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Hiro is still defending Leo. ’Dammit, this is the worst thing that can happen!’ - Hiro Flex: Are we going to do this or what? Hiro: Leo, if you can hear me you better… Suddenly! Leo has moved quickly towards Flex and tried to hit him, but Flex has jumped to the left side. Hiro: …!! Flex: Hihi!! I’ve been waiting. Leo stops. Flex: What’s wrong? Don’t tell me that was it? Without warning! Leo hits the ground with his fist. Flex: Hihi?! Are you upset because you couldn’t have hit me!? A dark hand has got out of the ground just inches before Flex, then it hit him right on his chin until he went away. Flex: Aaargh, damn, brat, you’re good!! Leo looks at Flex with a rage expression. Leo: I will… Kill you!! Flex gets up while he checks his chin. Flex: Hihi, that’s scary, but you

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