Edward Vs Killos part 2

2504 Words

A lot of ice tridents are popping up in the sky. Killos: You seem shocked? King Kain!? Has the view scared you that much? The king Kain: Not exactly, I just remembered something, so don’t worry, but… Let me ask you something first. When Killos waved his right hand all the tridents has moved with it. Killos: Enough talking, Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!! All the tridents have rushed towards king Kain who has started flying around to dodge them. Killos: Even if you were fast, you cannot dodge all these tridents which are able to follow you wherever you go. King Kain is covered by a yellow aura of lightning while he’s dodging the tridents. Killos: Useless!! Useless!! Hahaha! Every time you touch my snow, it detects your movement which permits my tridents to follow you. King Kain is still dodging t

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