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Killos: I don’t know if he won the dominant magician’s challenge because he was the strongest, but at last, he won. And after that, I recommended him to become an elite guard which I wished that I didn’t. King Kain stops flying. Killos: I think… We both caused his death, don’t you think? King Kain. *** Flashback *** The king Kain’s office. Sword: Why can’t I join? There’s a war which’s about to take place, I can’t just stay here while you are fighting the black continent’s magicians!! Killos: You’ll have the responsibility of protecting the people along with the royal guards if the enemy got here somehow, you’re the deputy commander, don’t forget that, Sword! Sword: Your majesty, king Kain, tell him, I am not that kid anymore, I am an elite guard who dedicated himself to protect

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