alpha of this tribe. How dare you do this to her?" For the first time, my normally gentle and loving mother snapped at the tribesmen, she drank back Marcus and took me in her arms, pulling out a silk handkerchief to dry my tears. "But she's a two-tailed wolf, an ominous person who will bring disaster to our tribe!" A white-haired elder stepped out from the crowd and said in a serious tone, "I've lived for more than 80 years, and I've never met such a thing. But our ancestors passed down the legend that a two-tailed wolf is an ominous sign. We must take this matter seriously. It is related to the survival of our tribe." "Yeah! Our lives matter!" People chimed in. Dad was standing at the front of the crowd at the moment, he didn't stop the rioters or come over to comfort me, he just stood there quietly, staring at me with an eerie smile on his face, as if he had found a mysterious treasure. "Alpha Morgan, what do you think?" The older man inquired my dad. Dad narrowed his eyes, assessing me from head to toe for a long time before he spoke for the first time, " We all saw just now that Charlotte has a strong aggressive tendency. If we let her be, it might lead to great harm. I'll take her back for now, and tonight I will find a way to deal with her wolf." My heart went cold. I shook my head, unable to believe this was true. Find a way to deal with my wolf… does it mean he wants to kill my wolf? No! He won’t do that to me. I was his only child! Two soldiers came up and grabbed my arm, dragging me away. I looked back at the people, who had contented smiles on their faces. I swore one day I would let them pay. My dad was whispering something to the elder. And my mom was crying for me on the side. How I wanted to shake off those two damn soldiers and run to hug her. The soldiers threw me heavily into the room and my left cheek hit the floor hard. They locked the door from the outside and left. I lay still on the cold floor shedding tears wondering what my dad would do with my wolf at night. Many hours passed before the lock on the door was opened. A long figure was cast on the ground. It was Dad coming, I could smell him, and there was another one behind him. "Come with me." Dad took my arm and yanked me up off the ground. It was then that I noticed the elderly man behind him was the same one from earlier in the day. I followed them silently. It must have been late at night, a full moon hung high in the sky, and the tribe was shrouded in silence, with lights turned off in every home. I followed them into the woods. Dad looked up at the sky and commented on how round the moon was. "Dad, why you bring me here?" I asked. At that moment, I hadn't grasped the cruel fate that was about to befall me. "Good girl, keep quiet." Dad led me to a huge banyan tree. He grabbed my shoulders and pressed down hard. "Ouch! That hurts!" There was a cracking sound, my leg bone broke, and I slumped under the tree. "Keep quiet!" Dad yelled at me. Then he gave the old man next to him a look. That's when I noticed that the old man was carrying a large sack in his hand. The old man took a chain out of the sack and gave it to Dad. Dad used the chain to tie me to the tree trunk. "Dad! What are you doing?!!!" I desperately struggled and yelled. " Smack!" Dad slapped me so hard, causing stars to dance before my eyes. Then Dad took a piece of cloth out of the sack and shoved it into my mouth. The old man knelt on the ground, took a bottle of potion and a silver knife from the cloth bag, and laid them on the ground. Dad took the bottle of potion and sprinkled it on my head, which was filled with an herbal odor. Next, he knelt in front of me and recited an incantation I had never heard before. It was something completely foreign to werewolves and I wondered where he had learned it. After reciting a few simple lines, he picked up the silver knife and stood up. The silver knife glinted brightly under the moonlight, its sharp blade inching closer and closer to my head. I trembled uncontrollably, silently praying for my dad to stop. The next second, I felt a searing pain on top of my head, and warm liquid flowed down—it was my blood! Dad threw the knife to the ground. He placed his hand on the top of my head and a strong suction made my hair stand on end. I had a splitting headache. My strength was being drained by him, and my body was growing weaker by the moment. I felt so cold that I couldn’t stop shivering. My wolf was crying, she was in as much pain as I was at the moment. Dad was killing her. My senses started fading, my vision blurred, and the only thing I could make out was the glass-like orb in the sky—it was the moon. Before my last bit of consciousness faded, I heard my dad's voice in my ears, "Tell the Alpha King that this matter has been handled properly, and there’s nothing to worry about." Then, my world was plunged into darkness.

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