don't mess with the Alphas daughter..


she is trained at a young age by her father, mother, and uncle. Alisha is set on protecting her little brother after having the same dream for the past 3 years of her family dying and her brother murdered right in front of her eyes. She is challenged to protect her younger brother with e everything she has. Being a hybrid isn't as easy as it seems as she learns about her family history and meets new people, good and bad.

But bending the laws of physics power and speed she rakes in her new powers and takes down anyone in her way whether they are a wolf vampire witch or even Assassin.

Come and follow her story and watch her grow as a hybrid from a young age.

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Faster.. harder.. Faster.. harder.. As sweat drips from her forehead hitting the mat in the hidden dojo in her parent's packhouse, Lisha focused on defeating her father who pushed her every day in training. As her fathers fist came hurling towards her she dropped her body to the mat to dodge his attack. Then, she saw his kick coming straight after, she placed her hand on the mat pushing her body sideways kicking her leg towards her father making him drop to his knee as she kicked out the other leg making him fly in the opposite direction and hitting into a pillar causing the Dojo to shake. She stands walking towards her father, putting out her hand to help him. " Your training has come a long way my princess" Her father took her hand to stand up with a smile on his face as she smiled back at him. They had been training since 4Am that morning it was now hitting 7Am. Lisha nodded towards the clock at her father and he smiled at her. "Go on, I'll start on breakfast. Your mother and baby brother will be up soon." Lisha headed up the stairs from the Dojo to grab her headphones and went out on her run around the pack. The run around the pack lands was about a 4k run that would only take her about 20 minutes she had to run it twice before heading back to the pack house for breakfast. Lisha's Father was Alpha Daemon Lang of the Darkmoon pack. He was a great warrior when the last war about 17 years ago when he meet his fated Mate Luna Mishon Dupan. She was a powerful witch from a Sumerian coven. After meeting they married and had Lisha who ended up being a hybrid half-wolf and half-witch with great power. From the early age of 5, they had trouble keeping Lisha in one spot. She would always want to run or play and never got tired, so both her parents decided to train her. She was always up at 4Am to train for a good 3 hours before going on a run, she did all her training in the morning in human form until her first shift at 7 both her parents were surprised as no one got their wolf till they turned at least 10 years of age. Daemon's Older Brother Nicco was the only person they knew of that shift at that age. Then in the afternoon, she would train her witch powers. Then late at night, she would train in her wolf form. Getting back to the pack house there was a black Landrover parked right outside. using her wolf ears she could hear 2 people in the kitchen a person in the lounge and her baby brother on the floor playing. It confused her because the pack wasn't allowed in the house it had been a rule her parents had to imply because Lisha was very weary of others and the power she let off would scare anyone away. Making her way to the front door she sensed a different power. She was on alert she was worried for her baby brother who hadn't learned how to walk yet he was only a baby. As she turned the handle of the door she used her speed and made it to where her baby brother was playing on the floor in the lounge and stood in front of him and steered at the man who was sitting on the couch. Her eyes shined a bright blue before they went gold. The man sitting on the couch had his eyes wide at what just happened. He jumped as the front door slammed shut. She was that fast she made it to her brother before the door could close. The man was stunned. Lisha made a weird face when she frowned at the man. Her eyes shined again and returned to their normal Color purple. Lisha couldn't understand how there was an old version of her father sitting on the couch. She crouched down ready to attack him when her father and mother walked into the room with coffee and breakfast on a tray. "Lish stop!" her mother yelled. Lisha stood up straight and frowned at the man. Her father walked over laughing and placing the tray down. "Princess, meet your uncle Nicolia" He was still laughing, looking between Lisha and Nicco. Lisha bowed to the man and sat right where she was standing. Her father laughed harder stood up took her plate to her. "Hello Alisha its nice to meet you. You Can call me Uncle Nicco." He smiled at her and she nodded toward him. "Hello Uncle Nicco, You can call me Lisha" Her parents were surprised because Lisha didn't really talk to anyone. As they ate Nicco was watching as Lisha looked like a normal 12 year old girl but the power that came from her was overpowering she was smiling and feeding Josh her little brother. As everyone was finishing their food Lisha stood with Josh in her hands and was about to go upstairs to shower and get ready for her online classes but her mother stopped her. "Lisha, give me Josh. Go shower no class. We have something we would like to talk to you about." Lisha froze and raised her eyebrow at her mother but gave Josh over and walked up the stairs to her room. She went to her bathroom, showered, did her morning routine, and threw on a tracksuit over top of her training gear. Making her way down the stairs she heard her father laughing with her uncle. She could hear her mother in their room with Josh. "She is strong brother I'm not sure I have anything more to teach her, she beats me every morning now and has been doing so for the past year." She made her way down the stairs to them, grabbed Nicco's hand, and started pulling him to the basement. "Lisha go easy on your uncle and no powers" she heard her mother yell from the room and her father laugh as he followed behind them. The look on Niccos face was confused but he followed her down to the Dojo. They had been going head to head for the past hour and Lisha couldn't get her uncle Ricco down she was frustrated with herself. Her uncle noticed and her dad was giggling at them. "Its ok Lisha the reason I'm here is to train you. I hear that your to much for your dad now and you keep kicking his ass." Nicco smiled at her making her dad stop giggling like a girl. Lisha smiled looked at her dad then giggled like he did. This was the second time Nicco seen her look like an innocent little girl. "Your mum and dad invited me to stay here for the next 2 years to train you. are you ok with that?" He asked her knowing she wasn't good with having people around In the house. Waiting for her reaction as she stood there looked up the stairs then back at her uncle then again up the stairs and toward her father. She looked like she was having a conversation with her wolf, her uncle was stunned. "Your talking to your wolf aren't you?" He asked while looking at her. She smirked a little then spoke, "Yes, Deliah said we are the same." she stopped to look up the stairs again then to her uncle. Her uncles clicked on what she was thinking. "Your worried about Josh aren't you?" she nodded her head. "Yes i need to be stronger for him, his wolf..." She stopped talking and looked at her father then back to her uncle. "Please train me"

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