Mysterious conversations

2690 Words

Ethan: …!! I am… Speechless… King Kain smiles while he disappears along with Nixon. Finally, everyone has gathered; Leo, Miles, Hiro, Elle, Melody, Milton, Elvis, Neon, and Maria. Elvis: Yo! Leo, where have you been all that time? We waited for you and the others next to the tower but you guys didn’t show up. Leo: Well, a lot has happened. Maria: Yeah, sure, with all this destruction that took place here, I think you’re right. Milton: Arrrgh!!! It hurts, it really hurts!!! That snake bast*rd, he threw a strange liquid on me! Arrrgh!!! Elle: Please, Milton, stay still, I can’t heal you if you were moving like that. Melody hits Milton on his head. Melody: Hey, you stupid, don’t you see that she’s doing her best in order to heal you, so stop it! Milton barely stops his tears. Milt

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