Sword Blacksmith’s dream

3123 Words

URLOSS CITY Hiro: Hey! Elle! Hey!! Can you hear me!? Hiro is trying to wake Elle up… Hiro: Hey! Elle! We need you here. Elle is opening her eyes slowly… Elle: Hi-ro, what happened? Where… Am I…? Aah!! Hiro!! It’s dangerous here, there is a person… Hiro: Don’t worry, it’s okay now. Elle: And what about the others? Hiro: Luckily, no one has got a deadly wound, for that, I tried to wake you in order to help them with your healing magic, can you do that? Elle gets up Elle: Yes, I can. Elle goes next to Leo and started to heal him. Elle: But, Hiro, Leo’s body has… No wounds!! How did he lose conciseness? Hiro: Maybe… He got a strong hit during his previous fight. ’Leo, just… What are you…!?’ - Hiro … NEXT TO URLOSS CITY’S TOWER Elvis: Yoo!! Maria, Neon. Maria: Elvis!!! Elvis,

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