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Tyler Gilbert, is the perfect synonym for bad boy of the high school. He bullies everyone. Girls of the high school die to sleep with him, but he won't care anyone. Tyler is the Mayor's son of town. His mother died when he is four years old, he can't remember anything from his childhood. His father always says that his time will come soon to find out who he is.

Caroline Marshal, a blonde who newly shifted to the high school of H city. Her parents are hiding a massive secret from her, which she will reveled on her 18th birthday.

Will Caroline also be a bully target of Tyler's? What is the secret their parents are hiding from them? Will they be able to find out themselves and face to the challenges in future?

If you are a crazy fan of YA&Teen-fiction, then this will be the ideal story for you. Come with me, I'll take you to a magical world of fantasies where you will lost in reading.

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CHAPTER I – A new beginning
Caroline’s POV “No way mom, I am not going to go to that city, my life is all set on here, I can’t leave my friends here” I yelled at mom from my room but did she care about my objections? I know that whatever I say their decision is not going to change but worth a try. “Oh by the way I should give you an intro about me right” “I am Caroline Marshal, blonde, a teenager aged 17 and soon to be turning 18. Oh yes, you are correct, the dangerous, rocky age. I love being in this city, but I don’t know why my parents suddenly took a decision that we need to leave this city” “Caroline, come down now for breakfast” mom screams from the floor beneath. I am looking at the road from my window. I feel sad, I had to say goodbye to everything. “You are a f*****g coward Caroline” Am I going crazy? Someone is talking to me from- the inside?! Maybe my inner thoughts. Forget it. I left for my breakfast. “Caroline, I am coming to your school to talk to the principal” I cursed for their decision. “Is this necessary mom?” I mumbled with an omelet piece churning in my mouth. “Yes, very much” mom is tough this time, looks like I had to go. I went upstairs with a heavy heart to collect my bag before we drove to school. “Caroline, one day you will understand why we did this, dear” mom coaxed while she drove and believe it or not but it is pretty scary when she turns her head while talking to me and driving at the same time! “You are going to enter the best high school in H city, you will meet a lot of friends I am sure” “Hope so” What’s the point of arguing? We came to the school. I shut the door harder with a resounding bang. “Don’t vent your anger on the car” mom chided as she came with me to the principal’s class. “Good morning principal sir” Mom knocked on the door. Principal looked through his lowered glass. He was an old, simple man. “Yes, come in. What brought you here in the morning, Mrs. Jenna?” “Oh, Mr. Robertson! Sorry to disturb you in the morning but I came to inform you that we are leaving the city next week and we need the Migration Certificate and other formal documents from the school to hand over to the H city High school” Mom said at once. “Oh, so you are leaving the city, Mrs. Jenna! I am sorry to hear that our star- Ms. Caroline is leaving our school. She is one of the brightest students we ever had and won so many accolades for the school” I hope mom will change their decision after listening to this. “I know Mr. Robertson, but this is urgent and a very personal matter” “Hmmm. Ok Mrs. Jenna. Come and collect the Migration Certificate by next Monday” So I am officially going to say goodbye to my school. I hate this life. “Caroline, I need to hurry as I am getting late for my office. You can go ahead to attend your class and see you in the evening sweetheart” mom gave a kiss on my cheeks and hurried away. I turned to go to class. Gross! Today morning I have history. Why are all history teachers so boring!! I went to class and plopped down on my seat. “Hey Car, why the long face?” now I have to answer their creepy questions. Great! “Good morning class” here comes Mr. Boring. “Car, good night! Wake me when this s**t is over” Mike knocked at my back and a giggle escaped my lips. Oh god, I am terribly going to miss them. “Wake up you sleepy heads. Today you are going to listen to a historical creature. Any guesses?” Mr. Tom roamed the eyes all over the class. “OK, it’s my honor to introduce you to this creature.” He switches on the projector. “It’s the Phoenix bird, the bird with flames,” Mr. Tom said. “You should learn about this” Again my head started to talk to me. Am I going crazy? “Tee hee. No, you are not” again the same voice echoed in my head. I shook my head. I should stop watching fantasies. In the evening I laid on the bed. I checked my w******p messages. I yawned and looked at the time. It’s 3.30 P.M. No one was going to blame me if I had a short nap. My eyelashes felt heavy and I cuddled against my feather-soft pillow and closed my eyes.   I see about ten black hooded people with robes gathered at a place where candles were lit on the floor. It’s like a forest. I see a blurry picture of a person who is tied to a tree log. I can’t see the person’s face clearly. I move forward slowly, baby steps at a time. I hear they are chanting something while raising their arms high up towards the sky. Are they witches? Their faces are covered with the hoodies they wore. I slowly walked towards the person who is tied to the tree log. It’s a girl. WTF, it’s me! Why am I tied to a tree? What are these witches doing? They chant a spell and I couldn’t understand their f*****g language. Suddenly a thundering storm came from the sky like fire and directly hit the middle of the coven. The witches scampered away and flew in the air. Who the hell is that? Is he like Superman? This is creepy. No, wake up Caroline now. I saw only his eyes. They were a mysterious Emerald green. I never saw that curious color before. Well, mine are just plain Jane brown color. I woke up panting. My body dripping wet with sweat and bed sheets drenched in them too. I felt like my body was afire. “Aaaah” I screamed. My abdominal pain shot through my core again. Oh crap! How I hated these menstrual cramps.        

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