The vampire's Fated Beloved


Jan is very inexperienced in all fields of life. While only 18, she has never had a crush or a kiss. She has never been on vacation or even out to eat. This is all thanks to her adopted family. After her parents died in a car crash while only 8 the Thompsons took her in. While looking like a charitable family, they secretly used her as their own personal slave. Her every move is very limited. So getting away won't be so easy.

Lucky for her, a tall dark stranger is fated to come in her life and take her away. It won't always be easy with him, but it will be worth it.

He is worldy and exciting. He is also a vampire that's over one hundred years old.

That alone will come with its own challenges.

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One more day
Beep Beep Beep I roll over and hit my alarm off. That's when I hear heavy breathing. I turn back around to see Dave. His parents adopted me about ten years ago, so you can say he sort of my brother. His hand is down his pants, so you could also say he is a pervert. "Dave, get out of here before I get your mom." "Come on, Jan, just lift your shirt for me." "Nancy!" "FINE! I'm going, you prude." He stomps up the rickety basement stairs. The basement is my room. Nancy would never see me as a part of the family. She only took me in as a way to impress her church. She took me in when I was 8. She changed my name and made me the families slave. I do all of the chores around the house and cook every meal. Like right now, I must get breakfast ready before the whole family makes it to the kitchen. I get myself ready and dressed for the day before heading upstairs. When I enter the kitchen, I am relieved that no one has made it there yet. I start a pot of coffee and set the table. I pop some bread into the toaster and put the frying pan on the burner. I cook up eggs and set peoples plates up with food. When I am done, I make my way to the laundry room. They don't like seeing me during their family meals, so I make myself busy elsewhere. I pull the clothes out of the dryer, and they are still warm. I breathe in their fresh sent. There is something comforting about it. I remember when my real mom did our laundry. I would help her with the socks because it's all I knew how to fold. She always gave candy for helping around the house. Now I am here doing all of the housework, and they hardly feed me at all. I miss my parents so much. The day we got into the car accident was the worst day of my life. I wish every night I am stuck here it was me that died that night and not them. "Jan, come here now!" Oh no, what did I do wrong? I walk into the kitchen with my head down and my hands to my sides. "Yes, mam?" "Mr. Carlos Bob's bosses boss will be here for dinner tonight. I have a list of extra chores for you to do. Get those done and be dressed in your nice clothes before Mr. Carlos gets here." "What should I make for dinner, mam?" "HA! Like your cooking would be enough to empress a man like Mr. Carlos. I have a caterer coming. You will have to let them in." "Yes, mam." "Now get your school work done. Then, get to work on this list." "May I have anything to eat, Mam?" "Since you have a lot to do, you may have two slices of toast. Not a morsel more, or you will be punished." "Yes, Mam. Thank you, Mam." She pushes the list into my chest and walks off. As they all are getting ready to leave, I pop my bread into the toaster. I clear the table while I wait for them to leave. Once I hear the door close, I run down to the basement with my food and a glass of water. Water is all I am allowed to drink. Before I got here, I was only allowed water and juice, so I have no idea what a lot of drinks taste like. Once I get out of here, I am going to experience so many delicious treats. If I get out of here. I eat the toast slowly, pretending it's a feast. I do have one secret win under my belt that makes me smile. All of my schoolwork is done for the year. I did my assignments ahead of time and can graduate now. So, for the rest of the week, I can take a nap instead. I set my plate and cup off to the side and set my alarm. I lay down on my lumpy old mattress and snuggle into my beat-up quilt. Finally, I can sleep without anyone coming down here to harass me. I close my eyes and drift away. (Unknown perspective) I have been pacing back and forth outside the door for nearly 20 minutes now. It's a good sign, though. Normally, she gives up by now. "Come here!" I hear her voice through the door. I open. the door slowly and get hit with the smell of incense and burning candles. My sister is sitting crossed legged and upright. Both of her arms out stretched with her hands flat on the floor. Her eyes are pure white as if they were full of clouds. "Celeste, did you find my beloved?" "Yes." "Where is she? we must get her immediately." "I don't know where she is, but I can show you. Sit and take my hands." I sit in front of her and grab her hands in mine. My world spins, and I find myself standing in a dark room. I look around and see a cement floor and a low ceiling. There appears to be some kind of make shift bathroom behind me and a bedroom set in front of me. There! On the bed is a girl. I walk up to her slowly to get a better look. She is gorgeous. She has ruby red heart-shaped lips and rosy cheeks. She has dark hair that throws me off a little. I have always been into blondes, but she is still the most beautiful Burnett I have ever seen. Even under that rag of a blanket she has, I can tell she has curves. When I take a step closer, her alarm goes off, and my world spins again. I land back in the seeing room in my body. I stand up, feeling exhilarated. "Celeste, we must find her. I need her. I crave her. I must have more than a short look." "You will meet soon. My senses tell me she will be of age the day of your business ball." "Are you saying she will be there?" "I am certain she will be." "After waiting for over one hundred years, I am down to a day."

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